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  1. It looks like you have added everything correctly, but simply this functionality is missing for some reason. I assume that message "Your AIO period ends at:" shows up correctly, so what you need to do is: Replace: activeChar.sendPacket(new CreatureSay(0, Say2.ALLIANCE, "System", "Your AIO period ends at: " + dt)); with { activeChar.sendPacket(new CreatureSay(0, Say2.ALLIANCE, "System", "Your AIO period ends at: " + dt)); if (Config.ALLOW_AIO_NCOLOR) activeChar.getAppearance().setNameColor(Config.AIO_NCOLOR); if (Config.ALLOW_AIO_TCOLOR) activeChar.getAppearance().setTitleColor(Config.AIO_TCOLOR); activeChar.rewardAioSkills(); } It's not a nice way to do it, but it's a short change and it should work as you expect.
  2. Code looks legit. You should debug it. Run game server on your own pc, attach debugger, make breakpoints in parts of the code that you have added and figure out which part is incorrect.
  3. It's not a problem. Removing Abnormal Type will cause skills to no longer be replaced by another skills of the same type. If you intention is to allow both Frenzy & Guts give effects at the same time, then you can go ahead. You should keep in mind that some skills may(depending on the pack) no longer affect skill with altered abnormal type. For example take a look at skill 1345, on retail it cancels skills of abnormal type ma_up & casting_time_down, so if you removed abnormal type from any casting_time_down skill then it will no longer be cancelled by 1345.
  4. Try this
  5. I can see two problems: 1. Server uses CharMoveToLocation packet instead of MoveToPawn while moving to game object 2. Destination isn't updated frequently enough That's not easy to fix.
  6. Value which is currently 43059 should be in 1-32767 range.
  7. It seems to be problem with hit time, hit cancel time or cool time of skills. First you should check xmls, then if those variables are loaded correcty, after that check formula of multiplying those values with cast/atk speed, then values in MagicSkillUse & MagicSkillLaunched packet. Issue also might be in game client.
  8. There may be many spots where source of the issue is located. You should start debugging from method Creature#doAttackHitByBow
  9. If you are talking about very fast switching of pages, then the solution is to add flood protection in community board bypasses(RequestBypassToServer). It shouldn't send html quickly after another one was send or it should send it with a delay. Though if the problem is one specific html, then you have error there. In order to fix it I recommend you to cut parts of the html and narrow down spot where error might be located. ehcache.xml has nothing to do with the problem.
  10. Some windows(like mini map) are made in ugx, which are very hard to edit. At least few maps will not be compatibile with C3.
  11. I have checked Mobius IL version & last leak of scripts, both of them have same code of RaceManagerInstance, but unfortunately without the fix I ask for.
  12. You should take a look at RequestRestartPoint packet. In case restart type is FIXED, then you should check if player is in the event and then revive him and teleport to desired location. It's hard to give you details because there are plenty of event engines and I have no clue how yours look like.
  13. SELECT class_id FROM character_subclasses WHERE char_obj_id = ? AND isBase = 1 Race can be deducted from class_id
  14. Hi, I would like to find out if anyone has working Monster Derby Track Manager, with correct "Odds of Winning" of each Monster. I have checked Acis, Lucera & Unity packs, on each of them odds of winning have just random numbers put in htmls and they never change.