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  1. Would anyone have a voice command for interlude that opens the gmshop and can buy the items?
  2. Guys wanted to know how to put multiple players that do not serve in the same login but all joining the same type of world [BRASIL] L2KKK [AMERICA] L2KKK [AFRICA] L2KKK Anybody know?
  3. I'm having problems only on these lines. lastAttacker.doAutoLoot((L2Attackable) mob, item); return ((L2Attackable) mob).dropItem(lastAttacker, item); super(-1, GlobalDropMonsters.class.getSimpleName()); if (npcTemplate.getType().equalsIgnoreCase("L2Monster")) super.addKillId(npcTemplate.getIdTemplate());
  4. Could someone help me adapt this mod for l2jhellas? Index: config/players.properties =================================================================== --- config/players.properties (revision 5) +++ config/players.properties (working copy) @@ -320,4 +320,18 @@ DressMeLegs = Imperial,6374 DressMeBoots = Draconic,6381;Imperial,6376;Arcana,6385 DressMeGloves = Draconic,6380;Imperial,6375;Arcana,6384 DressMeWeapons = Draconic_Bow,7577;Shining_Bow,6594;Arcana_Mace,6608 + +#============================================================= +# Global Drop +#=========
  5. From what I studied of the pack I saw that the parts of enterworld was transferred to L2PcInstance if I'm not mistaken
  6. Thank you, you are really right but I don't know how I can use the system as @AbsolutePower mentioned right above I don't handle much of java so the integration with the premium account I was able to understand only in the method of completion days, but the skills I can't understand what the method will help in the form of sendskills
  7. Good to acquire this system I wanted to know how to make the character stand up and buff instead of being static like no video. VIDEO I'm trying to get the character to give the buff if you understand me that way in the video COD ### Eclipse Workspace Patch 1.0 #P L2jFrozen_GameServer Index: head-src/com/l2jfrozen/gameserver/network/clientpackets/RequestGiveNickName.java =================================================================== --- head-src/com/l2jfrozen/gameserver/network/clientpackets/RequestGiveNickN
  8. Well I added this code of aio system in the review of the most recent l2jhellas, so far everything was ok. the system is working but when i restart the character the aio skills disappear and i have to give the command // add_aio <days> could someone give me a solution of what may be happening? https://pastebin.com/8cQatb0t
  9. I even managed to adapt the problem. When I open the store, the character doesn’t sit down to sell if I understand him, he has no action and doesn’t make any mistake.
  10. Could someone help me adopt this model for l2jhellas? Index: config/server.properties =================================================================== --- config/server.properties (revision 339) +++ config/server.properties (working copy) @@ -286,4 +286,44 @@ ShowServerNews = False # Disable tutorial on new player game entrance. Default: False. -DisableTutorial = False \ No newline at end of file +DisableTutorial = False + +# ================================================================ +# Offline trade & craft +# =================================
  11. Could any good soul adapt this mode to l2jfrozen? package handlers.voicedcommandhandlers; import net.sf.l2j.gameserver.handler.IVoicedCommandHandler; import net.sf.l2j.gameserver.model.actor.instance.L2PcInstance; /** * @author Cobra */ public class autoloot implements IVoicedCommandHandler { private static final String[] VOICED_COMMANDS = private static String[] _voicedCommands = { "autolooton", "autolootoff" }; public String[] getVoicedCommandList() { return VOICED_COMMANDS; } public boolean useVoicedCommand(String command, L2PcInstance activeChar, String target) { i
  12. Whoa? can you help me here fast? I'm trying to adapt a mod for l2jhellas and I've been breaking my head with this line since morning Collection <L2Character> players = activeChar.getKnownList().getKnownTypeInRadius(L2Character.class, 480); When reviewing L2JHELLAS, there are no parameters that I marked in red, because it is not possible to find a parameter for them