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  1. We both told you the major problem, you have used forLoop inside serverpackages. Even on your second video you clicked on "Green Archer" and your vision its red. You did not notice anything?
  2. You have test this code with more than one "dress" inside XML? The code its total wrong in many ways, i hope you rework and fix it else its not share but troll.
  3. I respect his time more than his "uses". He can use L2JHellas that is active and its customized as frozen. It's wrong to help him stop wasting his time? Frozen have a lot of issues/bugs and he will not find support.
  4. aCis its not using something like that (maybe you talking for something really really OLD). Also why people using still the Frozen in 2020.
  5. First of all wrong section... second you have source for your "own" server?
  6. <mul order="0x30" stat="maxHp" val="1.05"/> ORDERS 0x08 - to set 0x10 - to add/sub (weapon, armor, jewelery) & (STR, CON, DEX, INT, WIT ,MEN) 0x30 - to mul/div (masteries, buffs, debuffs, SA's, Armors_bonus) 0x40 - to add/sub (masteries, buffs, debuffs, SA's)
  7. Some clean/short of onFirstTalk method public String onFirstTalk(L2Npc npc, L2PcInstance player) { String path = "data/html/CommunityBoard/Custom/main.html"; switch(npc.getId()) { case Merchant: path = "data/html/CommunityBoard/Custom/merchant/main.html"; break; case Gatekeeper: path = "data/html/CommunityBoard/Custom/gatekeeper/main.html"; break; } CommunityBoardHandler.separateAndSend(HtmCache.getInstance().getHtm(player, path), player); return null; }