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  1. Grand Opening 04 SEPTEMBER at 20:00 GMT+2 https://L2Shake.net https://www.facebook.com/l2shake/ https://discord.gg/pHQDbpSYtW Lineage 2 Interlude. Type: Custom PvP Server Main Town giran Exp/Sp: x1200 Drop: Custom Epic x1 - (Most Damage Dealt) Balanced Classes Instant Level 80 Automatic Potions - We have Automatic option is e.nabled, you can use them just by left-clicking on the potion of your choice Safe Enchant: +3 Max Enchant: +20 Normal Scroll Chance: 65% (+0 to +14) Max with Bles
  2. 2 days left for Beta Opening
  3. INFORMATIONS Lineage 2 Interlude C6 Type: CUSTOM PVP SERVER Exp/Sp/Adena: x1200 Drops: xCustom ENCHANT RATES Safe Weapon/Armor: +7 Blessed Max Weapon: +15 Blessed Max Armor: +15 Crystal Max Weapon: +20 Crystal Max Armor: +20 Special Max Weapon: +25 NORMAL SCROLL CHANGE: 40% BLESSED SCROLL CHANGE: 90% CRYSTALL SCROLL CHANGE: 70% SPECIAL SCROLL CHANGE: 50% If fail with Normal Scroll Weapon/Armor crystallize If fail with Blessed Scroll Weapon/Armor returns +7 If fail with Crystal Scroll loses -1 Enchant If fail with Special Scroll Weapon
  4. I am looking for tournament events for aCis 382 revision PM me with your prices Skype: live:gpantosl2 Discord: SMIGOL#3866