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  1. First good morning of a new l2ovc season ! Join the fun now:
  2. Order and Chaos, the new season has just started, we wish you all fun and good luck!
  3. go go bot 7/7 completely useless posts only in my topic :D Must be your biggest achievement. Thanks for keeping my topic active <3
  4. After successful Interlude seasons we decided to focus on High Five for now..of course in the future we might open again Interlude, so you are more then welcome to visit us on Website/Forum/FB to get updated. regardless, you are invited to join our High Five season :) we promise it will be FUN!
  5. I dont think different, i know different. And the only retarded person here is you to think that if offi gameplay is balanced then a pure pvp gameplay is balanced aswell. Imho you're simply retarded for saying that offi is balanced in the first place. Crawl back to your cave.
  6. Back in 2017 I ran a GC server for the first time. I can understand why server admins don't try the newer game versions (these who are experienced enough for it at least) - its hard to convince the majority of l2 players to try playing these new versions when they call it "star wars" all day long. Anyway, I might be running it again in the future, because it offers many features which can fit into my server perfectly.
  7. Right. Saying bullshits you mean, go learn the game first, then talk. We actually have 5, did you ever go to school? But you played more than a month, and according to your screens you are still light years away from "game over", lie right there. You meant to say that you are not capable of playing more than 2 classes. Wat... was that even in English? Banned for no reason as if I really needed any more proofs of how childish you are. Cya at the opening in 1 week, don't forget to bring lots of tissues! :)
  8. No reason players are always the poor victims. P.S. someone gave you a perfect explanation to the stats difference you got, it was your choice to ignore it. But thanks for registering on MXC especially for me <3
  9. L2 OvC H5 launches 13th December, check our topic for news!

  10. Youtube event announced, grand prize of 100 euro for first place! If you like making videos of yourself playing L2 this event is for you. All you got to do is make a short video (~5minutes) playing L2 OvC and you're in! For more details visit:€-grand-prize/ And ofcourse don't forget your chance to win another 100 euro for being the first owner of Aden Castle ;)€-prize/
  11. I don't know if you're plain stupid or simply got nothing better to do with your life, balancing is my job indeed but I do it based on players input, so I'll ask again, where were YOUR input during the season? you made none, so don't try to lecture me or give "reviews" about my server as if you actually know anything about it. As for the topics, what are you trying to prove exactly? this was the first H5 season we do after 3 years of running Interlude, 99% of the community are Interlude players, of course many of them would create such topics, I get PMs to start the Interlude server again every single day. And finally, you need to be an idiot to believe the first H5 season would go smooth and with no issues, there were dozen of balance changes, each balance change I did made certain people quit because people don't like having their chars nerfed, this harms the server lifetime in the short run but will make it better in the long run - and the very same procedure was also done on Interlude, eventually, we get to the goal of a balanced server.
  12. Let me fix this for you: And: Please link me all of your amazing balancing ideas from that season, my wild guess: you made none, yet you're here complaining every single topic I make, all your 3 posts since you joined this forum made only on my topics, lol - bitch please.
  13. Our first event for the upcoming season has already been announced ! The first clan to own Aden Castle will win a prize of 100€ ! Make sure you come prepared, the first Aden siege will run a week after server starts. Account registration is already open: