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  1. Back to business for L2OFF only ! Feel free to contact me.
  2. Hello, I'm Nighter and I don't have a big "posts count" but I'm member on this board since 2007 and made several trades with peoples (buy/sell). I'm on the Lineage 2 scene since Chronicle 3 where I started developing L2j emulator. In real life I'm a software developper so I'm able to make a lot of things depending on time needed to complete it. Here a minimalist list of things I can do: - Installing & upgrading any related things to your server machine/server. - Creating your own features or modifying existing one. - Fixing any code related problem. - Web services (Top, Stats, Votes...). - Server managing: you have an idea but don't want how to create your server ? Let's work together to make your dream a reality ! I started to work on L2OFF since 6 years so I can edit/create anything related to scripts or even code things using IT/GF sources. I'll only accept paypal and be payed before I send/give you anything. However, some services can be tested on my own test server before you send your money. Feel free to add me on skype if you have questions, it will be a pleasure to answer you! Skype: qqzeroqq (France) (take care of scammer using almost same user) UPDATE 1st August: I only work for L2OFF at the moment !! Sincerely, Nighter