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  1. agreed on making a dressme system in CB on february 4 http://prntscr.com/mygbnw went away to deal with problems without telling me there will be a delay ( normal and understandable if you inform your client but you didnt ) came back to ask me if i still need it, i said yes and he went away again :) http://prntscr.com/mygcmc no news till today, if you see this i changed my mind i dont want to deal with irresponsible and rude people , deal is off, i would not recommend him even if he was the last man alive.
  2. Amazing work guys if someone did this a few years ago he would still have the majority of l2 private server players playing in his server. I'ts good but as i have said many times over if you are putting so much work into it, make it a little more interesting than ncsoft made it 400 years ago... Best of luck still, it may not be my cup of tea but it's a well remastered Lineage 2!
  3. welcome and good luck with ui editing, the advice i can give you on the subject is 1: dont listen to what lightfusion says , dont pay him to make an interface and dont buy his compiler( you may HAVE TO if you want to edit ui on clients other than interlude of h5 coz those are the only compilers i can give you ). 2: i'll send you a private message with details on how to decompile interface.u and recompile it ( i'll upload the compilers i have for interlude and h5 client )) ( tomorrow ) 3: there are some decent guys that could make the interface for you , dont trust everyone , go to the best if you are going to hire someone( i'll tell you who i think that is in private too ) 4: you cant just copy things from one chronicle to an other 5: it is possible to make damage on screen "like" god but it is hard and i would not suggest you start with that if you are just starting to learn ui editing. Ignore negative people :)
  4. i personally dont like wings but objectively they are not as bad looking as the ones i have seen till now, keep making things and you will get even better.
  5. are you still looking for work? if yes check your messages. thank you.
  6. Someone capable of handling complex issues, Events, AI, Quest and others. Send me a message if you are interested and have time for work. Payment will be discussed in private. Thank you.
  7. any clues if it can be done? if it can, can you do it? if you can , how much for it? contact me, thank you !
  8. go to your partywnd then close the defaultproperty tab from the right and open the window( it's under the defaultproperty ) in there you will see Frame ( uncheck that ) and then uncheck draggable too ) tell me if you have any issues