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  1. - You can learn Skills Automatically. can means there is an option to learn them or not and automatically means you have no choice coz it happens without your permission. - You learn Skills Automatically. <<- write it like that. Good luck
  2. never happened to me or anyone i know, try different client or just system dont really know what to suggest
  3. i got your message, i can see you are on top of this and you resolve your issues fast and that's a very good thing, i will keep testing your service and i will report any issue i find to help you make it as good and fast as possible! thank you!
  4. i like the way you set the site up but i would suggest a couple of changes. change the instant and the super instant to something more accurate( not only is it not instant or super instant but it's not even fast, one could say it's slow ) i placed two orders to test it( instagram likes : one instant and one super instant) not even one like added to the link yet ( 20 minutes have passed ) let see how long it will take.
  5. then you did something bad in skill grp, delete the thing you changed in skill grp and make it again ( do it right this time )
  6. this is not soft this is the game client copy your system folder, rename it to dev system or anything else you want edit the l2.ini ( set IsL2NetLogin=False IsL2Console=False run l2exe . client opens you press the ` button ( next to 1 on keyboard ) or TAB and then write sv for SKILL pv for ITEMS nv for NPCS gl.
  7. founded xD good luck with your serious project xD
  8. i think that balance is objective, there are no many different versions of it balance is equality combined with a variety balance is every class being able to beat every other class that never existed in lineage from the very first day it opened it was unbalanced no one ever managed to make it possible coz everyone accepted how the game was made and never dared change the formulas and the skills some classes have. no one ever bothered to remove stats and rework how things like damage are calculated. Why no one ever did it? coz there is that argument " this is lineage and if you don't like it go make a new game " I personally disagree with that notion, you can have something given to you and if there is something you don't like about it you can change it and improve it without turning it into a different thing ( game in our case ) On Topic, you do need a good developer to achieve balance but you need to know what you need done, he will do what you want him to do, he will not tell you what balance is.
  9. 30 euro is nothing for this, he should sell it for 130.
  10. if other methods dont work use this one: open l2tool find the utx you want and press this button then open the utx with this https://mega.nz/#!7BlGgIBB!6Wtht65S4gMTQ3Sf4HveFt3MF6vvE4bEhxQAy6UwImU delete what you want to delete and save the file then take this and put it in C:/ https://mega.nz/#!PEtRwCiL!1ltBRkZwJkYNWNucvGNgd-cz-ChK9BRRLXizW3Y2aqo ( remove the space from the folders name ) put the utx you saved in this filder and open the program with the program open press browse and navigate to the file you just pasted in the folder then select 111 ( for utx ) , select Encrypt and press go then copy the new file in the systectures folder and rename it to it's original name ( remove the "enc-" ) done.