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  1. Hello Warriors, We warmly welcome you to our community. We are a constantly growing community in which everyone will find a place. HazeGG Gaming Network a place you can call Home. Where strangers become your friends, and your friends become your rivals. HazeGG is run by gamers, for gamers. Above all else, gaming should be fun, and if you’re not having fun, were not doing it right. With us it’s about being a community that you enjoy being around and you want to return to. Our Vision: We are players of various games such as Rust, Lineage 2, GTA V, League Of Legends, CS , COD, WOW, Dota etc.. So we decided to open for our hobby and for the Community / Fans, our own servers. We are tired of playing servers which are “corrupt” and made for “profit” benefit, we do it purely for hobby. Our projects are intended for a “long-term” plan and we guarantee at least 5+ years in action We are a group of 2 people and we believe that we have it and we can deal with any kind of bug / problem that will appear With no Bots, no Cheats, no p2w donations and a very helpfull and active GM team as well as a helpfull community. HazeGG Network team created this project not to make money out of it but just with love for our favorite games. You can support our servers by voting on top sites, by live streaming, by referring your friends to HazeGG Network. We are working on different projects: Rust (Steam) : Are you more into a survival world? Then you can also play on our Rust server! The objective of Rust is to survive in the wilderness using gathered or stolen materials. Players must successfully manage their hunger, thirst, and health, or risk dying. Modded x5 with Full extras! Lineage 2 (in progress) : A massive multiplayer online role-playing game, but still under development.. We want to try to build together lineage 2 server in order to create something unique and special in Open Live Beta Server. ( More informations coming soon ) GTA V Roleplay (Coming Soon) : ( More informations coming soon ) Discord: Our main communication platform is on our own Discord server, there is enough space here to play games with friends / community members or to have a little chat. ➤ Discord ➤ Facebook ➤ Twitter ➤ YouTube ➤ Twitch Our project aims to support all kinds of online activities. Be it yours YouTube channel, Twitch or online gaming. Our top priority is yours Satisfaction. So, if there should be a problem, you can report to the support on the Discord or in the forum at any time, 24/7. Do you still have questions? Then come and visit us at: Website Forum Good luck on your journey With best regards, HazeGG Gaming Network
  2. Hey guys! I'm here to remind you the first L2 server that many of us played and show you how it becomes today! The flagship of Lineage 2 Private servers Lineage 2 Elite Lineage 2 Elite is a server that the most players of Lineage 2 have played and it's still alive and full updated! But before i start to speak about L2 Elite nowdays i have first to remind you how L2 Elite was when we loved it with some nostalgia Critical Hits at you faces! :D The period i loved much was when PayBackTime/GodBlesseD/NovaGeracao broke up their heads for some epics ! Here is some videos from those days ! Okay, but how is L2 Elite 15 years after his first day? Is it the same as always? the answer is : HELL , NO! L2 Elite is full updated with a lot of custom features it's still C4 but with a lot upgrades from other clients etc! L2 Elite becomes a farmable server that gives you over than 5 ways to farm your items with special farm zones etc ! Chapter 1.0 Ekans Do you remember Ekans? Yeah the guy we exchanged our adena to Elite Coins :D He has more stuff for us now ! If you login you can find there 5 tabs that have a lot of items that you can farm ! Let's start with the Raid Rewards ! Yeah as you can see L2 Elite has Cloaks nowdays! Hemp Cloak , Cotton Cloak , Silk Cloak , Legendary Warrior Cloak , Legendary Wizzard Cloak,Baium Cloak , Antharas Cloak , Ant Queen Cloak , Zaken Cloak , Valakas Cloak , PVE Cloak (Yeah L2 Elite need PVE Items now days! :D ) and some more cloaks that you have to Login to see them ! Also There's one more option to get Epic Jewels from that shop with Raid Boss Token that drops from Raid Bosses! Lets continue with the other tabs! At Ekans you can buy also Ultimate Armor Sets and if you are asking my opinion is an OP PVE Gear! There are Rift weapons too! Rift weapons are custom weapons with Double SA that can be used ONLY in PVE! If you will try to hit someone with this item you will make 0 Damage :D (But the PVE with those weapons are CRAZY! a simple +3 weapons hit mobs like a normal weapon +23+) There are Ultimate Jewels too ! That gives you the opportunity to upgrade your stats with some small but not negligible stats! Lets end with Ekans and his last tab! Well i think that all of you can remember the first item is the Elite Coin so i can continue :D The 3rd item is an Elite Box that drops Lesser Items (Lesser Epic Boss Jewels that have the half stats of the normal Raid Boss Jewels!) And lets see what's those bottles inside there!! Well those are Bottles For Blessed Raid Boss Jewels ! Blessed jewels have the double stats of normal Raid Boss Jewels and you can farm them by killing Epic Raid Bosses that drops full Bottles or you can farm up to 80 Mini Raid Bosses DAILY () That drops Fragments! 