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  1. check whos one server is this; http://l2lionna.com/features-high-five.php
  2. check zeus,elixir features etc. the same
  3. WTB Costumes for interlude. Adapted for l2jfrozen. i want to be visual only without .dressme or something. Paying paypal,pm me
  4. One of the most worked projects out there,for sure it worths a try.
  5. i wont start from zero,i want to see what i can buy.
  6. Im looking to buy interlude pvp server files,ready to launch. i want to include: 1-2 Custom armor sets 1-2 Custom weapons Custom Tattoos Custom skins Frozen or acis i dont care,you must show me test server. Payment via paypal.
  7. ye but its the same. download patch or updater. 1,2gb is...anyway good luck!! :)
  8. u may lose many players by using this size of system patch :)
  9. more than 10? no :P