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  1. 😁😁Ofc, but I am willing to help the community, as long as they also help.
  2. Really, if it helps it will be of great advantage, I will go back to HTMLS translation, There are practically 32k of htmls 😁😁
  3. Yes, I tried to open it with this L2Script, but it’s Error when trying to open it, it seems that it only supports C4 / Interlude.
  4. This GEODATA is not complete, when connecting the L2Server, it generates several missing file logs, I am sharing my geodata, I did it yesterday when I downloaded the project, connected the L2Server without geodata error, the only problem we have now is the superpoint.bin , which is missing code, I tried to create a new one with the Xel Panel, however I was not successful in the compilation. https://mega.nz/file/IcQxSQIY#nWI-iWZ35-V5CtEkJHvrb0AYQSd4o90E0ec4GKukPPU
  5. I'm working on the translation of HTMLS, soon I should post to help the topic, in case someone doesn't post before. Thanks for GEODATA.
  6. Thanks for Shared. I will analyze the project, and see if there is any possibility of opening a server with the files.
  7. Your chance to find the newest patch and share!
  8. https://www.4shared.com/rar/Tb6uG0EUei/L2Eola_Valzeroth_v11.html
  9. When adding the fix, what would be the method that should be used in the type of itemdata, because I tested and is using underwear type, but that would not be correct. Because this item is next to the necklace.
  10. idk! cuz i'm not using it. I just found and shared it.
  11. @Mannyplz @darknyss @miguel1549 @zanzibar @hopefriends @maverickbomber @joseinacio @Kaayツ http://www.mediafire.com/file/6zu2d8hcq67dpc6/L2jEnterprise_rev.42.rar/file