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  1. We would like to introduce you the new Counter Strike Map which is currently in BETA. It will be available once the server goes LIVE !
  2. Order VS Chaos is an events-driven PvP faction server, make your way to the top by participating in events and defeating other players in the endless fight between Order and Chaos. Maps:25 minutes duration PvP events with various objectives, boss spawn 5 minutes before map ends, counts towards territory control. Currently implemented map types: Battlefield, Capture the Flag, Domination, Escort the Payload, Fortress, King of the Hill, Siege, Team VS Team. Hybrid maps: Castle VS Castle, Moba Arena, Gods Arena. Instances: 5 minutes duration PvE events, each faction get
  3. Noblesse: Haven't really changed from previous game versions, you still have 2 ways to gain noblesse which is either by collecting 500 MSS from events or getting the 3 quest items required by the Noble Manager NPC inside the Farm Zone. Farm Zone: As you can see above Dr. Chaos realized his golem minions were too weak, so he signed a new contract with the Giants! Ranks & Quests: The only thing changed about ranks and quests are the rewards. You will now get books needed to learn subclass, dualclass a
  4. There are no bonuses, its just like subclass which can take 4th class and reach max level. New Clan System: You can level up a clan using CRP, which can be obtained in 3 ways: * Buying for Adena via Merchant. * Buying for Fame via Merchant, Fame can be obtained from PvP once the clan owns a residence. * Winning CH, Fort or Castle siege. All players who are looking for a clan can check the Clan Entry window for clans which are currently recruiting and apply to join them, or register themselves as players who are lo
  5. Dualclass: * Dualclass is free. * Deleting a dualclass and picking another is also free. * Note: you can have only 1 dualclass. * Now players can switch between main and dualclass from their character status window, which means players can switch between classes even while inside events, if balance allows it.
  6. Merchant: As mentioned above, all basic items are for free and upgrades/epics will be for Adena/Materials. Weapons and armors have only 1 upgrade option from Enchanted (the free version) to Limited. Besides of the above weapons/armors, every other gear is upgradable as well, each type of gear requires its own material in order to be upgraded and these materials can be purchased for Adena or obtained from Box of Luck. * Brooches level 1 will be free, and can be upgraded up to level 5 using Brooch Jewel Material. * Talismans level 1 wil
  7. Hello all ! This topic will be dedicated to the development progress of L2 Order VS Chaos new chronicle: Prelude of War. This is going to be the 4th chronicle and the last one we will maintain, after that, we will only focus on feature improvements and implementation of new features - and i'm glad to say there are a lot of stuff in the planning :D Basic features: * Starting level 118 with free 4th class. * Max level 120. * Starting gear R110 with attributes, which is also the max gear, players will only have to go for upgrades and epics. * All dyes are free.
  8. After the successful take over of clan sLcO of Devastated Castle. You now have a chance to conquer Aaru Fort ! Tomorrow Aaru Fort siege will begin.
  9. Our Camera Drone took some nice pics from recent events The siege for devastated castle will start soon ! Dont miss the fun , Join the fight !
  10. Devastated Castle Siege starts tomorrow ! Prepare to face your worst enemies. To be successful make sure your clan and allies willl stand by your side!
  11. Less than 30 minutes till server becomes online ! ⚔️Server is now Online ⚔️
  12. H5 GvE starts today !