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  1. Miko's l2 file editor cant works for me,like some dat files cant be ProductName-tw.dat and SystemMsg-tw.dat cant be decrypt. anyone have newest l2file editor?
  2. i used Miko's L2 File Editor for my Classic 2.9.5 client,works good,but only ProductName-tw.dat and ProductName_Classic-tw.dat files cant open... anybody knows how to fix it? rly thx.
  3. i means LienageII UnrealScript Editor,any1 know who made this tool?how to contact this guy? thx.
  4. their website seems maybe some1 could reshared their H5 interface source for me? rly thx..
  5. Hey,everybody... i need a client developer to adapter any exist H5 interface(or shared) for chinese H5 client... if any developer interesting with it,just leave me your skype or Email... my skype:kyle.lau007 my
  6. rottor,this interface still alive? i had send some message on your skype,check it plz.
  7. anybody know how to decompile Advext's H5 ai.obj ???i try to decompile it ,but some classes will trigger errors.
  8. you cant use this compiler with Advext H5...coz AdvextH5 use lots of their own handlers and functions...
  9. wow,thx Geosniffer's share,its usefull...for now we just need a compiler
  10. thanks,deazer...could you give me a system patch?or download links?
  11. hey,Deazer can i use Classic:Secret of Empire client to loging Lucera test server???
  12. hi,every1, i dont know if there is a patch tool for Classic client? like L2encdec.....or l2encdec sitll works for Classic client system?and how to decrypt DAT files to TXT?