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  1. World.announceToOnlinePlayers("TvT Event: Reward "+reward.getId() +","+reward.getValue(), true); I don't think players care about the ID of reward items but for the Name :D
  2. Αν έχεις source θα χρειαστεί να πας στο UseItem.java και να βάλεις τα κατάλληλα checks. //Edit net.sf.l2j.gameserver.network.clientpackets.UseItem.java
  3. i know player's instance its already kinda mess xD i'm just telling that there are 3 or more ways that are doing the same job.. i care to learn.. the best performance.. not only for this case...
  4. Yes but is one list for each player... if all use it you better find best performance. In other way already work with (Integer itemId)
  5. I'm wrong? When somebody can't fix an error and he said he can create source from scratch ?
  6. i think can be done with many ways: _list.remove(_list.indexOf(itemId)); _list.remove(Integer.valueOf(ItemId)); _list.remove(new Integer(itemId)); But the critical its to find the best performance.
  7. + public void ignored(int itemId) + { + if (_ignored.contains(itemId)) + _ignored.remove(Integer.valueOf(itemId)); + else + _ignored.add(itemId); + } You mean :P as my sensei told me
  8. null check for what, how can be null when you select the item ID from existing list? There are two way to remove an element from ArrayList. 1. By using remove() methods : ArrayList provides two overloaded remove() method. a. remove(int index) : Accept index of object to be removed. b. remove(Obejct obj) : Accept object to be removed.
  9. First of all you are the rude here and watch out your language, if you are not developer why you are even talking on this topic? You said i have not priv to talk to you on this forum, but you looks like you are 6 months older than me on this forum and you have done nothing here inside.. i have seen only one "wts l2off like geodata" topic from you and when i asked you for price you was like "meh i'm not selling geodata just some modified blocks" and you share with me one of them and was full of bugs xD That's the different between us, i'm spending my free time to help no knowledge people like you to run their server for fun. So the "braindead" between us probably its not me.. you must be shame that you are even using public internet to reply on forums like this. Your opinion its welcome ofc.. but when you have opinion.. ofc. Short story: From 2012 till 2015 i was using frozen, i was working on NPC HTML's and gameplay to make ready my server, i did it i open live server and i earned total 150e donate and i was happy, when ~100 players joined on my L2JFROZEN server problems starts... lags, console errors and etc... i was confused what is wrong.. why all other server have not problems like me... (i was using even compiled frozen.. i had never seen what "Eclipse" is) then i give up and start seaching around forums for pack without errors. (BTW i shared my works and still 2k19 big servers are using 2012 Shared NPC's by me) i decide to start with aCis.. everything was so HARD... there was 0 customs.. back then had 0 shares codes for aCis.. but i start read shared codes of other sources and changes of aCis.. then i start read tutorials.. then i start do my first steps on Java world.. now i'm able to create what ever i need and i like by my OWN hands, also i make mods and selling them to other peoples, so make few moneys from my hobbie. I'm working 4 years on aCis source.. following their updates and read 1 by 1 lines of each commit and search the differences between the lines. So aCis teach me java and teach me that if you want to learn something.. you can. Even if looks like the hardest thing of the world. and to over that "short story" after all that if i search me on Google.. google know me.. and that's why google do not know you! Because i learn and i help... and because you are lazy to learn and you never help anybody. So do not tell me i have not a priv to talk you here, because the Admin of this forum decide that i deserve something more than to be just and "abandoned member".
  10. Dude, be realistic you can't appreciate the clean coding of aCis source and can't fix an "simple" error and you want me to believe you can do something from "scratch"? Also you said : "dont be a blindfuck u not even on their team to develop" There its no team only helpers "Inner Circle" Btw we are helping to improve an open source pack free so you will have access to it and flame it ;) think about. //EDIT Still waiting some prints of people that are rude from aCis community, also give me some print that you are helping someone on HELP sections.
  11. First of all there is no "team" but Inner Circle that help FREE that project. You realize that "L2OFF" its C++ Emulator of Lineage2 right? Even on L2OFF Bugs exists... "just this guys are so rude, they flaming the other ppl"??? i never have seen any aCis user flame other peoples.. can you post some prints? "10 years work was shitter than this frozen pack" You realize that aCis TEAM its just Tryskell and its his hobbie and something that he spend his free time? I'm sure that Tryskell and all Inner Circle member can work and make it ready in months.. are you able to pay for that pack 1000-2000 euros like some other russian projects doing? You do not understand that its free and our hobbie.. not our job to provide you 100% ready source for free, also the open source projects works with community support that's why called Open Source, you have seen somebody to share an fix for that bugs you blame aCis? Do the start and help the others stop waiting just for free stuff.. "u just a sucker and have no priv to talk to me over here again u made me mad lol" Dude then stop using public forums and internet connection... Also you know why you are simple member and i have been promoted to some communities ? I'm helping.. and you are not. I'm going back to cave to keep coding :)
  12. That not aCis error but your installations error.. You know what... if tomorrow all l2j open source go to private and all shares magicly deleted, peoples that using that free sources and never sit and read to learn they will open topics on marketplace "WTB .online voicedcommand 100e PM FAST". Everyone its says "Bots killing the game" nop.. random admins killing that game, because of lack of knowledges. i'm disappointed with some peoples reaction really. //EDIT That's the problem, everyone waiting ready food, so looks like you are one of them. If its not worth to waste time on "simple errors" then i don't think the developing its YOUR think. People that give up in first error, start search from tutorials like "Hello world" and you will understand.
  13. i call it lack of knowledge, not everyone can be able to develope in this world. actually i helping that comminuty because i work on L2J for years and with this one my eyes are not bleeding like some other sources.