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  1. Παιζει να σου έχω γαμήσει την μάνα μια βραδιά στο Λεβερκουζεν.
  2. You can do this in two ways. Either on the fly by checking where the buff comes from while it is cast or adding another set of the same buffs in the database and client and edit more stats than just the time.
  3. You don't need this in the first place. Just make it work with the tutorial window, so the player is not able to close it. Easy code, easy life.
  4. Nice to see that Greek hate out there but to be honest mate, Greeks would speak better English than you are able to :)
  5. So i am due to some knowledge i got from the commercial environment i work I started making a Account Control Panel yesterday. TheEngo's one turned out to be a failure so i started developing one on my own for commercial use of course. After adding some basic functionality, accounts, logins and basic inventory check, i wanna ask you what would you need to have in a account control panel. Of course i am adding paypal donation, cards and vote reward system but what else would you wanna see? http://l2acp.com/ will be the site, for now i only use it for staging so you cannot use
  6. Obviously if i ever stop developing it i will upload the source.
  7. Hey thanks for the tips captain obvious. There is no encryption.
  8. Dude I won't make it be so easy. You will get what I mean soon. However if they do it and succeed they can use them all they want :)
  9. Are you gonna decompile the whole l2jserver.jar? Good luck with that.
  10. You can have the full experience of the project you basically can't leech it. First release will be available on Sunday.
  11. What I did on that crap is not even close to relevance to what I do now
  12. Cool story thanks. But they wont need to edit it anyway :)