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  1. You're probably ill, "achylek" and "dont have l2" cannot go together in the same sentence. Anyway lets flow with it, tell me your character name then, I would really love to see how much you achieved in 4 hours.
  2. :D You are the perfect example for people who cannot prove anything that comes out of their mouth so they make up some stupid execuse and instantly change the subject. "Hey lets pretend I don't have l2 anymore and bring up some random stream photo to start up a new stupid subject". How original.
  3. Sorry to disappoint you, my intelligence is higher, far higher. Why? because whenever I ask these forum warriors to prove what they say they stop responding or change the subject. Achylek never actually played the server, that papa guy cannot provide his "amazingly genius" ideas for balance and all these other forum bots doesn't even deserve any attention with their random statements.
  4. Thanks for finally some reasonable words <3 all these forum warriors are big talkers but none can provide 1 single proof to what they say. And @AchYlek i'm still waiting for you to provide what I asked, show us all what you managed to achieve in 4 hours gameplay that already got you bored? because so far I think the real reason is that you are a shit player and you quitted the moment you got your ass kicked, and it took only 4 hours.
  5. You're really are an idiot aren't you? the point is nobody prevents you to do what Chaos is doing - creating clans and organizing people for better fights. If you're too brainless to do that, what you want me to do for you more? But go on genius, since you're all big mouth speaking about IQ and stuff, let us all know how would you deal with the situation.
  6. You just made 5 posts in less than 3 days only on my topic, all of them are useless spam with literaly 0 content. Can you even troll properly? "fail server", "shit balance", "instant bans", "low iq" - so many accusations in 7 lines post - yet ZERO proofs once again. Please tell me who did I ban, because so far I banned 0 people during this season and I get TONS of feedback. btw, all these cries regarding balance I wonder if you EVER bothered checking the numbers of players each team had before you cried your guts out about balance. Chaos has the upper hand atm due to well organized clans, order has more numbers of people in EVERY event in order to balance teams up, but I can NEVER oraginize people for you, that's something you have to do, and if you think that you're solo handless playstyle on this server will help you achieve something, keep dreaming and crying about balance.
  7. My eyes burn from the amount of typos you just managed to make in 1 idiotic post. I wonder what you maange to achieve in 4 hours, please show us all a screenshot of your character, anyway server still going strong and all you whining losers can simply keep trolling. Thanks for taking action, apperantly low IQ monkeys that roam this forum will never understand it seems.
  8. Idiot bot. Please continue downvoting each of my posts with your lame-ass bot army, you know mods on this forum are so useless to actually do anything about it so you allow yourself to do such crap freely.
  9. So you see bots 24/7 but you ain't even capable of reporting just one. Cut your crap, ty.
  10. And people like you who can't compete and cry whenever they see someone that actually knows how to play and blame them for being bots or donators.
  11. The White Walkers mission (inspirted by Game of Thrones) from players perspective, enjoy :) Join anytime: http://l2ovc.com Truly unique features.
  12. Much more... we run mission events , farm zone and more activities in parallel, what you see is only from 1 event :) we invite you to join us and see yourself http://l2ovc.com
  13. Day 3 : Events and more... !
  14. Day 2 : Valakas Defeated !
  15. Day 1 : Zaken Defeated !