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  1. Because it's harder to be done. Especially while working on l2off GOD+ files which have great interface but a lot of differences in dll files which makes old interlude gameplay be very hard to accomplish.
  2. You mean you made game client to change ip to which it is connected, without making it go to server selection screen? How?
  3. smart guard doesnt work with windows xp & vista, maybe thats your problem
  4. Hi, I have bought Lucera2 from lucera2.ru at 2017-09-19 for 120 usd. The first thing i did was decompile jars and clean them up so they are usable like real source code. I have been working on those files for almost a year now and since my changes made it far superior, I have decided to share files in earliest stage. Decompiling the files and cleaning them up have taken me a while, so I hope you will appreciate this share. You will not find that source code anywhere else on the internet. Link to source code & datapack: https://mega.nz/#!NQkkFIrT!6PktKP0NIBDM6x-NEDfkmAokt_dvu3N98gJdW2vEh2I 1. In original jar there was a limit of active connections with game server, it was connected with GameServer variable "VALUES" and I have removed it. 2. I didn't find any backdoor, though I have removed all customs from the pack(in the revision that I will not share) so it could have been there and I have erased it.
  5. hi Right now only if character with access lvl is clicking with shift on other character there is showing to him html chat with something. I customized it a bit so now if any character is clicking on any character with shift, it is being shown to him html chat with things that are on screen below. After adding this code, if gm is clicking with shift on some1, same chat is shown to him as without adding this code so its not changed. Screen: http://www.mediafire.com/?secu7gp9dbzz7ge Click "View this image" to look at it without downloading :) Datapack code: http://www.mediafire.com/?1h3qkk19eq9ozye Core code: http://www.mediafire.com/?t6ecm9b7sg5s95y Credits: Vampir(me)