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  1. WTS Frintezza's Necklace on L2 Lion Contact me via Discord Tezza#5868 or direct pm here.
  2. Its sad that you once you type you dont care about the accounts and after 2 hours of this topic you remove the accounts from the SQL. By the way ty for the pack. P.S Kidding i already had it.
  3. Πως σας πετσοκοψε ετσι ο Ρωσοποντιος με τη γαλλικη μυτουλα
  4. Iam still trying to understand why comments from this xdem are still on this topic.
  5. Is any there shared script to reply on all chat while GM action is used on your player?
  6. What i wanted is to reply on party when a "X" player joins the party
  7. Hello adr.bot is it possible to find a script to reply on party with a certain phrase only once when a certain player comes to the party?