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  1. can anyone adapt it to l2j Hi5? If yes it will be appreciated. Thank you.
  2. Yes errors in 3 places but one I know I have to add some code in L2PcInstance for isDonator. the other 2 is showEnchantSkillList, could not find anything that equal that on my source and getSkill() on case 8,9,10
  3. Did anyone adapted to l2j Hi5. This is great by the way, thank you for share. I have try to adapt but it got a little complicated because I'm not the best with codes, I can do some changes sometimes and fix things but when it come to a lot of changes It is pass my skills. Thank you anyway for the share. +1
  4. can you update the download link. thanks.
  5. Close or delete it please. solved>
  6. Go on adminCommands.xml and remove or set this to false. confirmDlg="true"
  7. anyone have this code adapted to L2j Hi5? I'm stuck in one line on, the "Return" from CalcZ (boolean minZ) return (savedLocs.stream().mapToInt(loc -> loc.getZ()).sum() / savedLocs.size()) + (minZ ? -zDifference : zDifference); errors: loc -> loc cannot be resolved to a variable loc.getZ() Loc cannot be resolved
  8. No I did Not. Here is what happen. When a regular char click on npc. This is before I click. Remider, to Gm chars npcs work fine After I click I get the first dialog, in this case the Buffer but it happen to all npcs. Then I click on the dialog, in this case to get Auto buffs, the window disappear and the char did not get the buffs. And it goes back to no dialog
  9. All npc of the server
  10. I have a little problem here, when my Gm character click on any npc, all the dialogs work just fine but when a regular character click on a npc, the first dialog pop up but when he click again nothing happen. Like If He click on Gm Shop the dialog come up, then if he click on another link like weapons nothing happen, that is happening on all npcs. Can someone help me solve this problem, It does not show any errors on gameserver. Thank you in advance.
  11. +1, very nice share, I would like to use some features of that.
  12. I think it was 1.6 and now is 1.7 I updated to a newer version and got lots of problems, so I downgrade it to 1.7 since I could not go back to 1.6. and now this is the only thing that doesn't work, the whole server work but I can't target, use voice commands, gm commands and probably other things that are loaded with the Masterhandler.java.