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  1. [Report] Scammers

    thanks for reply. i will search by myself for more reports about him
  2. [Report] Scammers

    Well, i didn't say it isn't my mistake, i just reported him. btw i didn't see any report for this guy, do you have any link for it? Cause i spoke before "meet" him with some ppl from this forum and they suggested this guy
  3. [Report] Scammers

    I would like to report a Maxcheaters member. Mxc profile: snoopi I was looking for someone to code 1 website for me and he told me ,he can do it. Skype profil: He told me the price will eb around 100-150Euros. The problem was, he had to move to another city so he had to delay for few weeks, so i agreed to wait for him. When he messaged me after 1 month, he said, i must wait him to buy new laptopn in the new place he is living, so i told him ,i can wait for it as well. So after few days i told him, i will pay him 100 Euros now, as prepaid, before he start working on the project, so it will be a "help" for him the pre-payment 2/3 of the job. On that conversation he said ,the laptop will arrve next tuesday so i gave him the 100Euros on that day After this payment, he sent me message 11 days later, i already gave him before PSD files and etc for the job, so he could start working. so 13 May till the next time he messaged me i was asking him day by day, how is it going and etc and then he replied me that he was very busy at his other job but he started my website and it is goin well.Also i told him, i will send him 20Euros more cause he told me, he we code a toplist system for me by himself. Then i was asking him how is it going, on next screenshot he is telling me, he is working on admin panel right now so we are almost at the end Week later i messaged him again, and 17 June was the last time he replied to me till now Sorry about the big post but our conversation is in greek and i am trying to explain in english as well.
  4. Hello, I am looking for skilled coder to code a website for me. More details on pm or contact me on skype: L2votezone Thanks in advance