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  1. Did you change the original htm's to your custom quest ? if event == "30001-03.htm"
  2. OP Design , thanks for sharing. Also check your pms
  3. I was looking for something like this , thanks!!!
  4. Hello guys , i would like some help here please. I'm working on 350rev acis pack and today i implemented masterio's pvp rank system into it , it's working except from one problem!!! Some tables won't get their data stored on shutdown or restart and i will get an error when the scheduled table update is running. Note : this "pvp system" needs javolution , so i installed the jar via eclipse , *i took javolution from l2j server hi5* L2DatabaseFactory.java public Connection getConnection() { Connection con = null; while (con == null) { try { Line 142 con = _source.getConn
  5. A nice simple detailed map , loved it already!!!! Thanks for sharing it.
  6. This sounds interesting and i'm looking forward to it. In addition you could also add a "Smartphone section" which could include android/ios development , custom rom flash , upgrades etc.
  7. Still it's a good share , good job!!
  8. Hello guys , i would like to know how these configs are "working" with each other. Also how can i modify the chance to get a skill on High LS and Top LS ? e.g. High LS 10% and Top LS 20% Note : L2JHellas pack
  9. ERROR SpawnTable Duplicate entry '4755' for key 'PRIMARY' You already have a spawnlist with this id in your spawnlist table , if you tried to add something just change the id.