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  1. Lineage 2 Core PvP Grand Opening 6th January 2021 @ 18:00 GMT +2 Visit our website here Lineage 2 Core PvP Server Features Server Rates: Exp/Sp x500 Adena x15 Drop x15 Party Exp: x 1.5 Party SP: x 1.5 AvG Karma Rate drop 60% Enchant Rates: Safe Enchant +4 Max Encahnt +20 Simple Enchant Scrolls 50%, Max Enchant +1 to +20 Blessed Scrolls 60%, Max Enchant +1 to +15 for Armor / Weapons (If item wont successfully enchant will drop to +4) Crystal Scrolls 25%, Max Enchant +15 to +20 for Armor / Weapons (If item wont successfully enchant will drop one e
  2. I am back and this time I am offering $$$ cash to top 50 Servers in L2Topzone If they remove their server from this Website. @Pigasos-Dev and other Administrators who have got ban from this guy offers cash to help shutting down l2topzone website. Join in our Community for more info: https://discord.gg/KFpWsTq3VN
  3. Grand Opening 30th of October 2020 View time here Auto Created Accounts www.l2eliot.com Server Rates Exp/Sp: 1000x Safe +4 \ Max +18
  4. Your current DDos is not enough to ban and block DDoS Attacks ? Here we are, we made a custom script for you to protect your Layer 7 Application (L2Server or Web). Configurations: Port/IP monitoring, max port connections, port floods, SYN floods, IP max connection, max ban time for port connections. All the above works automatically once you set up one time with our documentation. White List Ips / Block List Ips in txt file. This DDoS is custom made firewall script not share in the market and is working perfectly with: OVH Game DDoS, OVH VPS Standard D
  5. Summer Edition Start 12 June 2020 - No Donate - Easy Farm - High enchant rates www.l2eliot.com
  6. We offer a huge range of advertisements pack. We can run ads for you on all topsites and prepare the animated banners. Also we offer services like: Post in FB Lineage2 Groups, Post in Our network FB Fan pages Facebook campaign management Facebook audience list of building years and years aprox 30k eur on investment Google campaign management (search and display) Push notification on all our networks Newsletter to 270k players Bot spam in game Discord spam mass message
  7. Send Mass Message to all discord online members of any group you would like. Best time to send messages is 4pm to 12 pm GMT +0 Select a range of how many messages you would like to send. How to find messages I want to send? Join on Discord server you would like to spam and check online members in that group. Remember you can send messages up to 100 groups and max 10.000 messages. Check for prices here
  8. Learn how to run Lineage 2 Ads in: Google Ads Facebook Ads Instagram Ads You will learn everything about tags in google analytics, Facebook ads re marketing your email list, or your web visitors list on Facebook and Google. You will learn how to properly add your keywords in google search and run google display campaigns. Video is in English spoken Language for 40 minutes to learn everything about Ads. Order through Athena-Project
  9. Grand Opening 9th May 2020 View time here Auto Created Accounts Server Rates Basic Inf
  10. I told you, ask our clients if you want the right answer: http://prntscr.com/s867bu +L2Aegis +L2Saint +L2Aaron ++ Some others have paid for copyright removal you can pm me.
  11. There are some guys which don't know anything about L2OFF and want something ready setup from guys like us. We are taking the project from 0 to grand opening with our extra fees. This are the prices for our development and installation. If someone want's ofc can go directly to AdvExt64, that's why we have all copyrights from him everywere. Our job is the development + fees.
  12. @Destarion We opened for test 1 day advertisement running in facebook for l2pigasos.eu server and we got this results: http://prntscr.com/s7cnqz If you are happy send us pm so we can assist you on marketing plan how to reach our or your custom audience in Facebook. - L2Pigasos approved ads in Facebook 7:00am 26-04-2020 until 23:59pm 26-04-2020 Total hits 854 Visitors. Server Grand open was 26-04-2020 time 19:00 GMT +1
  13. @expll0The guy asking if we are scammers or not, he is not asking for this donation panel mate. @dramaa93 Ask our clients working with us if you want the right answer. In this forum some guys will say we are scammers because we are Athena Project all about shares right, and they are mad because we are reselling that donation panel the guy above me wrote it here for example. Some others will say about Eola which every single admin has it. And ofc our Eola is developed and fixed live test on L2Eliot.com server.
  14. Check athena-project.eu all about your private server.
  15. @xzone What happens bro now your web is down and you are running some promos on google ads i see there? http://prntscr.com/s2wgd6 and http://prntscr.com/s2wlso what my bro - dead ? And again as you see here i am with 17.30% cause of my shit power. @xzone Now is late all the bests is coming wait for version 2 soon..... Aajajajajajajajajaj WWW.L2TOPZONE.GR Power!!!