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  1. When adding the fix, what would be the method that should be used in the type of itemdata, because I tested and is using underwear type, but that would not be correct. Because this item is next to the necklace.
  2. Trusted seller! Although it takes a while for the key to stay active, I recommend this reseller. Only other means of payment are missing, but this can be solved. GJ! @AncientForEveR
  3. The time that you are here worrying about my server, you could be correcting something in your jfrozen! Truth! I forgot the fact that you didnt have the ability to do that! Cya!
  4. Also your knowledge! Starting with the fact that you're using a jfrozen. No more words!
  5. You are welcome to play and make new fraps in your server now.
  6. You are welcome to play marico!
  7. If nobody wants to play ur jfrozen server! I cant do nothing!
  8. Start date: 23 February 2019 19:00 (UTC-3) 1000+ Players expected on the Opening! Website: https://www.l2aldora.com Forum: https://www.l2aldora.com/forum Why you should preffer Aldora Interlude server: - Chronicle: Interlude Mid Rate Server - 100% [L2OFF] official platform PTS Interlude [NOT JAVA] - Fully authentic gameplay. - Fixed all known game bugs. - Exceptional quality and stability! - Unrivaled security and safety GENERAL RATES Exp 1-76 : x35 Exp 76-80 : x20 Adena: x50 Drop: chance x1 Spoil: chance х1 RB drop: chance х1 Epic drop: chance х1 Enchants Safe Enchant: +3 Max Enchant Weapon: +16 Max Armor / Jewels: +12 +3 to +5 : 60% +6 to +9 : 50% +10 to +13 : 40% +14 to +16 : 30% Start-up characters Top No-Grade items and Passive Noblesse for 1h for all new Characters. GAMEPLAY CONFIGURATION Empower potion. Auto Potions use : MP / CP / HP on -30% missing Infinity shots to reduce SS lag. Toogle skill that prevents grief buffing. Skills that increases weight capacity/inventory/craft/trade/storage Raids Ember, Shyeed and Galaxia, are under PVP zone with boosted drops like clan skill items and CRP, respawn 24h Varka Horus and Ketra Brakki are without a PVP zone but also with boosted drops like clan skill items and CRP, respawn 24h. All epics are boosted to level 80 also QA - Zaken , all epic zones are under pvp zone. Valakas/Antharas and Frintezza have their fearing skill effects removed. Queen Ant Ring, Frintezza Necklace are S-grade. Retail Barakiel with the respawn of 8h. PVP-ZONE( cannot be dragged away ) Custom Barakiel in Bandit Stronghold with the respawn time of 24h - NON-PvP zone. (Both Barakiels have slightly boosted HP) VIP system : Vip Rune : 75% boosted exp/drops/adena/spoil. Auto-learn skills untill and including level 75. 76+ skills can be learned by spellbooks. 76-77-78 spellbooks can be bought from the shop or via drops in the solo farming zone. 79-80 spellbooks are available only from raids, and a slight chance at party farming zone. Npc Buffers and General Gatekeepers are set in all towns. Special functions : .menu with special functions like Offline Shop and Gold Bar system .goldbar buy/sell command and /offline_shop S-grade is obtained by retail craft ( 75% ), all recipes can be found in the Gear NPC. Major Arcana Set gives Cast. Spd. and is slightly better than DC robe. just more cast and same m atk Buffs that go through Anti-Buff toogle skill are : OL M.Def+P.Def+WW / Prayer / Body of Avatar / Blessing of Noblesse / Valor / Pet uffs (Cat+Pony) Remote buff coin system, a special coin where you can buff yourself without a npc also includes resist buffs. ( no hp restore ) estricted in Coli/Olimpiad/Siege Areas. Our client patch has unlimited zoom. RAID BOSSES AND EPIC BOSSES Ant Queen - 80 level - Respawn = 24hour Respawn Random + - 1hour - Drop Ring - 100% Core - 80 level - Respawn = 36hour Respawn Random + - 1hour- Drop Ring - 100% Orfen - 80 level - Respawn = 