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  1. free shares are not the "function of this forum". people spend time to make something and they need something in return. they also give free shares and you have to thank them for that, not demand MORE FREE shares... if you can't pay for premium then you probably can't use what is shared or sold here...get a different hobby...start collecting rocks , that's free ( up to a point )
  2. General protection fault! History: UTrailEmitter::UpdateParticles <- AEmitter::Tick <- TickAllActors <- ULevel::Tick <- (NetMode=0) <- TickLevel <- UGameEngine::Tick <- UpdateWorld <- MainLoop im getting this error when i am around the boss
  3. make your client to use 1GB+ ram and try the command, if you only get 5 seconds then i did something wrong :)
  4. hmmm, it kinda worked, it cleared the ram but if the ram it has to clear is more than 300mb, the client freezes until it's done. more than this is needed to make it usable.
  5. thanks alot, that is where the text is, can we also get info on where the window is?
  6. ahm, hi any idea where this window is in H5 ? ( it contains the terms of agreement but i am unable to find it ( check the datapack for htmls that may contain the text , checked the interface .uc files too and the interface.xdat also, no luck)) thanks
  7. you might have to activate the customspawnlist if you want your spawns to be saved after server restart ( not sure what pack you are using )
  8. tristis, this is something you cant learn from reading neves comments in a post, you need to actually invest time into learning some 3d modeling and how it works, i would suggest you give up on it if you dont intent to dive deep as this is not a simple copy paste in npcgrp
  9. well when you need something done and there are not many options you "trust" people, 200 or 500 euro will not destroy me financially but i did waste time waiting xD
  10. here we go again.... long story short ( if you want more info so read while you eat popcorn i can provide it ) February 20 developer takes a job, he asks for 150 euro and "few days" to make it i pay him 200 ( voluntarily ) and give him 2 weeks deadline 2 weeks go by he has nothing to show i extend the period for 1 more week( i need the code ) one week goes by and corona hits he says he is not around his computer and is in quarantine so i agree to wait for the quarantine to be lifted he tells me his quarantine will be lifted in 15th of may ( i understand and i wait ) may 3 untill may 29 he does not respond to my every day pms and calls i open a dispute on paypal after a few hours he sends me a message telling me to cancel it i ask for the code to cancel it he promises "monday" i go home and send it to you i cancel the dispute monday comes he doesnt even log on 3 days go by he still doesnt send the code delay after delay i called paypal to report the case and they said they will suspend his account coz asking from clients to send money as friends and family breaks their rules i dont mind if i get the money back, i just want people to know how unprofessional this guy is and not fall for his bullshit. proof is available, screenshots and chatlogs and paypal transactions to whoever wants it in private this guys information is : Skype : l2developer Skype Username: Saddam i cant remember his maxcheaters name but it's not important, i am not asking for a ban or anything, just be aware.
  11. and one last thing, is there any chance i can look at the npcs they made with a devbox or something?
  12. thank you kind sir, is that fafurion or helios?
  13. i think you can do it through tooltip in interface.u
  14. i spent a good 3 hours trying different file editors but no luck, only one got close and it says too much data xD i dont need to save the file again i just want the content of npcgrp from Helios or Fafurion client ( or any client after that ) thanks
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