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  1. Welcome to new private Lineage 2 interlude pvp server L2 Bezaleel. Open beta starts 01.09.2017 Server official start 20.09.2017 Join us and lets have some fun! With unique features such as 1v1 manager with betting system , street fight style. 4+ farming zone with unique drops and unique looking npcs as well as lobby room where you can wait for your pals or enter with strangers. No custom items , working Olympiad and perfect Balance. We offer you new look and great mods as well as comfort of interlude client that we all know and love.
  2. Hi, i am selling the following services and files. L2OFF Interlude files version - Vanganth based. Latest extender !!! I can provide license keys without any limit. The files include the following : The files contain best geodata out there without any issues. All Interlude quests have been fixed. I provide the SQL scripts needed, the ODBC script files required for the connection, and the latest AuthD with brute protection, also the clean client patch. Basicly i will provide everything you need to get the server running. The files also s
  4. i selling dork private contact me in pm or on skype live:jena7105
  5. Close Beta Test 3/9/2016 site: http://www.l2-fighter.com register: http://www.l2-fighter.com/register.html download client: http://www.l2-fighter.com/download.html //Server Rates: XP 100x(Close Beta 250x) SP 100x(Close Beta 250x) Adena 100x(Close Beta 500x) Drop 1x Spoil 1x //Enchant Rate: Safe Enchant:+3 Normal Enchant Scroll Rate:70% Max Enchant:+20 Blessing Enchant Scroll Rate:50% Max Enchant:+7 //Custom NPC: GM-Shop(Sell - No grade to S80 grade item) NPC-Black Smith(Sell - Meterial and Recipe) NPC-Teleporter NPC-Buff Manager(Scheme Buff) NPC-Helper(Server info,
  6. Grand Opening 11 of June 2016 website: http://l2pathofexile.com/ forum: http://l2pathofexile.betaboard.net/ Server Rates Exp: x1000 Sp: x1000 Adena: x1000 Commands: .online -> Show online players .repair -> Repair a stucked character .castle -> Register for siege alt+b -> Open Community Board /unstuck -> Teleport you to Kamael Village ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Enchant System Safe Enchant: +3 Max. Enchant for weapons: +20 Max. Enchant for armor: +20 Max. Enchant for jew
  7. Lineage 2 Private Classic - Bartz [75x] Opening: 4 June www.l2private.com Bringing and reviving the old classic gameplay this epic game. With professionalism of the corporate team, we are dedicating ourselves and doing serious work to provide their users hours and hours of uninterrupted fun. Welcome and thank you to all who trust in our work. Get ready for battle. Rates Server Experience (EXP) 75x Skill Points (SP) 75x Adena 150x Drop Items 15x Spoil 25x Quest (EXP) 5x Quest Drop 15x Enchants Safe Enchant 3 Max. Enchant 15 Normal Scroll chance
  8. Server Start 2016 04 22 18:00 +2GMT http://NativeL2.com FEATURES Exp: x300 Sp: x300 Party Xp: x1 Party Sp: x1 Adena: x100 Custom Starting Zone Newbie Farm Zone BEXS Zones Golden Coin Zones Life Stone Zones There are 2 type zones PVP Only and PK/PVP(Better drop chance/amount) Rebirth System NativeL2 has Rebirth System by Trance! When you reach level 80. Visit Rebirth Manager NPC and press "Perform Rebirth". You will gain Book of Rebirth. Go to Skill Master NPC and choose one passive skill to learn. Skill List: Guidance Lv1 Increases 5%. Guidance Lv2 Increases 10%. Guidance Lv3
