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  1. As far as I know NCSoft bought ArenaNet and in the next short future they will use a lot of things from GuildWars as this game was and for some of the players still it is a Top1 game. There are a lot of haters because of this but we will see what futures show to us, definitely guns and UFOs will appear in all NCSoft games :) See here: https://us.ncsoft.com/en-us @splicho Thanks for your revenge :) you shown your real character doing Downvote for such a post ... hahaha
  2. Hello, I buy ADR key from Skype: ancientforever since many months and it is the moment to say that he is the most cooperative guy that are selling keys, every time when I need information or Smart Guars it is updated I know that he will help me as soon as devs have a fix. Have a nice day and if anyone has questions regarding trust please don't hesitate to ask.
  3. We are pleased to announce the newest server highfive. Grand opening will take place on 01.06.2012 at 18:00 GMT +02. Until then, the server will be open to puplic for tests. Who will wish to test our server will find in Giran two NPCs. www.l2arcadia.com L2Arcadia Features SERVER RATES: * XP: x20 * SP: x20 * Drop: x20 * Spoil: x25 * Adena: x25 (Adena rate is much higher when you are lower level.) * Quest Drop: x5 * Quest Reward: x5 * Quest Exp/Sp Reward: x10 * Quest Adena Reward: x20 * Raid Boss drop: x3 * Grand Boss drop: x3 * Grand Boss drop Jewels: x1
  4. come back..maybe i will reopen old arcadia
  5. 66% enhant safe 4 max 18 spoil blue enable
  6. Rates: Exp 15x SP 15x Party Exp/SP 1.5x Adena 20x Drop 15x Spoil 20x RB Drop 7x Qust Drop 5x Quest Reward 5x Gm Shop till b-grade. Full NPC Buffer. Luxury Gatekeeper. Class Manager. Auto Events: TvT, CTF, DM, TW. Subclass no-quest. Seven Signs. Easy nobless quest. Auto learn skills. Olympiad. Castle sieges. Balanced Classes. Skill's 100% Dedicated server: Login server Processor: Intel i7 4x 2(HT)x 2.66+ GHz System: Linux - Debian 6 64x Memory: 8GB Ram Hard Disk: 2x1TB Transfer: Unlimited Connection: 100mb Gameserver Intel
  7. Read this http://www.lineage2.com/guide/guides_tanking1.html and learn about tanks
  8. don't be so shure. Maybe you want to read this http://www.lineage2.com/guide/guides_tanking1.html
  9. New updates, events, and more. Join today.
  10. Rates: Experience: x25 Skill Points: x25 Drop Rate: x15 Spoil: x20 Adena: x30 Quest Drop: x7 Quest Reward: x4 Quest Reward Potion: x1 Quest Reward Scroll: 3 Quest Reward Recipe: 1 Quest Reward Material: 5 Quest Reward Xp & Sp: 8 Raid Boss drop: x3 Grand Boss drop: x3 Boss Jewel Drop: x2 Manor: x2 Rate Extract Fish: x2 Enchants: Safe Enchant 4 Max Enchant 16 Enchant success rate 66% Blessed Enchant success rate 75% NPC Buffer: Scheme Buffer GM Shop: Up to S Weapons, Armors, Jewels Shots, Consumables Potions, Quest items
  11. New record 400 player online in 3 days.
  12. When there will be 1000 Accounts.. i will give bonus in game. Can't tell you now what is.