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  1. Hello i need this set and cloak, i see in many forums but links off.. https://youtu.be/pIkX6k8Iav0 Any can share again. Thanks
  2. Hello , i need designer services for edit my community board client hi5. utx and html.
  3. Hello, i need services for edit ShowPreviewInfo packet hi5 client. Client Hi5. pm
  4. Hello, anythink this animation id from book Aura Bird - Falcon? https://gyazo.com/78eaf6a821cc19481c0592b9ca702764?token=7204040e916dad839776a55378c35a91
  5. I can show preview fake armor but no accesory. I need show armor and accesory in preview.
  6. I have added an appearance system in hi5, I have a problem that when viewing using the client packages it does not support the preview of skin + accessory. Any solution to preview skin + accessory? Thank you
  7. I want to edit the client so that the skin with the accessory works together as in l2 classic. I have seen that l2playnera has working like this.
  8. He wanted to know their opinion as a lineage 2 community, which they identified to add the base abilities feoh force ... tyr force ... and with all obtain the solidarity party . With this we would avoid full archery party .... dagger..etc. What do i consider?