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  1. Hey guys, I'm trying to download latest client from korea official site. So far I've installed their launcher, created my account, ran the launcher, selected L2 (there were 4 options, like Aion etc). Then I click on bottom right of the image, a window popped up (ToS I suppose), clicked the left button (Agree) but there are no files being downloaded. Also the bottom right button is unavailable now (see the same image). Am I doing something blatantly wrong or what?
  2. Interlude: after Enchant51 there is a line called "Enchant", which refers to the color of enchants >51.
  3. I doubt what you are asking is possible. What exactly are you trying to achieve? Most if not all the effects can be adapted, so there is an alternative.
  4. Like you already said, any group activities such as raiding / rift / sieges / etc should play a significant role in progressing in-game. This of course comes at a cost; what about the players who can't participate in such activities? Granted, L2 is not meant to be be played solo, but one cannot simply give them the middle finger. Some solutions to cater more to legal solo farming could be the following: 1) Less open world. Community is gathered around few areas where a bot could easily be seen, identified and reported. The areas that are selected should be the ones with the important quests too. 2) Certain checks could be done in order to teleport to a farming spot (such as elven ruins / pagan temple, any enclosed area basically). For example access could be granted only for noblesse characters. Depending on the server's difficulty, that could be quite an achievement and therefore botting would not only be rare and but also very "expensive" if caught. The latter will probably work as a deterrent. 3) Running some PvP events where you can exchange rewards for some gear. Restrictions should be put in place because I've seen TvTs that reward afk players / bots, while the rest of the team did the work. 4) New custom items (preferably in accessory slots, not armor/weapons) could be farmed via quests, where the mats farmed are non tradeable. Custom items should also be bound to character. This of course causes certain inconveniences but I believe in the long run it's more beneficial for the server. It goes without saying that server should be running a decent antibot that gets rid of most free bots. Also administrators should be actively hunting them and maybe even impose punishment to main accounts. They should also examine the reports sent by players and not throw them in the trash.
  5. Keep also in mind that newer chronicles have more complex pvp mechanics (compared to f1 interlude) and from what I've gathered (not personal experience), using scripts is very advantageous and a "necessity" in order to be competitive. So at the end of the day a modded IL interface might be nothing compared to these scripts.
  6. I'm not entirely sure but I think yes, it seems like a completely client work. But this is a job to be done by admins and not players, since every server would have different drop rates. The interface simply shows data that have been copy pasted from server scripts into a client file (drop.ini). No sorry
  7. Drop.ini Interface.xdat window: DropWnd Interface.u class: TargetstatusWnd
  8. I think this is handled by the server. Only some epic bosses of later chronicles (trasken, lindvior, fafurion maybe) are done client side.
  9. I find low rate servers too much of a grind to play, especially when you don't have a team. On the other hand, mid-high rate PvP servers make everything too easy and render useless fundamental L2 features , since they provide pretty much everything for free (mp pots, aio buffer including 3rd class buffs, endgame gear, etc). So imho, an enjoyable server lies somewhere inbetween; low-mid rates (probably around 15x as Tormund stated) who incorporate both grinding and strong incentives to pvp. Through grinding you should give players the opportunity to build up their characters, be a simple dye or a shirt or whatever custom you can think of. This gives players a feeling of satisfaction by achieving certain things in-game. About PvP, not much to say. I find it absolutely necessary, and you should design your server in such way, that pvp action (mass and solo) is strongly encouraged. Most importantly though, you need to take care of the following two problems: 1) players (clans) who jump to a different server evey two weeks 2) botting The majority of servers puts strong emphasis on attracting clans while neglecting solo players. Granted, clans provide a lot of action etc, yet their mentality is such that when they lose an epic, they will emo quit. And who will stay behind to support your server? It will be the solo players, so you need to provide enough incentives to them so that they keep playing your server. Regarding botting, apart from from manual hunting and/or antibot software, you should carefully design your farm system, so that it minimizes the 'value' of botting. Finally, I believe that introducing a few customs (a new armor or a set of weapons) is beneficial since it helps you prolong the endgame, especially in interlude which lacks content compared to newer chronicles.
  10. Blows my mind how certain people give shit to aCis. It is basically the only open source l2J IL pack that keeps getting developed. The updates might not be what you want, such as frintezza Al or dp rework, yet they're still updates serving other purposes. And yes, it can be considered open source, since you get access to it with a pitiful price or download random leaks that happen every now and then. In addition, their "inner circle" is actively involved in MxC L2J help section, spending personal time to help others without having any obligation to do so. A bit of gratitude would be nice.
  11. Yes it is possible, you need a 3D modeling software for this, such as 3ds Max. You import the mesh there, and just delete everything other than what you're interested in. Keep an eye on the coordinates system too. Example (interested in the weapon): Spot the NPC Import its mesh into 3ds Max Keep the weapon in appropriate coordinates How to get the mesh, 3ds Max import/export, working with Unreal, etc - please check the stickied topics. PS: Some npcs equip the weapon serverside, such as Ipos or Shadow Of Halisha, so no need for all this.
  12. Hi, I see that many download links are no longer valid, therefore: this is a AIO reshare of many costumes that were shared on Maxcheaters I never tested them so I do not know if they work properly etc, so use them at your own risk. I'm only resharing and take no credit whatsoever. According to the files, credits go to: viRUS, CriticalError, Raccoon, Volond11, NevesOma, MultiCrazY, SGERfjs, SHEV https://mega.nz/#!rZ0zRKCb!yXXTRu2vLfdfK24jMVVKy8xau_R5t2EUEB1_vSCtPwE