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  1. Even after tales failed 2 times in a row in less than a month you still mention its name everywhere, lol. Shows your quality. Good luck @iOllie
  2. Now you start to annoy even me, you call that copy-paste "skeleton"? I wonder what l2destiny thinks about you ripping their website like that - because besides of background image, EVERYTHING is the same - menus, twitch navbar, buttons, css styles, the news panel, ALL of it, you didn't even change one bit. I find it hard to believe you RIPed a whole website's frontend and developed the matching backend.... you clearly don't have the knowledge to do so - and yes I can say that only based on the fact you copy-paste stuff being completely clueless - leaving very important stuff unchanged and calling them site's "skeleton". You even copy/pasted the same google tags manager account ID as l2destiny uses, resulting in both servers sending data to the very same google account, ffs, you cannot get anymore rookie than this - why don't you just send your registered users / passwords in plain text to l2destiny too? that's just the site's "skeleton" afterall... You either have completely zero knowledge when it comes to development, or don't care about your users at all, or you are l2destiny, or all together - but proffesional you aren't, thats for damn sure.
  3. Your biggest problem is that you were already caught lying, twice - and you didn't even open yet, shows what kind of corrupted admin you're going to be. You said you have no relations with lionna / destiny while your website had lionna favicon with l2 destiny logo in it. Something that you rushed to remove after achylek posted it here. Another thing is that you claim you are a completely new server with new staff, while your website's description says grand opening date is 25 October - this cannot be a mistake for any new server, it is only a copy-paste leftover from some old website you owned. A quick search shows that l2 destiny has the exact same description, and they have that lionna favicon too (lol, what a copy-paste fiesta, can't even know who copies from who anymore). Well, good luck, just please don't tell me im a paid bot too, you're getting ridiculous.
  4. Still didn't answer my question. Still trying to defend a proven failure server that closed in less than 3 weeks after constantly lying to its community. But to answer your question, my server still has decent online to have some real good PvPs going on, and unlike your beloved server, I won't close server in front of all my players just because the online isn't to my standarts, which is what tales just did with redmoon, i'll keep it online until the very last player will become bored of it as I always did. But more than that, the reason many people became tired and quitted is because it was a very long time since I tried a different game version (last H5 was more than 2 years ago, GC was more than a year ago) and trust me, the day i'll decide to try High Five once again, my community will not see shit tales from a mile. That's it from me.
  5. I love how you randomly change the numbers each time you make a post about my server :D same as you do to destiny and any other rival you have out there, fact is, everyone beats you evantually. Do you get paid per post or is it a monthly salary? I asked a simple question, how come a server that claims to have 6k people closes in less than 2 weeks, but i'm sure none of you tales dogs can answer because you know yourself that you're a bunch of liers full of corruption, you didn't have more than 200 players covered by 2000 boxes and bots. Facts are facts, 3 : 0 in favor of OvC in term of server length AND online, and since you already mentioned it, my server is still up and running, way longer than crappy tales will ever wish to be, so where is your "closed after 4 days" only your ape-sized brain knows.
  6. And here I wonder how come a server that said it has "5668 online players" less than 2 weeks ago already closed, lying to your users doesn't make it true, now everyone knows you're fake, 3 weeks online suddenly became an achievement :) Soon we'll see all the paid minions posting how good the server is.