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  1. Achievements = more free stuff for players. 5% of players will look at achievements, others will just randomly get them and have no clue what happened. Good feature, just make it automated, don't expect players to go to npc for them.
  2. Good features, trusted seller :D
  3. Very low info on your issue, + you're gonna need to post a lot more code than that if you want someone to help you.
  4. You can try removing the zone completely from xml (the boss zone), that way antharas nest will be neutral zone, no special attributes such as max players etc.
  5. There is a simple explanation for the number of shares being decreased over the past few years. Lineage II community is getting older in average (yes, I doubt L2 has new players nowadays, specially private servers). What this means is that people who used to learn how to code on l2j and share their codes (because their excitement of creating something exceeded their money expectations) have moved on to actually being programmers/other jobs in real life and will no longer provide their hard-acquired knowledge for free. I would feel stupid now spending some hours of my day or even a few days making something for L2 just to give it out for free, because I can now (after having a degree on Computing Science) see that it's not as simple as it looked to be when I was learning and that I should be rewarded for it. Sry for off-topic.
  6. Such events are shared in numerous packs nowadays, I don't see the reason for someone to buy it. GL.
  7. Very unprofessional from my experience. ETA was 21:00, postponed to 21:20 without any warnings. 21:20, server opens but most players can't login, so the ones already in get huge advantage. Then I propose a wipe and clean, bugless server restart on discord and I get banned XD GL anyway.
  8. You do realise what that sounds like right?
  9. If you have 500 to spend on the pack, don't just randomly ask people for their packs. It's not like you can test all the features to see if they're working properly. You should consider l2off for a low rate server, l2j packs are incomplete (and most completed stuff have incorrect values too). It's not like l2off will be retail like tho, it's just the best you got.
  10. Why would someone walk all the way to the Party zone? :D But even if he did, a party zone that needs 3 people to enter should have difficult to kill mobs, therefore someone going there solo (by walking) would achieve nothing for him other than wasting his time. Anyway, I just pointed out how to improve your code, perhaps you should implement my improvements in your other codes too. The logic ‘if it works, it’s ok’ is not quite right and you should consider all possibilities when you code something.
  11. Well that sucks. The weird thing is on my friend’s pc he can open the server and login from his pc fine. So I guess it must be my internet provider blocking me. Anyway I fixed it by adding a check on ServerList as you suggested. Thanks!
  12. No changes. The only difference in my internet connection from the last time I opened a server at home is that I have cosmote TV configured in my settings as well, but I checked and nothing interferes. I mean it doesn't really make sense why I would be able to establish a connection with login server but not game server. (at least to me)
  13. Tried hostname = IPv4, still nothing. Anyway, going to bed, I hope someone will help out tomorrow or maybe I'll figure it out with a clear head in the morning. Ty anyway.
  14. No antivirus, already tried disabling firewall completely. Gonna try the IPv4 in hostname. BTW, about the delayed debug messages I got, they're not from client connection to game server and they're not delayed. I was just checking my 7777 port in some random site and it sent the messages :D
  15. It's not the clients (mine and his), we're both using clean latest interlude clients. It's not the protocol either, I removed protocol checks just to be sure about that (in protocol request client packet). I think the problem is with my network or something local, not the client (since I'm able to connect when the server runs on localhost).