  9. Welcome to our lounge MxC members,players and owners! Private Servers Advertise is a revolutionary project for all the owners who want to promote their server. It was founded by experienced staff who used to work on many successful projects. Now, after long time the moment has come to share our experience and provide all server owners with tips, various packages and last but not least a proper marketing strategy, but this is just the beginning. Our experienced staff are going to provide owners and players with a dynamic news feed of all registered servers with all the important stuff that
  10. L2Turian Interludex35 A new journey awaits! Join us on http://www.l2turian.com The journey start on 16 of January 2016 at 23:59 GMT+0 _____________________________________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________________________________ Info : RATES: EXP x35 Adena x250 SP x35 Party Xp 2 Drop Boss x1 Drop Spoil 1 Quest Drop 1 Safe Enchant 4 Max Enchant Weapons 25 Max Enchant Armors 25 Max Enchant Jewelry 25 Server Specifications: Chronicle - Interlu
  11. The Project BESTPVP.RU About the project: Chronicles Interlude. Rates x300. Full implementation of the chronicles. Level off PTS ! A balanced economy and minimum Donate ! The balance of class and really interesting concept ! Maximum pvp on epic bosses and location ! Chronicles Interlude. Rates x300 Mobs champions (76-80 lvl, isolated aura) Tasty drop from raid bosses 76+ lvl! Farm area with Tyrannosaurus, Rep 1 minute, Drop Life Stone - 25% Free access to all the catacombs and the Necropolis! Beginning of the game: The ability to create a character with a English
  12. I wonder why there is just one private classic server.. there are no files available? it would be good if a new good private classic server opens.. i have seen only 1 in europe, then innova official and one russian server.. nothing else.. there was one latam server but it was closed..
  13. Hello, two and a half year ago i started develop a project. I wanted open a Freya server but unfortunately i don't have the time and the will anymore to move on so i sell it. Customs Achievements system Premium characters (rates, premium access shop, enchant rates) - 1-3-6 months (save to database even if server crash) Faction system (Unlimited factions and options) Community style (still under develop) Rank system Couple Revenge system Couple Support system Ban UID-GPU for admin SoundManager with audio (DotA style) User panel Trivial Quiz Kino Sell buff system (fixed) Aion system P
  14. GRAND OPENING OF www.l2veromos.com 06-27-2015 15:00 GMT-3
  15. Hello dear players! We would like to invite you to join our new incoming server: Interlude Lithra x30 Server will be launched on 01.05.2015 at 17:00 GMT+0 Base rates XP rate: 30x SP rate: 35x Adena rate: 30x Drop rate: 10x Spoil rate: 10x Party XP rate: 1.2x Party SP rate: 1.2x Seal stones drop rate: 3x Quest drop rate: 15x Quest reward rate: 15x Enchant Safe Enchant: 3 Max Enchant: 16 Enchant chance decreases with enchant level: starting with 90% for +4 and ending with 30% for +16. Raid & Grand boss Raid Boss drop r
  16. Hi, due to time conflictions and language barrier i would like to sell my stuff in L2Tales private server. I have 100kkk+ adenas in stock. My rates are .50 euros or .55 usd for 1kkk (discounts available if you purchase in bulk) I accept paypal. Skype: kpmichael29 Email: michaelkwon29@gmail.com Maxcheaters: you can message me here as well! Thank You! P.s. i will also trade for items or adenas on official l2 server chronos. Also leave a good feedback if you're transaction has been satisfatory!
