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  1. Iam still trying to understand why comments from this xdem are still on this topic.
  2. Is any there shared script to reply on all chat while GM action is used on your player?
  3. What i wanted is to reply on party when a "X" player joins the party
  4. Hello adr.bot is it possible to find a script to reply on party with a certain phrase only once when a certain player comes to the party?
  5. What i see at the moment is a guy speaking about his "GOD" project and how he is going to absorb the whole community into his server and then he says "" IF I open it".Dunno what kind of Mental disability you got but it started becoming bigger and i don't know what triggers it.Stop acting all mighty we all know what was happening in your server and by who. In your current "IF I OPEN IT" situation you got no rights to talk about other servers and how they are going to fail since your server failed like 4 times if i remember well. P.S No hate
  6. To be honest iam glad that you opened the first Wargate because we created an incurable e-cancer as a clan. P.S IT DOESN'T MATTER WHO WE ARE WHAT MATTERS IS OUR PLAN
  7. Whats the point in opening a server with pride pack as your source code.No matter how good you are you wont be able to tame this pack with the retarded "pride community" on your back. P.S Gl with your server anyway.
  8. You can't get burned if you are already burned.