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  1. Still didn't answer my question. Still trying to defend a proven failure server that closed in less than 3 weeks after constantly lying to its community. But to answer your question, my server still has decent online to have some real good PvPs going on, and unlike your beloved server, I won't close server in front of all my players just because the online isn't to my standarts, which is what tales just did with redmoon, i'll keep it online until the very last player will become bored of it as I always did. But more than that, the reason many people became tired and quitted is because it was a very long time since I tried a different game version (last H5 was more than 2 years ago, GC was more than a year ago) and trust me, the day i'll decide to try High Five once again, my community will not see shit tales from a mile. That's it from me.
  2. I love how you randomly change the numbers each time you make a post about my server :D same as you do to destiny and any other rival you have out there, fact is, everyone beats you evantually. Do you get paid per post or is it a monthly salary? I asked a simple question, how come a server that claims to have 6k people closes in less than 2 weeks, but i'm sure none of you tales dogs can answer because you know yourself that you're a bunch of liers full of corruption, you didn't have more than 200 players covered by 2000 boxes and bots. Facts are facts, 3 : 0 in favor of OvC in term of server length AND online, and since you already mentioned it, my server is still up and running, way longer than crappy tales will ever wish to be, so where is your "closed after 4 days" only your ape-sized brain knows.
  3. And here I wonder how come a server that said it has "5668 online players" less than 2 weeks ago already closed, lying to your users doesn't make it true, now everyone knows you're fake, 3 weeks online suddenly became an achievement :) Soon we'll see all the paid minions posting how good the server is.
  4. This question pops up almost every week. It depeneds what your needs are, simple. Know that all other packs except clean l2j are just clean l2j with bunch of customs added ontop, that's all. I didn't see anyone who was capable enough of fixing the real things, like geoengine or skills (a kamael rush impact half the map is so common on every h5) - including sunrise.
  5. Thanks Elfo :) We want to wish everyone a happy Halloween ! Starting this Tuesday 16:00 GMT +2 until Friday 16:00 GMT +2 the lands will cover in darkness and spooky NPCs will be at your service! What's on the menu? * Event hair accessories drops from PvP. * Statue of Peace mission will run and give double Adena reward. * Zaken's Curse daily event will run. See you ingame!
  6. That wouldn't be true when it comes to L2 clients, trust me, I checked. However reports this season regarding low fps were nearly zero so far, so the adjustments I did seem to help.
  7. Some more screenshots from the first few hours of the server. Don't see yourself there yet? join the fun now >> http://l2ovc.com << 100% balanced, no donations for A/S-grade items.
  8. Server has successfully started ! Join now: http://l2ovc.com and don't miss out the fun, live streams on homepage !
  9. Server successfully started today! join: http://l2ovc.com

  10. Today, in 2 hours , a new adventure starts !
  11. In 3 days only it starts ! If you're a streamer and wish to have your live stream added to our homepage, send us a message! P.S. account registration and patches are already available on our website: http://l2ovc.com
  12. Which is not true either. Can you just gtfo?
  13. Now who's provoking, better keep your lies to yourself. And as I said before, we'll see you speaking after you get your shit started.
  14. Cool stuff, sdrak, that still doesn't prove that when I tried to enter it it was down, even if it was temporary for whatever reason. Maybe next time don't even get in in the first place, brilliant advice isnt it?
  15. You actually reply 5 days later? too bad I didn't take a screen of that non-existing site of yours, congratulations on finally getting it up. Anyway, nobody cares, get the hell out of my topic.