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  1. The most stable client is now Live ! Join us in classic !
  2. Dear Players, We are so excited that this moment has come and finally we opened our classic server ! Many new features , stable client new visualizations and more are waiting for you to enjoy. We wish you much fun and success conquring.
  3. Today is the Day ! Order VS Chaos classic project will open its servers gates to our players ! We encourage everyone to download the client and prepare to the opening.
  4. Its time to download the Classic Client from our website if you havent done so yet... !
  5. Today we have beta running for the weekend. Grand opening in just 1 week !
  6. What's with that idea of automatically merging posts if you make a reply to your own topic in the l2 previews / private servers section? What if I made my topic 1 week ago and today I want to announce a beta or something? no-one would see my post and when it gets merged it doesn't even add a last modified date or anything to distinguish it from the initial post (even if it did it would still lose the whole idea of posting updates etc). Put it back to what it was and find other ways to deal with useless topic bumpers, not like this. @Maxtor
  7. I'm glad to announce to you that the development of a new chronicle has officially started ! Classic Antharas will join the array of game versions we currently offer: Interlude and High Five (and the ditched {for now} GoD version). Classic will open many possibilities for new game features - with the main feature it offers - a stable and modern client ! Starting gear (free tier) = B-Grade: Free tier also includes: level 1 pendants, +4 -4 dyes and level 10 runes (soul crystals). Max gear (top tier) = A-Grade: Top tier also includes: a belt, +4 -2 dyes, level 1 bracelets & talismans, cloaks, level 1 brooches, level 5 pendants and boss jewels. None of these stuff are upgradable for balance purposes, except for boss jewels. A-grade prices are 150k + materials, boss jewels and their upgrades cost mantras (like current IL), rest of the items are rather cheap (between 15k to 30k Adena). Cloak skins (choose your favorite, they all give the same stats, heroes and castle owners will have access to additional cloaks): A fully equipped character would look something like this: New classic feature: glow effect when armor is enchanted (so you'll know who to stay away from ) Note: the above post should give you a general picture of how the server is going to look like, stuff might change. More updates will be posted continously , so stay tuned ;) Aden Castle Siege & Visualization ! Aden Castle will be the only clan siege event in Classic, rewards will be very similar to Interlude (circlets, territory bonuses, XP/SP/FA bonuses) with the addition of all available residence skills in the game and a castle cloak to the leader depending on faction: In addition, the castle lord will receive True Hero aura (the only player in the game to have access to this aura): To capture the castle, Order players need to use Imprint of Light and Chaos players need to use Imprint of Darkness, after the castle is successfully captured, all major castles/towns change visualization according to the faction that owns it: Regardless of castle siege , Players will now get bigger aura depending on amount of killing spree: New scorebar: When capturing zones / forts / castles (progress bar color depends on faction): Today we have beta running for the weekend. After it'll end we'll decide and announce an opening date according to the results. Subclasses & Expert Skills Classic Antharas doesn't naturally support subclasses, but we will have that feature enabled anyway with same rules as IL/H5 - first sub free, any sub afterwards costs 5k Adena, elfs cannot sub dark elfs and vice-versa, aswell as maestros / dominators cannot be subclassed. Also since Classic Antharas doesn't offer any form of certification skills etc, Expert Skills from Interlude will be added instead: And can be learned from the character's Skills panel: P.S Order color has been changed from green to blue. ;) We've opened the test server to the public for the weekend for those who wish to test it out. Rates have been increased for the beta period. Download patch and register accounts from our website:
  8. You must be a total retard if you claim you have 7k players online and you still need to do advertisement on other private servers. My server L2 Order VS Chaos doesn't see your shit server from a mile, my players would never leave to go play on your crap.
  9. So i was watching a 1v1 fight between GAMenBoy and LeRa and belive me it was like watching UFC between McGregor and Habib :) i wont spoil what happened eventually. More of L2OVC.
  10. Its beautifull Saturday, and what else can we do except of doing PVP, killing players, upgrade our gear, completing quests, killing raid bosses winning mini events ?
  11. Only few hours when server started and its a BLAST. Join us now to the best season and claim your honor !
  12. Our new Interlude season just launched with the new ranks & quests system. and in few weeks the tournament will take place with real money reward! we wish you all the best & luck!
  13. New Interlude season of the best GvE server is about to start! join

  14. In less than 24hours, it will begin... Are you ready for madness? Summary of new features for this season: * First and foremost, new website: * Added our server to 5 more topsites, including ingame vote rewards for them. * New 4vs4 tournaments system with real money & FA rewards. * New DressMe system where players can select skins to use without affecting their stats. * Major improvements to grand bosses to make them more interesting and a lot more balanced between players who play solo and in group. * Introducing a new ranks & quests system, now players have a very big variety of PvP related quests to choose from, and you can choose any path you wish to progress with the ranks. * Many class / team balance improvements. You can read everything in full details in our forum announcements section.
  15. From personal experience, buy l2jmobius - don't waste time on anything else nowadays, i'm personally contributing there and the pack got to a very stable state. I used to recommend l2jserver but its dead and will never recover, thus its already too outdated compared to other packs. L2jsunrise is outdated aswell (still at java 8) and is basically l2jserver with bunch of customs ontop, no retail like fixes are ever made there even if the admin claims it does - also recent activity is non-existent, there's maybe 1 commit each month (and these funny guys changed their license from lifetime to yearly, even for these who purchased the lifetime license).