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  1. Isn't a conventional encrypter more than enough for 99% of the cases? It's mostly leechers who are interested in encrypted files, therefore I doubt they'd pay to have them decrypted by somebody else.
  2. Hi, I see that many download links are no longer valid, therefore: this is a AIO reshare of many costumes that were shared on Maxcheaters I never tested them so I do not know if they work properly etc, so use them at your own risk. I'm only resharing and take no credit whatsoever. According to the files, credits go to: viRUS, CriticalError, Raccoon, Volond11, NevesOma, MultiCrazY, SGERfjs, SHEV https://mega.nz/#!rZ0zRKCb!yXXTRu2vLfdfK24jMVVKy8xau_R5t2EUEB1_vSCtPwE
  3. Interlude I guess https://mega.nz/#!yJFwEQqA!YUPaqdr9dJ-KJa0nmNN4AFOJyTgVI-f494NRUPbl5gE
  4. L2OvC seems decent, it's a faction server. From a quick look that I had, admins are putting in work and also interact nicely with the community. Other than that, try to stay away from servers spamming "Expecting [insert number between 1 and 9]k online"
  5. You want to download the buggy ones? If that's the case.. here: https://www.l2jbrasil.com/index.php?/topic/96560-cloak-com-animação-para-t0interlude-by-teoma/
  6. Interlude client doesn't support cloaks. You can only find those frozen buggy ones that get into one's own body
  7. Well done. It's rare to see such attitude in 2k19.
  8. I'm not a lowrate player by any means, I did however enjoy reading your features list, very detailed and clean. Good luck!
  9. Here it is: https://sites.google.com/site/l2clientmod/miscellaneous/sounds edit: I see the download link is no longer valid :/
  10. Hi, I'm trying to adapt some costumes to the interlude client. I include the accessory part as well to the costume mesh, however this way I can't change the hairstyle and therefore hair interferes with the accessory (for example the black hoodie of the assassin costume or the crown of the king costume). I understand how a single accessory can affect hair, but how can a costume with integrated accessory affect it?
  11. Search for the npcs that I put in the red box, they are tent-like (accompanied with a flag)
  12. https://mega.nz/#!DZdRUAQK!E856u6uL-yLOrKdBW6QcRZq89HUUs-H1BDdqBFvlVZw Place these files to the original share