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  1. Nobody care to see top stats in user dashboard. Top stats should be in main website. Dashboard is only about donations and character management. Maybe add a lucky game to gamble their donate points as well, but no more than that is useful.
  2. According to this: https://stackoverflow.com/questions/61267495/exception-in-thread-main-java-lang-nosuchmethoderror-java-nio-bytebuffer-flip You need to compile using java 8, from my understanding. Check Installed JREs if you're using eclipse.
  3. I think you have old aCis which was java 8, you need to use java 8 to compile. There were changes in flip() method in newer versions.
  4. Thanks for the support guys. I have to say, we never expected an opening with a huge amount of players, simply because we offer a very different experience from most interlude servers that exist nowadays. We won't pay money to people to play. We won't tolerate corruption as we have no interest in bribing players. However, we are optimistic about a steady player count growth with time, as more and more players will trust us and invest their time in us. Remember, we won't wipe and we won't announce any new seasons.
  5. I'll tell you what it isn't, a custom shitfest where admins pay players to play the game. Thanks
  6. Brand new feature for Lineage 2 Ancestral: Private Buff Stores! Check it out: Looking for a long term server with retail-like gameplay? Join L2Ancestral now! No wipes, no seasons, weekly updates! We're here to stay.
  7. The server is now live!
  8. Long worked project with countless hours of work in order to provide the players with the best possible experience. We hope to see everyone tomorrow at 18:00 GMT+2!
  9. Avoid making PvP servers in 2021, players do not trust new PvP servers as there are numerous stable servers out there that have been going for over 5 years (namely L2Damage, L2Ketra-Wars etc). Your server's lifetime cannot be more than 2 weeks, and if it is, it means that you've made farming take endless hours which is boring. Big PvP servers usually pay clan leaders to play their server + they wipe every few months. GL with your server anyways.
  10. aCis takes care of that if I remember correctly, in IdFactory.
  11. I found out what's wrong, icons need to be imported as DXT1 in Unreal Engine in order for them to appear correctly. You can lock it, thanks!
  12. Hello. First off, I'd like to mention I'm clueless regarding client mod. I know how to add custom textures or edit existing ones and that's about it. Custom icon drag: I have added some custom icons for a few items however if I try to drag and drop one of those items (for example register a shortcut) the icon does not appear next to my cursor like it normally does with existing icons. It works fine, the shortcut is registered correctly but it looks weird. So I was wondering if someone could point out if I need to do something specific for it to work as intended. Thank you for your time.
  13. Why not? Some people prefer simplicity or they just don't care to learn more chronicles (me included). I've never enjoyed any server that isn't C4 or Interlude. Interlude content is not small and with a few modifications (some instances or custom bosses for example) it is the best Lineage 2 game there is, IMO. I tried playing H5 a few times and I wanted to puke when I looked at attributes/elements shit. I still don't know how they work and not really interested in finding out. Daggers appearing behind you, olympiad with buffs, 3v3 olympiad (???), vesper vorpal dynasty items as if 6 grades weren't enough. The only thing I like from newer chronicles is the UI, but changing aCis core to support h5 or classic client isn't that hard. Or you can edit IL client to add more functionality.
  14. MxC more like a live-chat nowadays. lmao
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