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  1. Still waiting the proofs for my achievement system.
  2. Why you losing your time with him? He is the most racist and selfish person I have ever seen. Stop giving him attention.. wasting minutes from your life that you will never get back.. First and my last comment about your person. @Kara`First of all stop talking shit about others families and nations, that shows that your family not gives you love or teach you how to respect, so you are not offending me/us but yourself and exposing the way you grow. Second everyone is “disappointed” of you and you are the top name of report section every week, so stop telling your clients about how bad are the other developers here and prove that you are better. And by “prove” I mean to others not to your self. And because I see you like to talk with proofs: Im waiting your proofs that I’m selling Achievement System for 40$ that I have copied from akar0 as you said. @sotidis my client too and he had told me at least 6-7 months ago that he was waiting an community board from you and as we can see you still have not completed that deal. And I have the proofs that he told me that that much time ago.. and the only reason he was not reporting you was because he knew he will lose his money and you will never finish that deal (he was just hoping). And last, I see you don’t trust moderators of that forum, @Maxtor trust them so if you trust him you have to trust and moderators, you like it or not mods are there because they worth it to be there.
  3. He respect you man.. Don’t act like that. He said only xDem, Elfo and Kara are real developers here on MxC.
  4. Here we go once again xD
  5. Yes... looks like your keyboard PrtSc button not working.. it's terrible :(
  6. More informations, Client..(Interlude, H5, ....) Project(aCis, Frozen, Sunrise, ...) .. Rates.. (Low, Mid, PvP, Custom) If you want to share that informations you will find faster somebody.
  7. Without more source code we can't really help you. Your configs looks like the "DAILY" its the less time.
  8. I don’t understand how people’s balance their server? You start balance on real time when players are online? That can ruin a lot of things.. also this is just an shared that was coded in 10 minutes as my friend request it xD you can simply do it by passive skill and make custom command to remove that passive and instantly give it again to the players for “real time” balance, but still not recommend to change things on live server.
  9. You have added whole html on loop not only the item table take the rest html out of the loop
  10. Try simple !getTitle().equals("MonsterSpawn")
  11. What you want to do man..? latest aCis using World.announceTo.... and was Broadcast.announceTo... look changeset for each adapt you want to do.
  12. Isn’t working like that with clan skills? search on the Olympiad manager where it’s handling the clan skills and add an line to check your passive skill.
  13. Hello again Cheaters, nothing special again. I don't know why peoples asking for this kind of balancing but somebody ask me for it and i make it for him free so i decide to share it with all. (Coded/Tested in 20 minutes) Coded for aCis 385 but its easy to be adapted to any source. XML looks like : <?xml version='1.0' encoding='utf-8'?> <list> <!-- Type List : NORMAL, MAGIC, CRITICAL, M_CRITICAL, BLOW, PHYSICAL_SKILL_DAMAGE, PHYSICAL_SKILL_CRITICAL --> <balance type="NORMAL" class="SHILLIEN_TEMPLAR" target="CARDINAL" value="1.3"/> </list> Result: value="1.0" -> You hit for 875 damage. value="1.3" -> You hit for 1138 damage. Code : [Hidden Content]