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  1. This is totally scam be careful, if someone wants this files can ask me straight away. I have sources of Eliot latest update including Valorant Event and all fixes, more details www.l2corepvp.com for live testing.
  2. You better read again the 1st post in this topic where I posted.
  3. Let me tell you that the reputation come up from haters 🙂 It should be 100+
  4. Waiting for this, I suggest you to check in England for kind of this services for better and quick solution.
  5. I Have excludes for that sorry. You may check previous history on this forum the war we have with this guy called Nightwolf and Itopz. Let me remind you that this donate panel dosen't have any agreement or protection to resell - reuse 'is GPL' . So I can't remove it sorry.
  6. Yes we are team and I refer my self for transactions and someone else for installations, so what's your problem? PS :Most of our customers coming from google. We don't have much customers from mxc. I have some surprise for you, if you remember the pizza order soon will be ready. @Nightw0lf Cheers.
  7. I will reply to you about this. Without proofs, you can't ban someone. You've got all the services from us for what we deal on conversation we had (You requested, Web Hostind, Domain, VPS, H5 Sources). You did 4 transactions to me, why you keep paying me then if you didn't get the service as you are saying there? - About source, is based on what you wrote, but we have so many extra things inside including fixes, fake bot system and much more. - We installed your Server on VPS, on your Local Machine and on your Dedicated Server you bought. - We bought the domain name
  8. Hi there, Let me write some words for our company. We are live since 2003 as Pigasos-Project till 2005, and then we changed the name to Athena Project. We never scam someone, what the word scam means to me is when someone pay something and didn't get the service for what he paid. 1. In that case the person who started that conversation in the topic here is not showing something that we scam him. Does that look to @everyone like a scam? This person bought from Us sources with access on xp-dev H5 Project with the latest updates from our developers. He
  9. Lineage 2 Core PvP Grand Opening 6th January 2021 @ 18:00 GMT +2 Visit our website here Lineage 2 Core PvP Server Features Server Rates: Exp/Sp x500 Adena x15 Drop x15 Party Exp: x 1.5 Party SP: x 1.5 AvG Karma Rate drop 60% Enchant Rates: Safe Enchant +4 Max Encahnt +20 Simple Enchant Scrolls 50%, Max Enchant +1 to +20 Blessed Scrolls 60%, Max Enchant +1 to +15 for Armor / Weapons (If item wont successfully enchant will drop to +4) Crystal Scrolls 25%, Max Enchant +15 to +20 for Armor / Weapons (If item wont successfully enchant will drop one e
  10. I am back and this time I am offering $$$ cash to top 50 Servers in L2Topzone If they remove their server from this Website. @Pigasos-Dev and other Administrators who have got ban from this guy offers cash to help shutting down l2topzone website. Join in our Community for more info: https://discord.gg/KFpWsTq3VN
  11. Grand Opening 30th of October 2020 View time here Auto Created Accounts www.l2eliot.com Server Rates Exp/Sp: 1000x Safe +4 \ Max +18
  12. Summer Edition Start 12 June 2020 - No Donate - Easy Farm - High enchant rates www.l2eliot.com
  13. Grand Opening 9th May 2020 View time here Auto Created Accounts Server Rates Basic Inf
  14. I told you, ask our clients if you want the right answer: http://prntscr.com/s867bu +L2Aegis +L2Saint +L2Aaron ++ Some others have paid for copyright removal you can pm me.