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  1. I didn't mean that what you did is bad, I was just trolling a bit. About the other point... it's your PoV. I agree, but I like it, so it's not a problem for me to stick to L2.
  2. I think I would prefer to stick with L2 for the amount of free time I have right now. Even though your map creator seems so immature :happyforever: Thanks, I like some of those ideas too :D Do you have any example of a good permadeath game? I see the point but I would need a bit more of context to understand the whole idea behind, to evaluate it.
  3. Thats a next level idea :) I'm not aware of any cool new game that could be worth to do it for though... Every time I try a new game I get so disappointed, I feel like I can't compare any game with L2... but if you do... :D
  4. HAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAAHHAHAHAHAH Oh god man I'm eating, stop it.
  5. Hi nerds, It has been a long time since I didn't even care about L2, but now I have some time, I'm bored and I also have will of do some java shits. I'm slowly building a H5 pack based on some friend's ideas... more likely for fun, but who knows. I'm mainly looking for people that could give me ideas to code about, but I'm not closed to anything someone could propose to me. I could also maybe do some codes straight away and share it with you, if there is people asking for it. You can answer this topic or PM me, although I can't ensure you that I'll answer to everybody. You can PM Sw
  6. Meh that old man's face of vampir's signature video... oh god... Same feeling as Sweet's face...
  7. Why would you discuss about how is it coded if it's an old code, l2 dev is kinda dead, and I do not update this for ages... Simply, it was done in a bad way and there are a lot of things that could've been done way better, but they weren't. P.S: Sweets if you read it gimme your skype in a PM you nerd :D Best Regards,
  8. Pointless discussion since almost 95% of people that pay for codes doesn't even care if the code is "clean" or not, it's all about working better or worse. If I want a code for my server I just care if it will work or not, fk anything else. Sadly I guess there are a lot of vote codes so it seems complicated to sell a lot. In terms of scammers, Sweets is trusted so +1, gl. BR,
  9. Hi nerds, If anyone has any project in mind, related to any of that chronicles, feel free to talk with me. I'm bored with some free time and I would like to remember old times. P.S: I'm not expecting to get paid/%inconme as mandatory. Best Regards,
  10. I feel like this whole thread is 5 years delayed or so... does this actually matter? Tryskell is the master of #rekt, answering retard people, so I would vote for him.
  11. Right click + team + revert + peaceeee :happyforever: :happyforever: :happyforever:
  12. I still place my bet to L2Character :happyforever:
  13. who adds custom codes there :y u no?: xd Just guessing it can be inside L2Character coz always custom shiats modify things there, dunno if in aCis not but whatever, so long since i dont open eclipse