36hour Respawn Random + - 1hour - Drop Earring - 100% Zaken - 80 level - Respawn = 48hour Respawn Random + - 1hour - Drop Earring - 100% Baium - 80 level - Respawn = 120hour Respawn Random + - 1hour - Drop Ring - 100% Antharas - 80 Level - Respawn = 168hour Respawn Random + - 1hour - Drop Earring - 100% Valakas - 80 Level - Respawn = 240hour Respawn Random + - 1hour - Drop Necklace - 100% Frintezza - 80 Level - Respawn = 48hour Respawn Random + - 1hour - Drop Necklace - 100% Flame Splendor of Barakiel - 80 Level : 4 Hours (Chaotic Zone) Flame Splendor of Barakiel - 80 Level : 12 Hours (No Chaotic Zone) Cabrio - 80 Level : 3 Hours. Golkonda - 80 Level : 3 Hours. Hallate - 80 Level : 3 Hours. Kernon - 80 Level : 3 Hours. Nobless and Sub class First, Second and Third class change information can be found at Class Manager in the Main Town. When changing to 1st and 2nd class you will be receiving a reward pack with help-out gear to match your level. Third class requires a special task. (Hunt in Shrine of Loyalty for a 10x items that can be exchanged to a item that allows you to change 3rd class) (Drop rate is 35% per x1 item) When changing to 3rd class you will be receiving a 3rd Class Boost Reward that will boost your 25% exp/drops/adena for 30minutes. (The 3rd Class Boost Reward cannot be traded/sold/dropped and it will expire no matter if you are online or not) Subclass Quest is retail. TOI raids have 8h respawn. Baium item can be found in the shop. Noblesse Quest is retail. (Hellfire Oil / Lunargent can be found in the Misc Shop or retail quested) (Subclass/Noblesse Quest Pouches unlock moonstone shards on a x4 amount) OLYMPIAD Olympiad system is on a 7-day cycle. Mystic classes will now benefit of Acumen Lv3 buff in olympiad games Hero Weapons are equal to +10 S-grade weapons. Hero Spear cancels only 1 buff per critical hit. No enchant restriction in olympiad. Augments are allowed in olympiad. Clan Infos Seal of Ruler - Castle cresting skill cast time has been reduced in half. Maximum clans in one ally is set to 2 clans RoyalGuard/OrderKnight are disabled All clan penalties are removed Npc Buffer, General Gatekeeper and Warehouse are set in all clan halls. Castle Registration NPC's are available in Main Town. Sieges Available Siegeble Castles : Aden / Rune are our supreme 1st class castles with amazing rewards !!! Giran / Goddard and Schuttgart are our 2nd class castles aswell with rewards !!! Crown of Lord gives special stats Normal User Crown gives extra stats We have only 3 siegeble Clan Halls enabled available. (Fortress of Ressistance/Devastated Castle/Fortress of Dead) The siegeble Clan Halls have also rewards when you obtain them. Others Most of the mobs world wide are removed just the needed ones for quests and leveling are left. All town npcs are removed, what is left are just the most necesary ones. (This feature is done to prevent NPC server lags and increase the load time of it) Some misc items have a new look Zone 1 : Monastary of Silence - Base (solo zone) + Monastary of Silence - End Rooms (party zone) Zone 2 : Primeval Forrest (solo zone) + Primeval Plains (party & chaotic zone) Party mobs uppon death give 10 CRP to the slayer's clan All classes were balanced, so all classes can fight with the same force. One skill has been improved in the sumonner class so that it can parcitipate from pvp normally. Modified Skill - Servitor haste: Skill gives increased status to your servitor. Servitor haste is prohibited in the Olympics. The atk speed that was given in the skill servitor haste was added to skill servitor shield so that there is no loss of power in the olympic Skills that require skill battle force and spell force to function, now work without the need to use them before . Start date: 23 February 2019 19:00 (UTC-3) Downloads and Register Online 22 February 2019