  17. L2AdenaGate going finally live 18 April, 20:00 CET -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Website: http://adenagate.com Forum: http://board.adenagate.com -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Lineage 2 AdenaGate Medium Rate Server - x75 Bard Interlude Chronicle Server Rates XP - 75x SP - 75x Adena - 30x Drop - 20x Spoil - 20x Quest Reward - 3x (not for all) Quest Drop - 10x (not
  18. Information: Simple server pack with which to start building your own server. With the right to support and fix for 1 year and access to private section web with updates Features Core: # Edit: + Synchronization - L2J-Server: High Five (Master) + Add Champion Reward Same Lvl Item Chance. + Add Raid Curse Level. + Auto Restart Game Server. # Custom: + Add Announce Hero. + Add Announce Lord Castle. + Add Custom title on new characters. + Add Custom Setting Party Members. + Add Custom Aura Champions. + Add Social Actions Chat. + Add Player Dead Use Chat. + Add Player Restrictions
  19. L2-Dragon.net is a brand new L2 server that simulates a game environment similar to the game Lineage II. Server version High Five , our files are private & better in every aspect than most private projects, And we claim this not by arrogance but by knowledge & experience in last 8 years . This is a fact, and all are challenged to join and fight like old times!! Server will be based of mid-rate server with some custom features Beta Server is available now Player online time in beta increase premium account in live server! Read more Li
  20. Game Overview and features! Valkyria is an unique PvP server which has been worked on for over one year. The reason we are working on it is because we love lineage 2. We want you to provide you a unique private (mid rate) Lineage II experience. Our goal is to provide you with a stable, bugless, without lag, without wipes and enjoyable gameplay. Opening date: 01.03.2015 Quick Overview Before getting started, please note that this list will not include all retail features available in Valkyria. Only some of the custom features and various information we found useful to publish has been added
  21. Hello people, Here I leave you some features about the project, I hope you like. Not based at any well known projects, Teon, aCis, Frozen, Sigmo, Etc. Private, international Interlude project. ;* Protections. .- DragonHunters Attacker, Fixed. .- Attacker v3, Fixed. .- L2j-Killer, Fixed. .- Server Crasher, (All versions), Fixed. .- Phx Protection, It has the same protections that have any l2j pack, is recommended to buy the LameGuard. .- Phx Spam, Fixed. .- Phx Announce, Fixed. .- DualBox Protection, (With Config, True or False). .- L2Walker Protection, (With Config, True or False). .- Fl
  22. http://l2-Imperial.com Lineage ][ Imperial Another Level H5 Server Forum Link Facebook Page Like and Share Chronicle: High Five Part 5 Opening Date: 14 March 2015 at 17:00 (GMT + 1) Open Beta Testing: 7 March 2015 at 17.00 (GMT + 1) Rates ~ ☑ Experience : x25 ☑ Skill Points: x25 ☑ Adena: x15 ☑ Drop: x15 (Recs-Keys 1x) ☑ Spoil: x15 ☑ RaidBossDrop:x3 ☑ Quest Drop: x1-x3 ☑ Quest Reward: x1 ☑ Rate Extract Fish: x5 ☑ Manor: x5 ☑ Weight: x5 ☑ Safe Enchant: 3 ☑ Max Enchant: 16 ☑ Normal Scroll Enchant Rate: 60% ☑ Blessed Scroll Enchant Rate: 65% ☑ Element Stone Rate: 40% ☑ Element Crysta
  23. BETA TEST : 15. January. 2015 Royal x20 Server Status: Maintenance Rates • Exp: x20 • Sp:x20 • Adena: x15 • Drop: x10 • Spoil: x10 • Quest items: 4x ( may some quests will have different rates - list will be posted soon ) • Knight Epaulette: 3x Server Features • Max-subclasses: 3 - Max level 85 • 24 buff slots,12 dances/songs • Totally classic and retail gameplay. • Anti-DDoS ant anti-bot systems. • Autoloot adenas/herbs • Offline trade enabled • Offline sell buffs • Auto learn skills • Vitality system - improved rates • Olympiad: 2 week • Masterwork items work • Glo
  24. Reunion x3000 PvP Server Features WEBSITE Server is going down for maintenance Server is going down for maintenance, for updates and last commits making the gameplay more creative and powerfull! Today at 21:00 GMT + Officialy Openning! Stay in touch with us. Main Town GIRAN Shopping Area Flying Insland Buff Slots : 60 Custom Bosses Olympiad 100% Retail like DualBox allowed 100% Retail like gameplay without any variable custom items , only the typicals. Flawless Geodata & Pathnodes Active and experienced development/GMteam! No corruptions! Not used accounts will be deleted a
  25. Hello, We looking for some PRO. developers for developing L2j Ertheia. The project is not public! We looking for developers for long partnership in team. You can earn some money for easy works. If you want to join to our project. Just add me on skype: l2springhi5