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  1. It's easy and quite elegant (no need for extra system files) to do it:
  2. Check here I personally never managed to launch game under 83 protocol (splash screen doesn't even show, although L2.exe is visible in task manager), I simply switched to 87 protocol thanks to Emca's extender.
  3. Thread is pointless by trying to discredit one of the few honest admins left. Good luck with your project @Trance as we finally get the chance to enjoy a decent L2Gold server.
  4. I find the idea of creating a site that promotes serious servers very interesting. Quite frankly I would probably cut out like 95% of the servers that launch. A few criteria that would make a server approvable or not could be: Features. Is there anything new and unique? L2OFF or L2J? Bringing something new to the table on L2OFF platform should be encouraged for obvious reasons. On the other hand, an L2J server that has nothing unique at all is probably inexcusable. *(Depending on rates ofc) How much time did the server require to get prepared? Were things tested thoroughly, for example at an alpha stage? Server owners. What's their history? Have they been involved in lying attempts/corruptions/etc. That should be an insta rejection (A specific "l2off" server that recently launched comes to my mind). Have they launched other servers under disguise? Server staff and general communication with players. Do conversations take place? Are suggestions being heard and considered? Does the staff present itself in a decent and professional manner? Can they speak english adequately (lol). Beta stage experience. Does the server live up to what the owners have presented? Is it at last worth playing there? That should be the final step. The website should attract healthy players that care for the longevity of a server they play in and avoid at all costs mercenary CPs that jump from one server to another. In any case it would require members filtering since many would jump in to promote their own interests.
  5. Create 9 new items (with the icons you want) that unpack into the desired amount of AA.
  6. Hey, here's a couple of effects that could be useful. For example, whenever you learn a skill or acquire a certain status.
  7. party_leadericon inside L2UI_CH3.utx
  8. What you want to modify is indeed done through AI, try this tool For quest rewards you should have a look at MY_DYING handler inside the decompiled class of the mob you're interested in.
  9. You probably messed it up in the client (skillgrp). Example: 3 1 0 10 40 3 1.08000004 0 S icon.skill0003 0 0 0 0 9 11 The yellow number must be 0, not 1.
  10. What if the NPC casts a target cancelling debuff, simirarly to Trick/Switch?
  11. The relation is done by server scripts, not client. Assuming you use l2off (judging from your post history): Client shows the passive skill acquired only when the server is live, in passive skills tab (so long as the passive is added in the appropriate .dat files).
  12. Fix for inventory!2IFH3AgI!ZsQCwj8Tz1V5ZcbAe5toBrC5KS4EQtlaUEHEgnfHmYk
  13. Not a player of such chronicle/rates, but the server looks very well made, developed by a professional team. Also the Inera hub is simply a beauty. I believe low rate players shouldn't miss the chance to join.
  14. Hey guys, I'm trying to download latest client from korea official site. So far I've installed their launcher, created my account, ran the launcher, selected L2 (there were 4 options, like Aion etc). Then I click on bottom right of the image, a window popped up (ToS I suppose), clicked the left button (Agree) but there are no files being downloaded. Also the bottom right button is unavailable now (see the same image). Am I doing something blatantly wrong or what?