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  1. </npc> </npc> <npc id="38041" idTemplate="38041" name="Mutant Troll" title="Farm Monster"> You have 2 closing tabs for npc , delete one.
  2. Does xml starting with <list> element ? Your xml must be like this:
  3. Sorry, the code i posted was for aCis. As tryskell said String.valueOf is the solution , so the code must be html.replace("%level%", String.valueOf(rhand.getAugmentation().getSkill().getLevel()));
  4. Try this one: ItemInstance item = player.getInventory().getPaperdollItem(Inventory.PAPERDOLL_RHAND); if (item != null && item.isAugmented() && item.getAugmentation() != null && item.getAugmentation().getSkill() != null && item.getAugmentation().getSkill().getLevel() >= 1) html.replace("%level%", item.getAugmentation().getSkill().getLevel()); html.replace("%level%", "None");
  5. I showed you how to remove this extra : you wanted , change it to your need's.
  6. Try this one: Broadcast.toAllOnlinePlayers(new CreatureSay(0,3,"[Hopzone] Current Votes", +currentVotes+".")); This will appear like -> [Hopzone] Current Votes: 2313.
  7. You must remove Instance on the type , so you must put L2Ranking instead of L2RankingInstance. If problem still exist you might have problem on the code