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  1. Zaken asked for Selfie , i said "why not?" :)
  2. More execuses please. I told you to search for that topic even BEFORE you made yours, so how could you not search for it because of the way I responded? For god sake lie properly at least....
  3. @Dev was I speaking to you dumbass?
  4. No you weren't told this was the best balance possible. You were told your suggestions were already tried before and there's simply no point in repeating history - you were too lazy to search why and thought that with 1 second of playtime you knew everything about balance. So no, you didn't, not even close.
  5. When will you get a life?
  6. You're a living example of what I just said: Coming to give me criticism but cannot take any yourself. Just stop replying, ty.
  7. Before you give criticism on something get your facts straight. Go read the changelists of the last 2 seasons (at least, you're welcome to read more) and come tell me again if nothing was changed, cut the lies.
  8. Pointless to speak to people nowadays, so much brainless. @Dev that line you marked didn't even refer to l2ovc, fucking retard, even 5 year old kid can understand that from just reading the context. And why are you so proud that people still request you to open your server? people ask me to reopen my server all the fucking time, so?
  9. I am not, and as I said make a forum topic not a PM, such suggestions are something whole community needs to see and discuss. I'm not taking actions based on what 1 person thinks, do you even have any idea how many such PMs I get daily? Edit: just saw your PM on MXC, you're welcome to search our forum and see why the idea got denied.
  10. Brainless again. You can test classes in a duel in town if you wish. And yes majority of players are ranged from OBVIOUS REASONS - but there are plenty of melee classes around. And if you wish to suggest something to improve you can do it on fourm, random comments such as the one you just made is pointless. P.S. Feel free to join the fight: http://l2ovc.com
  11. Server just started ! Pick your side and join now to the eternal war between Order and Chaos ! we wish you good luck ! http://l2ovc.com
  12. Server will open in less then 1 hour ! Join our live stream : https://www.twitch.tv/l2ovc
  13. Was wondering when you'll join the party, anyway:
  14. Same losers making the same posts every time anew, ain't YOU the one that needs to get tired?