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  1. wierd. he tried scam my friend but he didnt accept even paypal.
  2. even cracked bot works. damn ur server is best!
  3. i quess u got banned for botting and u qq now.
  4. these pics shows u have less than 200 ppl xD
  5. mby u were in wrong server but i havnt seen bots in this server.
  6. hows the server? i see only bots in RF . and online under 300 ;(
  7. 1k? :D max 300 . go lick that failz0r server for coins more.
  8. p2w shit. nekys giving free coins etc to hes malaka friends. nothing new. glad didnt waste any second on this malaka server.
  9. geodata sucks so hard. Bots farming without getting banned by reports. :/
  10. Hero Dyna heavy S duals +4 150 fire DB 3b Draco set HB premium caravan 215k oly tokens 40-100 atri stones tts sets x2 DLE HD 150 fire offers by pm. thx