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  1. actually 50+ ppl Balance is good. u just need to farm gear.
  2. Hey everyone. So, we have had multiple requests for the server to be wiped and relaunched. Based on player feedback we are thinking of doing the following: 1) Wipe all character data 2) Re-adjust the Training Zone so that players get to level 85 quickly and leaving there being able to get a full Dynasty set. 3) Slightly adjust the prices for Vesper weapons 4) Refund all iCoin spent up until now to all Master Accounts Please note that we cannot afford to hold a massive advertisement campaign as our budget is quite limited, however we will try our best to get the word out. An ETA for the relaunch would be Sat. July 18th.
  3. There is currently running new poll about server wiping ? check and vote
  4. server is decent. just need more ppl :)
  5. not sure. 1month ago i heard its still running with low pop? u have to check urself :D
  6. server seems better than expected. recomended
  7. if u have same donation list as in beta. dw u will reopen in 2 weeks ))
  8. wierd. he tried scam my friend but he didnt accept even paypal.
  9. even cracked bot works. damn ur server is best!
  10. i quess u got banned for botting and u qq now.
  11. these pics shows u have less than 200 ppl xD
  12. mby u were in wrong server but i havnt seen bots in this server.