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  1. Open WTB topic on marketplace and add more info about what are you looking for and what its your "budget" because if you want an server for 50-60e you will get scammed with preconfig or shared pack. The best option is to start doing your and you can pay for what you can't code.
  2. Did you replace the old with the one with new config ? else its turned default to false.
  3. Anyway you help me improve the searching way:) thanks
  4. Yes, good thinking but you have to split the "spaces" then split the name with "spaces" then search for contain chars :P and that's too much thinking for one simple "search item id" xD
  5. If you search : "Ade" you expect "Adena, Ancient Adena" BUT will show you "Draconic Leather Armor" because contain that 3 chars. So that's why i split Strings with "space" so can work like "Aden Anc = Ancient Adena" I think now you got it.. i explain it kinda better.
  6. no but if you search "aden" its returning each name have the "a" the "d" the "e" the "n" so its not searching if contain "aden" to return "Adena,Ancient Adena" but each name have just all that "4" letters. Your test code had just 3-4 names... not 9200 item names :P so you could face the same issue.
  7. Coded Updated : Infos on main post. @Creamy G Colin your idea was cool but searching by char was not working for huge names list, so was needed search for splited strings. But thanks for the idea.
  8. The top servers right now have around 1000-1500 player (with phandoms and offline shops) L2J can handle good amount of players, there are more Admins than players right now on lineage 2 community. So you have to focus just on advertise your server and search for players, you will find problem with amount when you will be the most top server out there.
  9. He takes your job :P that’s like “Share sources battle” haha
  10. I think client support max 30 level I’m not sure.. I mean the skillname.dat/skillgrp.dat
  11. Sound like core side, after the bypass on core side should have with sendMultisell also send an community page with HTML path. You have to see core side about that.
  12. You have no reason to search "Drac Bow" -.- also without testing as i read your part with "Drac Bow" it will show you and "Draconic Armor" too.. right me if i'm wrong..