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  1. you means you wanna find this Stacksub system's author ?or you need this system's scripts?
  2. hmmm.its rly sad to hear about this news...for me i rly like 32bit l2 server files,coz it include my best memorys about L2...so i hope MasterToma could decompiled all C1 server files,then ppls can use it to make more greate l2 game...even i cant help MasterToma to finish his project,but rly hope his project could Be respected..so guytis,i recommand you'd better to del this topic.... sorry for me bad english.
  3. this is not works....any one could share a working Fafurion BOSS for H5 client?
  4. any1 could share it?thx... i had tested the orginal file,it not works.
  5. no,its now works...i had tested it on H5 client.
  6. hey guyz,i download this Valakas-Antharas-Lindvior weapons,but its not works, i means the weapon's effect not works... any1 have new or perfect dragon weapons? https://mega.nz/#!X5NniaIA!A0etO7Vi_pkvKhJc05g4OF-spoNFu_UtyvRc9KdviTg these dragon weapon i already tested it .weapon effects not works. rly thx.