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  1. Καλησπερα. Ψαχνω καποιον που να μπορει να μου κανει 2 συγκεκριμενα σχεδια ( θα του δειξω παραδειγμα ) για να το δωσω σε μαγαζι να μου το κανει αυτοκολλητο για να κολλησει επανω σε πλαστικο. Εννοειται πως θα ειναι με το αζημιωτο. Ευχαριστω εκ των προτερων.
  2. Items have beed sold. Thank you. You can lock it.
  3. I sell them due lack of time and all together and not one by one. I havent played much time so dont expect crazy items. ----------------------------- 2 judicators: Lv 85 2 Cardinals: Lv 85 5kkk adena Earring of Zaken 60 Festival Adena Vesper Jewellery Set ------------------------------ Materials and Crystals (for Lv 7) ------------------------------ For more information dont hesitate to contact with me.
  4. .dressme system is subjective. I dont like it. I am against it.
  5. It died before it was born. :-P
  6. Yes small and useful as i told. Its something different. Thanks melron :)
  7. .7rb This command shows you up which Raid Bosses you have killed in Dragon Valley Area and which you haven't. The quest is called ''Legendary Tales'' .It looks like the pictures below. Tested and Working L2j High Five Chronicle!
  8. .makeaa / .aa These commands convert all your seal stones ( green, red, blue ) in Ancient Adena. Nothing special at all, but it might be useful for someone. Tested and working in L2J High Five Chronicle.
  9. Shares V Interface Full Functions Cracked Iordanov Interface Version 3.6.9 (Interlude Only) Custom Interlude - C6 Interface (The ultimate collection) Customized Clicks NEW (Chronicle Intelrude) Interlude & High Five Costume Packs Interface Hi5 [Interlude] Skill's Harmony: Wizard, Warrior and Knight Community Board Server+Client V Interface For Server Owners (Unique) L2Dorn Community Board H5 Skills for the chronicle of GF EP HF (11018-11022). LINEAGE II - FAFURION Improved Skills for Interlude Improved Chronicle 1 Login Screen for C1 - H5 [C4] Party Buff Window Improve
  10. Website and forum dont work. It says beta 12/8. What is going on here?