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  1. I respect his time more than his "uses". He can use L2JHellas that is active and its customized as frozen. It's wrong to help him stop wasting his time? Frozen have a lot of issues/bugs and he will not find support.
  2. aCis its not using something like that (maybe you talking for something really really OLD). Also why people using still the Frozen in 2020.
  3. First of all wrong section... second you have source for your "own" server?
  4. <mul order="0x30" stat="maxHp" val="1.05"/> ORDERS 0x08 - to set 0x10 - to add/sub (weapon, armor, jewelery) & (STR, CON, DEX, INT, WIT ,MEN) 0x30 - to mul/div (masteries, buffs, debuffs, SA's, Armors_bonus) 0x40 - to add/sub (masteries, buffs, debuffs, SA's)
  5. Some clean/short of onFirstTalk method public String onFirstTalk(L2Npc npc, L2PcInstance player) { String path = "data/html/CommunityBoard/Custom/main.html"; switch(npc.getId()) { case Merchant: path = "data/html/CommunityBoard/Custom/merchant/main.html"; break; case Gatekeeper: path = "data/html/CommunityBoard/Custom/gatekeeper/main.html"; break; } CommunityBoardHandler.separateAndSend(HtmCache.getInstance().getHtm(player, path), player); return null; }
  6. On one point of view the sharing things free destroyed the L2Community because lazy peoples that have no interest to learn just grab one pack adding 10 random share codes/npc and opening servers (look To keep the quality on one project means that don't have to be copies of same feature to each server.. so if you share something it will be placed to all servers.. So the point its better start make tutorials on how to make something and not share ready codes.. On that way you will avoid have lazy peoples that are boring to read tutorials and they will not open servers.. I think forum contain a lot of skilled peoples that can open server and they are do not open server because they know all their job it will be waste of time when out there are so many random server with admins with 0 knowledges.. L2 Community dies because of unskilled admins.. we are on 2020 and the 60% are admins and 40% are players (maybe the admins are more just i'm optimistic). xD
  7. @Freakazoid Peoples sharing things when they want to share it, i don't know... correct me if i'm wrong.. but i feel like peoples think that coder time its not worth money or something.. like a lot of PMs that i receive (and i don't think i'm the only one) that asking for help and they get surprise if i ask money to fix their craps.. like my time isn't worth.. About Topic: @-Invoke Nowdays if you want to sell something like that better create an Engine that have more setting or even more events. Isn't bad that you selling one event.. just you will not find a lot of peoples that are looking for one DeathMatch event.. that's total advice and not criticism about your code (that i don't even have seen it.. so i can't say something about the code itself).
  8. Hello everyone, i have made one syntax highlighting user language for .uc files to help myself make my eyes stop bleeding. Isn't something special but was useful for me so maybe it will be useful and for more peoples. Download XML : HERE
  9. Service is not available till 16/04/2020. Stay home and take care.
  10. Need adapt but sure you can add it on whatever source/client you want.