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  1. Thanks both of you for your response , after all he will not open the coffee shop and if he would , the idea of the delivery is bad , for the reason that it doesn't worth in this place(with low community) to spent so much money , it will take many time to bring the money back . Anyway thanks all for your comments. A moderator can lock the topic.
  2. Hello guys , i couldn't find a specific section for this theme so i opened it here . So , my uncle need an online coffee delivery , ofc with a menu , a validate that user is in x radius of the City , and firstly the payment will be by cash. So there is 2 ways ( app and a site). I prefer a site , because app must support both of android and IOS phones (so we need 2 fee's on both of the stores),(i think that android is 25 euro for ever and for IOS its a price every month , i don't know exactly , inform and correct me if i am wrong) . So a site will be better , all devices can use it , both PC-Smartphone's and if any1 search for it in google will find it easier than having an APP .So my question is how you think that the whole site service will cost , my estimate is more than 100 euro's but i want more experienced answer's . In the price ofc i don't calculate the host and domain name . PS: Some of the big online delivery's like efood,Deliveras aren't available in the City. So i want an estimated price for this service