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  1. hahaah yes he will do it in 5 minutes... didn't you see above? :)
  2. show screenshots of how you open your ports on your router you may be missing something ( like deactivating SPI )
  3. that person is a major asshole. Dont do anything he says. i would gladly help you with it but i have not edited a classic interface yet, i will give it a go soon and if you are still interested ( and i manage to do it right ) i will make those modifications for you FOR FREE, not everyone is trying to make money with simple things like that.
  4. send me a message with your skype and i will show you how to do it.
  5. it's so easy to get balance if you change the damage calculation formula!! but noone is doing that ^_^ good luck.
  6. only an idiot would think balance is not possible just coz he can't find it (^_^)
  7. balance what? classes pvp balance? balance the weight of the classes? balance in the force? more details would help.
  8. Step 1: Learn English Step 2: learn how to ask questions Step 3: write your question so that it makes sense in english if you are asking english speakers i will still bother and TRY to guess what you are asking here. the html window you are looking at is probably the standard NPCDialogWnd search "html" in your xdat in window tab.
  9. why is every Brazilian question so stupid... what window do you want? that is just an html window.... does the window you are looking for have a name?
  10. what? you used that for dat files? for dat files you use fileeditor....
  11. what is this internet thing you mentioned?
  12. oh god...you are a player, take what each server gives you and play with it....
  13. - You can learn Skills Automatically. can means there is an option to learn them or not and automatically means you have no choice coz it happens without your permission. - You learn Skills Automatically. <<- write it like that. Good luck