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  1. Hey Celestine, can you re-upload the effect, because the link is dead. Thank you in advance. King Regards.
  2. Hello Guys, anyone has C1 Interface for Interlude with active download link? I need this one: Thank you in advance. King Regards
  3. Hello Guys, the diff patch doesn't work for me in L2jFrozen, i've setted it up in core and in config/ini file, i haven't 0 errors in Eclipse and seem to doesn't work nothing from it why? I have not errors in GameServer console. Here is my MultiFunctionZone.ini ( i've tried the same and as MultiFunctionZone.properties) My PvP zone is Primeval Isle! # --------------------------------------------------------------------------- # MultiFunctionZone - custom addon for your server # --------------------------------------------------------------------------- # This option will turn on PvP flag to all people when entering to the zone EnablePvP = True # If set to false, zone will be no-restart zone NoRestartZone = True # If set to false, zone will be no-logout zone NoLogoutZone = True # If set to false, zone will be no-store zone NoStoreZone = True # Give noblesse after revive? ReviveNoblesse = True # Heal after revive? ReviveHeal = True # Delay, in seconds, to wait before revive # 0 to disable ReviveDelay = 0 # Set the spawn points where players will be teleported on revive, if enabled # example:10711,-24437,-3643;9180,-24096,-3754;7911,-22713,-3685;6990,-22554,-3442;4892,-23466,-3745 SpawnLoc = 10711,-24437,-3643;9180,-24096,-3754;7911,-22713,-3685;6990,-22554,-3442;4892,-23466,-3745 # Random respawn radius RespawnRadius = 900 # If set to true, players will take noblesse blessing when entering GiveNoblesse = True # Remove buffs when entering to the zone RemoveBuffs = False # Remove pets when entering to the zone RemovePets = False # Special rewards when hunting inside this zone # example: 9999,1 Rewards = 9999,1 # List of Items(id's) that won't be usable inside this area and also will be unequiped when entering # (armor, weapons, scrolls, potions, etc), example: 728,7575, 6383, 1538 Items = # List of Grades that won't be usable inside this area and also will be unequiped when entering # example: D,C,B,A,S,S80,S84 Grades = # Items with this enchant or more won't be usable inside this area and also will be unequiped when entering # 0 to disable Enchant = 0 # Players with one of that classes won't be able to enter to the zone # example: 93,85,12 Classes = P.S. Should i change something and in zone.xml because i use it as it is provided from the diff patch, i didn't changed nothing there. <zone id="16385" name="Custom" type="MultiFunctionZone" shape="NPoly" minZ="-15000" maxZ="-10000"> <node X="130000" Y="160000" /> <node X="130000" Y="130000" /> <node X="160000" Y="130000" /> <node X="160000" Y="160000" /> </zone> Thank you in advance guys! King Regards
  4. Special Custom Interlude x1000 PvP Server Coming Soon!

  5. Ok so, the problem is this, am creating a l2jfrozen project and i want to add a Special RB Manager, i find one with code for the core i put it but when i open the server then go to the manager i get this http://prntscr.com/anj5q5 & in GS Console i get this message: "Html is too long! this will crash the client!" I Can't understand why is this, i check the code 40 times but i cant understand, hope you can help me guys :S :/ If someone help me i will be to much happy! Thanks in advance! This is the code:
  6. Hey Guys its me again, you write me, but I never got your help yet, i dont know :/ Please somebody help me, Im desperate. :/
  7. Hallo guys someone can help me please, i add the phoenix event engine in my server so when i save the file, in 3 java files i take this error: I need your help guys, thanks in advance a lot PS:Sorry for my English :)
  8. Hey guys, i have problem with the NpcInfo code, can someone help me please!? This is the errors: http://prntscr.com/adf53l
  9. Hey, i have some errors, please some body help me. Thanks in advance !!! http://prntscr.com/ad1zht This is the first! http://prntscr.com/ad21q8 everywhere is this error !