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  1. Nice source share.... post in correct sections -.-
  2. I'm talking about the one on the video.. startup system existing years 😄
  3. Sad selling shared codes.... @haskovo That startup system is inside L2JNetwork source, and the code its ugly and need updates but I think you can manage to take it and update it: https://mega.nz/file/lkFD2IIK#NquqYGEosF4Rx5YV4jpmB5ehlpOdM5-pxmUPatNuMa0
  4. BTW this is one year ago code, I share it because I updated mine, just aCis still not using JDK14+ to share my new version. Anyway.. its just one share to show one other way on statistic systems, can be improved can be worst than this share..
  5. I don't see why its so complicated and have 3 pages on how should be.. every Raking system shared until today was ThreadPool + Connection each X minutes. I just shared one different approach to avoid as many useless task and mostly be updated each time player reach it.. that's all 😄 There can be boolean for _requestToView and avoid update as far its false.. but its way more simple with one timestamp I guess. @LordPanic You have to feed the CHM with all kills information's. That's how its was one of my previews systems but this one its way more simple I think...
  6. Ofc that's shit for PvP server 😛 I had many requests to update it after every match 😄 haha Nobody said that its something super heavy to update it each one hour. The point is to update as quick is possible (as if you are the only person that visit that page last 1 minute you will see it directly updated). The point of timestamps its that works and player can see more updated statistic than waiting 1 hour for an info he is looking right away avoiding as many useless connections.. that's all.
  7. Thanks for the offtopic. //On topic @SweeTs the only reason of timestamp is because statistic page its the most abandon page of CB. In case of ThreadPool of 1-5 minutes it will do connection w/o reason.. as it will visited a lot of less times. In case of ThreadPool of 1 hour.. then its not statistic its sh!t 😄 With timestamp you avoid the ThreadPool and useless database connection each X time.
  8. _nextUpdate is kinda FloodProtector.. but the way you talking about if I'm not wrong you saying each player can update once each 60 seconds... that's bad in server with players better adding ThreadPool each 60 seconds 😄 I don't see what's bad on my second pastebin I have posted.. but people that want to use that code can do the changes based on your recommendations.
  9. I suggest @Maxtor to review a bit the privileges 😛 about people to be able to edit their topic 🙂 But thanks for the option
  10. I guess the VPS/Dedicate has not that kind of issues on 2021.. they are not that slow.. also the empty StringBuilders not give critical error on the way the HTML is written.. maybe it will be empty but they can just reopen it 😄 i want to update the link on main topic but i can't edit it for some reason.
  11. I think the problem can be solved instant by just moving the "_nextUpdate = System.currentTimeMillis() + 60000L;" on top of the method so the Connection will not affect it as it will be instantly updated the _nextUpdate. //Update (Can't edit first topic for some reason) https://pastebin.com/RfmLz5ZW
  12. This code is used about one year in 3 server and never there existed any issue with duplicated StringBuilders. I will try to exploit and if I face that kind of issue I will update the share.
  13. I decided to share one Ranking System (Coded 1y ago) from my customized Community Board. Code : https://pastebin.com/DQYi6xhy
  14. The reason for passionate past was that most of peoples back then with "knowledge" was still learning and by helping they improve their skills too, also the economy of 2005 vs 2021 is not the same, so people expect to be rewarded for hours and hours they have spend on reading. I don't know why peoples thinking that they can consume others time and don't want to reward them. Any trust me they don't pay that one line, they pay their laziness to read or google it. (Not that I have charge somebody for one line.. just I don't see reason to not charge). Help channel is there for people who still have time and wish to give some hints on the people that asking. I think nobody can force anyone to work for free, and in time that most of questions of help section are already answered or are just 1 minute on google/stackoverflow. They don't sell anything.. but also 99% on the BR forum not creating anything.. they leach/steal shares/packs from other forums.. so that's the worst disrespect in face of people that code and share (So maybe that kind of forums are part of the problem that push developers to selling codes when nobody respect their job/time) Nothing personal with @splicho just wanted to say my opinion on this questions. In my case, yes I have marketplace services when people asking customs.. but on retails I'm working/helping for free the only project that interest me and my nostalgy (a.k.a. aCis). In the end I have done a lot of shares and even have helped a lot by Discord and other DMs.. most of time helping people that earn donations of that free help and complain if you ask payment for complicate fix.
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