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  1. hey,PaolaNu,atualStudio webs+UCP+admin still alive???

    or you still sell it?

    i wanna buy it...plz leave me your skype or another contacts...


  2. hey,NevesOma,can you adapte all dragon weapons,valakas weapons and lindior weapons for H5 clients? i know its already shared on this forum,but i think its not perfect,maybe you can do it... yeah i can pay for it. thx
  3. for now seems no AI.obj compatible with this pack?
  4. any1 try to compile Toma's c1 script pack?its used by Qt creator+cmake IDE,i try to use it to compile his script but its always failed... error message. 10:22:04: Running steps for project L2DataPack... 10:22:04: Starting: "C:\Program Files\CMake\bin\cmake.exe" --build . --target MultiSell [1/1 1.0/sec] Running utility command for MultiSell FAILED: script/MultiSell/CMakeFiles/MultiSell.util cmd.exe /C "cd /D C:\Users\sande\Downloads\build-l2datapack-DataPack-Release\script\MultiSell && "C:\Program Files\CMake\bin\cmake.exe" -E make_directory C:/Users/sande/Downloads/bu
  5. rly cools stuff..tom,BTW will you share your c2 c3 script pack?rly like your Elmore lab project.
  6. this is OFF server,you have to use some register to get an account,or add accounts in DB
  7. Miko's l2 file editor cant works for me,like some dat files cant be decrypt...like ProductName-tw.dat and SystemMsg-tw.dat cant be decrypt. anyone have newest l2file editor?
  8. i used Miko's L2 File Editor for my Classic 2.9.5 client,works good,but only ProductName-tw.dat and ProductName_Classic-tw.dat files cant open... anybody knows how to fix it? rly thx.
  9. i means LienageII UnrealScript Editor,any1 know who made this tool?how to contact this guy? thx.