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  1. A clan crest is very small and detail is not noticeable to require a graphic designer. Find something on google and make it yourself. You don't need to pay))
  2. XML File A very fast automatic individual API based system which allows you to bind the vote on anything you like such as HWID or IP or Character's account using XML configuration. You can create a group of rewards with chances and control the maximum people of voting at the same time to avoid flood. Voice commands are now used as .topzone .network e.t.c, but it can be easily changed to npc or all in one voice command such as .vote Price: 30 XML File Scheduler with groups of rewards for your players. You have the option to set any hour or day of th
  3. Request Support [Greek] Hiring for L2 project Ok..
  4. I'm just curious, did you buy a service 1 minute after the topic opened?
  5. Still [WTS] Pigassos all info
  6. Calling me brain damaged just because i said my opinion over a [WTS] topic. Beautiful. When you tell the truth to someone who is selling shared stuff and logo that is from a copyrighted site which is illegal to take without purchase licence is not brain-damage action.
  7. Not to be offensive or anything but are you serious right now? YouTube and tutorials is bad influence, everyone nowadays watch em, create something, gets excited and open a topic to sell it. Graphics and any other service require years of knowledge, skills and something that make a slight different to provoke a possible buyer. A logo from a server that you leeched 1 year ago and an Arial 8 text with a GIF fire from Google merged together does not make you a designer. And let's no talk about this. Shame on you really. https://www.google.com/imgres?imgurl=https://ima
  8. Great, another bad written, useless Russian pack in a community that already struggles with shared pack and open 2 days server. Thanks!
  9. This thing that you people share something and put your name all over the place on each html.
  10. Do you realise you're in a forum in EU and you need to write ENGLISH? You latino have no respect at all. PS. Congratulations for undig an almost 4 years old topic.
  11. I can't imagine how many times you masturbated over him. I'm sorry i ruined your dreams. I feel guilty.