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  1. When I issue the partymatcing command. it gives this error. [03.03.21 01:04:44] WARN: missing html page ./config/zeus/htm//eng/engine-party-matching-invitation-windows.htm
  2. I don't know the code for restriction I don't know the code for restriction. I want to prevent TRADE in a certain area. <set name="blocked_actions" val="open_private_store;open_private_workshop" /> For no trade. I can't find which command to write? sample: open_trade ?
  3. I want to close trade for a zone. Sample <set name="blocked_actions" val="open_private_store;open_private_workshop;" /> /trade _open_trade _open_exchange for a zone. Sample <zone name="[giran_pvp_battle]" type="battle_zone"> <set name="index" val="3"/> <set name="entering_message_no" val="283"/> <set name="leaving_message_no" val="284"/> <polygon> <coords loc="72493 142263 -3850 -3350"/>
  4. Hello there. I have been dealing 1 month. Server does not auto restart. what could be the problem ? Auto restart is running once after restart from the admin panel. Does not restart in the fallowing days .. Help please thx... # Setup the server restarts # # ============================ # Daily Auto-Restart on schedule. The restart format chronology. # * * * * * command to be executed # ? ? ? ? ? # ? ? ? ? ? # ? ? ? ? ? # ? ? ? ? ?????? day of week (0 - 6) (0 or 6 are Sunday to Saturday, or use names)
  5. I found the solution. I corrected the buffer.sql canuse setting in Navicat settings...
  6. I have source but I do not know the use of Eclipse :(
  7. I've scanned all files. Core which program do I edit. advice?
  8. There is nothing to edit in htm. <html> <body scroll="no"> <br> <table width=755> <tr> <td align=center valign="top"> <table border=0 width=769 height=492 cellspacing=0 cellpadding=0 background="l2ui_ct1.Windows_DF_TooltipBG"> <tr> <td align=center> <br> <table border=0 cellpadding=0 cellspacing=0> <tr>
  9. Hi. I want to edit The community board buffer. I want to add Dance of siren (siren dance) I'm waiting for your help...
  10. The problem is simple. but you don't want to say it. I'm waiting for your help. (the problem is probably in tutorial) lazzytr@hotmail.com
  11. Hello there Is there a solution to the immortality (Invul) bug in the game? BUG: Open the game. In the town. Ctrl + Alt + Del and crash the game. then open the game again. You unfavorable (Invul).