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  1. Yours was a nice idea haha, specially for saving files without encrypting them (since they will be broken anyways haha) and keeping client as clean and ordered as possible, I personally save my files into resources as .urx :P Paths=../resources/*.urx
  2. You can always code it on the core and add an enemy list thing. Something that like clan lists, search for specific clan monsters and instead of taking target on player attacking them, take target on the monster itself and attack it.
  3. I know, I was saying that I tryed the standard method of l2tool and re encrypt the file :P I gotta generate a new one then, since theres also an utx that can't be opened from unreal (IDK why). Thx anyways :)
  4. Yeah, I downloaded this programs and got the meshes ported without any problem. Now the main problem I got its from the textures. I tryed the standard l2tool -> encdec 121 method to convert them to interlude, but the client crashes when loading the textures, so I guess I need something else, or to manually generate the packages. I want to know if theres a "new" method to port the utx from one client to another, or I need to manually recreate it
  5. Hey guys! I have found today (when I was about to buy l2down) that the guy released smconv that does staticmesh conversion from one chronicle to another. My question now its how to convert textures. Yes, I know that I can create the packages by hand, just want to know if theres an easier way, or its the only one that can be used its manually creating them. I already tryed the l2tool -> enc 121 and no, it doesnt works, I guess because theres a lot of broken references. So, any idea? Thx!
  6. Oh, fuck. if you found something, please pm me, I need that patch too. Also if I got a working one, I'll let you know :)
  7. If you want, as far as I can remember l2gamers.cl uses unichat on they interlude server, try downloading their patch and test it
  8. Im speaking about the green numbers that this guy on the video uses to position the staticmeshes, I already got the l2smr :P
  9. Heys guys, can someone give me the link to download this or display this data on the client for SMR usage? Thx!
  10. Hey guys, just wanting a bit of info. How can you change the hair displayed when you equip an armor? Like some female dark elf armor does that change your hairstyle once equiped.
  11. Thx for the guide mate! Dou you got documentation about attaching the shoulders to the chests when porting armors to interlude? Thx!
  12. Hey guys, do you know where can I find an interlude Antharas Weapons with the fists working as intended? It seems that the glow effect doesn't change it's size acording to the weapon when a small/big sized character use it, for instance human mages got giant sized glows and orcs got small sized glows :P If someone can tell me how to fix this or where can I download a working version, that would be great. Thx!
  13. Hey guys, I am implementing the GoD buffs on the Interlude client, and I need a list with the full buff stack info about them, for example, I know that Horn Melody replaces Might, Shield, Empower and Magic Barrier. What about the other buffs? It's a list somewhere where I can found what GoD buff replace what pre awakening buff on the buff bar? Thx!
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