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  1. New previews http://i.imgur.com/e1bfoNZ.jpg http://i.imgur.com/UTkGsgWg.jpg Latest [L2-Gold.org]: [imgur] | [Live]
  2. Didn't know that, i don't see any other way making a like without the user click somewhere
  3. It is against the policy of facebook, but anyway we are not facebook police so. http://geekhmer.github.io/blog/2016/07/25/facebook-fan-page-auto-like-revised/
  4. Check this one http://www.maxcheaters.com/topic/189847-acp-305-by-theengo/page-1?hl=+account%20+panel, there might be a vote system inside. about hiring me i usually take very little amount of money add me on skype saksa.lol to talk about it in case you want
  5. You either can find shared account panels that have vote systems, or hire me to code one for you
  6. >Ready SMF Theme >Change background & some images >rdy l2 forum
  7. There is always a way to exploit a system, people will work around it and find a way. maybe not directly on the system but they gonna go old school skype+pp method for instance
  8. In the end a big percentage of the sellers will find a way around so they keep this maxtor's percentage for themselves
  9. True, but thats not what maxtor is seeking making a good marketplace will attract people who want to buy & sell and thats not profitable for maxtor unless he takes s small percentage of the transaction