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  1. A few similarities yes. The most iconic feature from ES will be the class specific armor upgrades (assassin, ranger etc). Basically armor special abilities.
  2. Thank you very much. This is my first project, therefore posting first time on this forum. Preview Servers section is meant for servers that are not live yet ? As soon as we are live (beta or actual live ?), are we going to be moved to the other section ? Did I get this right ?
  3. As someone who has played on all the old school mid-rate servers, I can show you my first project which is based on this style:
  4. I played on ES-L2 during its C4 season. I'm going to launch my first project which will be somewhat similar to that of ES. You can check the features here:
  5. Welcome to Lineage 2 Helios. Made by the players, for the players. Helios is an Interlude project thoroughly and carefully developed by me. Do not let the "L2J" label fool you. On our server, everything works just like on ncsoft's retail Interlude. It took a very long time to decrypt all the missing formulas, using sources such as Vanganth and AdvExt (interlude) extenders, but also other, private sources. We are well aware that Vanganth is an extender based on C4 engine and AdvExt on Gracia Final, therefore we made sure to update every little missing thing that was not identical to Interlude. If you're looking for a mixed mid-high rate PVP server with constant content updates that will last longer than just 1 month, where you can enjoy the retail pvp feeling without the endless grinding and have every class being viable, then this is the project for you. On our server, we are not paying clans to join. We treat everyone with the same respect. We offer high money rewards as a prize for winning several events on our server. Some examples being; OBT 9vs9 event [100$ USD], Aden Castle [200$ USD], Top clan of the week [100$ USD] and much more. OBT Opening: 15/10/2021 OBT 9vs9 Event: 22/10/2021 Grand Opening: 29/10/2021 Discord: https://discord.gg/8Tkawajbh5 Website: https://lineage2helios.com/ FEATURES General Interlude x75 No level gap. You can level with any character of any level in your party retail like. Class balance: All* skills and formulas are retail. NPC Buffer. Farm style server. No spoil or craft is needed. Farm difficulty is medium. Clan level 5 (free). Clan skills can be bought from GM Shop with raid tokens & event tokens. Offline shop. Flawless geodata. Events: Multiple automatic TVT events every day & at least 1 GM event daily. Active Development team with constant content updates. Enchant Enchant Rate: Fully Retail Details: Weapon Enchanting: Fighter weapons have higher chance to succeed than mage weapons. Enchant rate is the same for all enchant levels. Armor/Jewel Enchanting: Enchant rate drops after each enchant Safe Enchant: +3. For full body armor parts +4 Enchant limit: No limit Normal and blessed scroll enchant rates are the same. Custom Content Skills: Cancel: Returns buffs after 5 seconds. Shock Stomp & Thunder Storm: Stun duration reduced from 9 seconds to 5 seconds. Seal of Suspension: Duration reduced from 120 seconds to 60 seconds. Items: Helios Weapons (Available at start with Raid Tokens dropped by Raid bosses in our list). Helios Armors (Available after the first content update). Helios Armor Special Abilities (Available after the second content update). Helios Weapon Bonus SA (Available after the third content update). Tateossian Jewellery debuff resists SA (Available after the third content update). Buffs Buff slots: 24 (20+4). Divine inspiration level 1 & 2 are free. Level 3 & 4 books are available in shop. All skills are auto-learn. NPC Buffer includes all buffs. Buff duration: 90 minutes Raid Bosses & Epics Raid bosses: They will be spawning throughout the entire day so there will always be something to fight for. List of Helios raid bosses: [All Helios RBs have a respawn time of 4 hours] 1. Varka's Hero Shadith 2. Varka's Chief Horus 3. Varka's Commander Mos 4. Ketra's Hero Hekaton 5. Ketra's Commander Tayr 6. Ketra's Chief Brakki 7. Ember 8. Cherub Galaxia 9. Uruka 10. Anais Epic Bosses: [Static Times] - Epic times will be viable for both Latin & EU players. QA: TBD Zaken: TBD Baium: TBD Frintezza: TBD Antharas: TBD Valakas: TBD Sub-class & Noblesse Sub-class: Free Noblesse: Caradine's letter on GM shop. You will need only barakiel last hit with a sub-class level 75. Our server offers retail Barakiel and PVP Barakiel. For retail barakiel, you will need caradine's letter from the GM shop, the quest taken and a sub-class level 75. PVP Barakiel drops noblesse passes with which you can become noblesse by clicking on them. Olympiad You can use up to A grade items without enchant restrictions(Epics will be allowed). Olympiad fights duration is 3 minutes. We have created an olympiad style as close to C4/C5 as possible in order to offer a bigger diversity of classes. Heroes will be rewarded with donate coins. Olympiad cycle: 1 week Olympiad starts: TBD Olympiad will be active from (?) GMT+2 until (?) GMT+2 Premium Account VIP chat (^) x1.5 XP/SP x1.5 adena (amount) x2 drop (amount) x2 tvt event reward Any other features not mentioned above are either retail or not relevant to the gameplay on Lineage 2 Helios. For the fully detailed farm guide, join our discord server by clicking the link below and check our #guides channel. https://discord.gg/8Tkawajbh5
  6. I don't know if LR players got more skill than MR ones. I'm talking about their immaturity.
  7. Listen up y'all scrubs; When we decide to join a server, we join it in order to play and have fun. We don't give a shit if donators are playing, or if they can donate since the first second, or 1 week later. Besides, a server needs money in order to stay alive. They need to pay for the server's hosting, for the website's hosting and most important, ddos protection, cuz there are retards all over the world. Whatever, I thought I could find a better community on low-rates, but I was so damn wrong. Immature kids all over free-to-play games.
  8. I've just posted 2 videos of my clan playing on; 1) low-rate style pvp (no mp pots) 2) craft server Plus most of us had been playing on low-rates back in C1~C3/4. The fact that we sticked to mid-rates for long time, doesn't mean that we've never been on low-rates, or that we consider mid-rates more valuable. Check out your facts before talking shit, but I guess hatred is just way too much for some people to handle.
  9. I'm glad I'm still famous over MXC stupid community even though I've quit EU mid-rate community few months ago. Craft server -> It's funny how java high-rate players are jumping on my dick, cuz they can't face up to the fact that I'm famous and they aren't.
  10. Neither did I. That's the reason why I'm going back to low-rates after 6+ years.
  11. 1 year later RB clan leader still has nightmares from SGC. After destroying them 9vs25 on l2 cartel. Good to know SGC is still on everyone's brain and no1 will ever forget about us. Peace I'm out.
  12. So, you're saying that it's the same GM, cuz the forum is SIMILAR to the other one ? AHHAHAHAHAHA So, if 1 clan has a similar forum to antoher clan, it means the leader is the same ? OH MY GOD these gr33ks will never EVER get a freaking brain.
  13. You are just mad bro. We dominated that shit. You just -beep-ed up your own server and you gonna do it here too. 1 week server again ahahahahah You gave B1 to everyone on SW I heard unknownz, koza's clan etc. But yeah, you are really good GM.
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