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  1. Agree. So you have to use 2 codes: The code of +6 armor set and the dressme. (also have the second armor on your system files). That's all.
  2. I can tell you many reasons why this code will not work: - L2PcInstance player = null; (and its always null so will never work) - if (item.getId() == ITEM_NAME) (looks wrong if "ITEM_NAME" its not int or Integer) - if (item.getId() == -1) (i think lineage client do not support negative item ID) - player.teleToLocation(DIMENSIONAL_CRACK) (player can not been found "its null" also "DIMENSIONAL_CRACK" have to been "Location DIMENSIONAL_CRACK = new Location(x,y,z);" You have double check on Item ID and and if "ITEM_NAME" isn't "-1" then the check will always return to "false", but its not the only problem as you can read above. Better tell us how you will use this Item and there will be better way for that.
  3. This is created by me when i saw your request ^_^ (Just it is for Interlude) Inside pastebin is also an modify for Interface.u (if you know how "Looks more cool") Example : Multisell.xml https://pastebin.com/461YLz9h
  4. None... if you have java knowledge use aCis (it's clean) and cheep (or free some rev behind). If you don't have knowledge use L2JFrozen or L2jHellas. Lucera for me not worth even 1 euro, without the source there is no point to run a server. Else search on Marketplace for ready server (with features you like) or pay somebody to create you the server. Marketplace Prices are from 200 to infinity euros.
  5. Reply to this topic to see the hidden content. Still bump old topics.. Remove that option from the forum -.-
  6. i answer to question "1" you are talking for question "2".. read better the posts please.
  7. "A few aCis questions" you really think aCis have config? //On Topic With different stackType they will all stack.. if you want max stack i guess you need core side checks.
  8. Nice Phandom Players.. next time you print cover your empty chat xD and make 10% of them to random walk not just stay stand :D (L2jRobot smells)
  9. How can be balance with 64 buffs and retail interlude skills :D Skills need a lot of rework when all players have full ressists and etc.. i don't know if i'm noob but i never showed server with 100 buffs slots and balanced :D
  10. Move your request to marketplace better you will have more PMs.
  11. The Yahoo use its a proof xD haha (Joke)
  12. I hate custimising client too, just i was like to make this was because you can add this scrolls even on events or drop from raid. thanks for your nice words I will try to bring more new ideas :D
  13. Its not that "important" part of the code, so if someone want it he will still buy it with or w/o that feature.