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  1. Hello, I'm currently selling those items on Giran server: x1 Full Plate Set +3/+4 (shield +6) x1 Doom Set Heavy +3/+4 x1 Cursed Main Gauche +6 x1 Cursed Main Gauche +11 x1 Damascus Sword +1 x1 Samurai Long Sword +3 Adena: +30kk (6€/kk) Blade dancer level 61 at 55% (4 000 VIP, 8 angel cat's, 97 special fruits, 4 middle scroll xp, 7 regular scroll xp) Sword singer level 59 at 50% (7 200 VIP, 8 angel cat's, 62 special fruits, 5 middle scroll xp, 13 regular scroll xp) Mainly selling all in one package only. I only accept Paypal Gift/Family ! Feel free to contact me on skype: qqzeroqq (send me a private message here before, to be sure it's me on skype and not a scammer !)
  2. Thanks for all your great feedbacks ! :) 3 days left for the free code if you buy 10 !
  3. Starting now Christmas Discount, 10 codes payed, you received 11 (= 1 free code) !
  4. Thanks everyone for your great feedbacks ! Completely out of stock, going to get more at the total end of next week. @Edit: stock is now available!
  5. Just purchased tons of things, worth +400$, we used MeVsYou as MM and was fine ! Thanks for the trade SimbiosGG ! :)
  6. PLEASE TAKE EXTREMELY CARE ! THERE IS SCAMMER SAYING IT'S ME AND WITH ALMOST SAME NICK ! Before making any trade with me, please send me a PM here with a random word/code and ask it to me on Skype ! @zajkozilina Thank you for your feedbacks, really appreciated !
  7. I'm now accepting Adena on Giran server if you want to purchase codes.
  8. Mainly looking for PP or WC 44+ with skills learnt.
  9. More due to people taking other identity :)
  10. Trusted seller, fast & very good in business.
  11. Hello, I'm currently looking for buying a PP/WC level 44+. Payment with Paypal, due to high amount of scammers those last days, I will not use "Gift/Family".
  12. Due to high amount of scammers those last days, I will not use "Gift/Family".
  13. Don't buy to him, he just scammed me 75€ ! Proof sent to Designatix. Edit: there is a scammer taking Bigmanx/Laur nickname to scam people !!!!!!!! TAKE CARE ! He is using "live" in front of the skype user.