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  1. Its an class of newer aCis revisions, if you want it you have to become an customer on aCis.. else you have to write on your own or find it from any other project hat using IXmlReader.
  2. Hello again cheaters. - An simple limit zone for the raidbosses. (Works as "Anti-Take-Away" the Raidbosses) - You can use the @melron code to create easy that zones (Code Here ). - I know can be done with just the boss spawn location and threadpool but i prefer use zone for it. Code : [Hidden Content]
  3. Your update :P -double chance = (drop.getItemId() == 57 ? drop.getChance() * Config.RATE_DROP_ADENA : drop.getChance() * Config.RATE_DROP_ITEMS) / 10000; +double chance = (npc.isType("RaidBoss") || npc.isType("GrandBoss") ? drop.getChance() * Config.RATE_DROP_ITEMS_BY_RAID : drop.getItemId() == 57 ? drop.getChance() * Config.RATE_DROP_ADENA : drop.getChance() * Config.RATE_DROP_ITEMS) / 10000;
  4. Quantity it’s 1 String everyone can add it I guess. Also about raidboss you right, but not a big deal to fix it :P
  5. Hello, cheaters. - Nothing really new or unique, an simple panel that create list with pages for the droplist of Monster/Raidboss. - Simple addon : Player can choose to avoid specific item from the droplist. - Code not include part of "item.getIcon()" you can find many shared ways to get icon for each item. Preview : Code : [Hidden Content]
  6. if you don't want to add xdat side use the "HideWindow("LoginFunctionWnd");" inside another .uc that load on start client.
  7. You can create your own one.. Here its an exemple: class LoginMenuWnd extends UICommonAPI; function OnShow() { HideWindow("LoginFunctionWnd"); } function OnClickButton(string a_ButtonID) { switch (a_ButtonID) { case "btnOption": onOption(); break; case "btnCredit": SetUIState("CreditState"); break; case "btnReplay": SetUIState("ReplaySelectState"); break; default: } } function onOption() { if (IsShowWindow("OptionWnd")) { PlayConsoleSound(IFST_WINDOW_CLOSE); HideWindow("OptionWnd"); } else { PlayConsoleSound(IFST_WINDOW_OPEN); ShowWindowWithFocus("OptionWnd"); } } defaultproperties { }
  8. You have to make new class inside the interface.u function OnShow() { HideWindow("LoginFunctionWnd"); } and add your own button with interface.xdat http://prntscr.com/nxno2p
  9. You are posting on wrong section, your topic will be moved.
  10. I hate all the to much customized interfaces but this one look really cool :) good luck.
  11. Δεν το έχω ξαναδεί αυτό αλλά το θέμα είναι οτι θέλει άλλη IP οπότε μάλλον δεν γίνεται.
  12. If you have not started on old school L2 maybe :P i play from C3 :D