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  1. one way is to make a new html window ( dont use the npc dialogue window ) and dont add the close button ( interface ) i guess you could also reopen the same html window every couple of seconds until you get the response you expect
  2. edit the image from the utx it is in, or create a new utx and use xdat editor to edit the interface.xdat to put that new utx as the background for the window.
  3. if you are still having problems i'll suggest an other tool
  4. have you encrypted a utx before without getting error ?
  5. i know but i will not tell you coz you post requests in the wrong section. entitled kids... have a nice day.
  6. hope you pick the right people and not anyone that just applies.
  7. at first i thought you chose to be a dick but now i see you dont even realize that you are a dick and that makes you a stupid dick, you made your image even worse ( any sane intelligent person that reads what and how you write can see that ( not you ofc coz you dont belong to any of those 2 categories ) ). so 1: not only me but everyone knows you( not in a good way ). 2:only a mentally challenged person would call someone who downvotes a dick a dick ( take your time to read this ). 3:as mentioned above it is only normal for an idiot not to know why and that he is an idiot, it's the rest of us that suffer from their stupidity. i dont need to ask the people who trust you if they trust you, if they knew they are making a mistake they would not be making it ( pamela was one of them and now he knows, as i suggested, you should be allowed to be the dick you are so everyone eventually realizes it ). Please keep being you, for as long as you can.
  8. looks like i was not wrong at all. kara is a dick , keep that in mind ( bump this topic so others can see it too every time you can ) you trusted a dick and he did what a dick would do and even if every person alive agrees that it was a scam i dont think kara would give you even 1 euro back so just forget about that. my suggestion: dont ban kara, coz he will just make a new account ( again ). Let him be the dick he is to everyone who cant see it so eventually no one will ever talk to him or even read his posts. ps there are others that have a good reputation ( not the numbers ) that can work for or with you.
  9. right coz none of the private servers sell items :) or have bots and automated interfaces :) ;)