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  1. Well the forum is dead already, might as well allow a bit of 'spamming' here and there to show activity.
  2. Large engines written on C++ (talking about game engines mainly because that's what I'm studying) actually have memory management systems which do that exact thing. One of my coursework specifications is to actually make a memory management system for a game engine we are writing that allocates memory when the engine starts and allocates more (if needed) while the engine is running. To be honest, I've only just started working with C++ (first and second year at uni we used Java) so I wouldn't be the one to compare it with Java performance wise. However the statement I made is based on things I've read. Most comparison articles clearly say that you can't directly compare the languages since their performance differs based on what part of the language you're talking about.
  3. Performance wise C++ and Java are currently very close. The reason you see C++ being used more by big companies is because their engines/software is written in C++ since years (maybe even before Java was being used) and the most important is that you have the ability to manage your memory in C++. On top of that, C++ is more flexible and you can do many things that you can't in Java. On the other hand C++ is more complicated and will not allow users (like the topic's author) that have no knowledge of how things work to write code like the above. Nowadays the difference in performance of the 2 languages is minimal and barely noticable, if you ask me.
  4. I think besides the game itself even when you are on the menu you are not in a single server. I read that the general chat (which can be seen by some players and can't by others) is basically your server's chat. It is indeed the correct way to handle an online game, but still there would be no point implementing it in L2 besides for fun.
  5. That's the way most modern MMOs and other type of online games work (including Overwatch) and it can be very efficient on many occasions. However I doubt Lineage 2 private servers can benefit from it since the player base almost never exceeds 800-1000 players per server. From what I've read, the point of servers working that way is to prevent overloading a single server. You can have multiple servers to handle the players. Large MMOs even have Node servers, which is basically having a specific server for a specifc chunk of area in the game (meaning when a player switches area he switches server too).
  6. This system is far from completed, you can't use it in a live server now as Elfocrash said and I doubt that even if the AI is improved people without knowledge will be able to use it, unless Elfo or someone takes the time to make a fully functional admin panel to handle the bots.
  7. This is not possible in Lineage 2, except for faction servers. The community of Lineage 2 is just too dumb to be interested in a good storyline with interactive features and gameplay. I would say about 2-3% of the community has played other MMOs and is open minded to new ideas that could work on Lineage 2. Players just want to log in, see familiar stuff and do the same things from the beginning every time, they will most likely ignore any story you try to tell in the server. People have tried this before, I remember one server where you started in an island and progressed through a story where you could even buy your own clan ships and move them around in the world, fighting with other ships etc. Guess what, it was dead within 2 weeks due to lack of players.
  8. For retail interlude. On L2Eola, there are blessed book of giants that will not break your skill if it fails to enchant. These guys use a huge amount of donate coins to get these skills so high +.
  9. There is no corruption in the server, we have no reason to give items to noone. Players that got good items early probably donated them or powerfarmed the first 2 days of the server.
  10. there are a few but they are instant-banned when we see them
  11. Thank you. The issue with mobs stacking in geodata is fixed, after the next restart which will be in a few minutes. I don't see the point in weekend zone since normal pt mobs can be killed with 3-4 members.
  12. Again, I don't know if they recruited people from Brasil, but if you want I can show you proof (ips, messages) that they are chinese.
  13. Tropo gia na balei bot gia auto-farm thelei. Btw mporeis na beis in-game kai na deis to acitivty.