100 Fragments are 1 Bottle ! To get one Blessed Jewel you need a normal Raid Boss Jewels and 10 Bottles! There are Bottles for each Jewel ! ( Bottle Of Ant Queen , Bottle Of Antharas, Bottle Of Zaken, Bottle Of Baium , Bottle of Valakas , Bottle Of Core and Bottle of Orfen ! Next is the Holiday Token that appears a weapon +20 in your inventory after some days and it's FULL farmable by Token Of Love (You can find some of them in Ketra) Festval Adena (And some of the in Varka) Also you will need 100 coals (Spoil in Elite isle *The Primeval Isle as we all know it*) And 1 Gold Bar! (Gold Bar is 20 Elite Coins! Calm down adena are easy now! Mobs in Forge Of The Gods drops more than 35kk each!) There are 2 more options to farm Holiday Token but i will keep it as a surprise to make you login! :D Chapter 2.0 Reinforced and AA Reinforced weapons are the most powerfull weapons in L2 Elite ! As you can see Reinforced weapons have a lot more stuff than the simple SA ! In my opinion that 15% PvP Damage is CRAZY! :D Okay but how can you get a weapon like that? Its simple! Is like you are making SA but you will need some more items ! xD If you want to give the Reinforce Power to your weapon you have to farm 3x Stages 13,164 Gemstone S and 5 Gold Bars! Chapter 3.0 Skins And Beauty There are some skins that L2 Elite is using! You can see more skins at L2 Elite Discord Channel ! There are Skins for any S Grade Weapon/Armor you want ! Just join at Discord and take a taste ! Discord Chanel Chapter 4.0 The True Fight! Okay But what else L2 Elite can offer to to you? PVP , PVP , PVP , PVP , PVP in Sieges ! PvP In epic Bosses PvP in daily raid bosses ! PvP Is EVERYWHERE in L2 Elite ! Take a look ! There are A LOT MORE THINGS TO SEE !! Join at L2 Elite Discord and take a fast look! Login in L2 Elite and be ready for Hard Farm and HARDEST PVP! There are a lot of old players if you want to take revenge and a lot of new if you want to make friends or new enemies ! Thank you for reading my post ! Have a great day!
  3. Hello Guys.I need some PHP script for Online Players.Can somebody help me with this. Thank You
  4. I've exported many textures and 3D models, every import has worked except for this fucking homunculus sword. After the export it is a simple DDS file -> loaded and edited in Photoshop. Saved as DDSTX3 with Alpha Channel and imported again. Unfortunately this error happens and I honestly don't know where it comes from. It is half transparent and the other half not..... Any idea why this happens?
  5. If you know or if you don't know Innova Eu is opening - Classic Essence at 1st of October . Whats your thoughts ? Worth playing? https://eu.4game.com/lineage2essence/
  6. First of all hello to all and i hope i am at the right section...if not i apologize and i hope mods would be kind to move the topic where its supposed to be. So after a long pause in my L2 career (xD) i started playing again and after many many mediocre servers i found L2Mad which is one of the best ive played so far at least in my opinion :P (if any1 is interested its a pretty good server pvp/rbs stable no bugs at least that i know of, and needs some farm ofc :P ) So as u understand i really like the particular server BUT my problem is enchanting and augmeting which i always hate hated and i WILL hate because its a complete waste of ur time..therefore i wanna use "my" interface which includes "auto" enchant and augment cause honestly enchanting to +65 can be the most boring thing in the world ...if anyone has the skills or even the smallest knowledge on how i can modify something (yes i know a thing or two about l2 file editing) or what to do in order for my interface to work i would be in ur dept for ever....for the haters : i dont wanna bot(cause there is a way to bot with a macro loop with this interface) i honestly want to save some time for more farming / pvping cause time is precious when the years have passed and u have to work everyday :P best wishes to all and thnx for ur time reading my post :)
  7. hello everyone , i would like to make a post in marketplace to trade some items but posting is not avaliable in this section and "my account cant use support" so i had to post here If anyone knows what i have to do , please let me know Thanks in advance
  8. Hello , this is my new project that I am working on with a friend. It's an armory that you can use it for your server. It connects from your host to your server database via a secure MySQL connection to get the information about the character that you want to search. It displays the currently equipped items that the characters has, also it displays some statistics about the character such as online status, pvps, pk, clan, class , level and clan. Its fully functional, you will just need to add our SQL tables inside your database if you are using newer version of database structure which does not contains the item info inside the database. I uploaded this preview to ask about your opinions on what should I add or remove and of course if you like it.
  9. Hey have a nice year all here I start with one good post its good for first time! i think https://i.imgur.com/TcGy4eS.mp4 I Will create better next times its my first please dont hate!
  10. i adapt this... http://www.l2jserver.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=69&t=31892&p=193413&hilit=pailaka#p193413 but need some fix if you can help and share....TODO: AGGRO IN GROUP FIX LATANA ANIMATION FIX LATANA RANGED SKILLS FIX BUFFS COUNTS TO 0 WHEN PLAYER DIE MOVIE WHEN YOU REACH TO LATANA Download
  11. Lineage II Oblivion 50x Mid PvP Website: www.L2Oblivion.eu Grand Opening 1 December at 20:00 +2GMT Interlude Chronicle Rates: Experience: x50 Skill Points: x50 Adena: x50 Drops of Epic Jewels are 100% Drops of Core, Orfen and Queen Ant are 50% Enchants: Safe +3 Max. weapon:+21 Max. armor: +12 Max. jewels: +12 Enchant Rate is with scale L2Oblivion Information : Time Server (GMT+2) Auto learning Skills Auto loot System (expect raid's drops) Offline Shop: Create your shop and then exit the game Chaotic Zone in all Epic Raid Bosses Only 2 Clans max per Ally Infinity SoulShots and Arrows No Weight limit Life Stones will be added later Epic Quest items on Misc Shop (Harvana) PK Quest: Repent your sins quest(Black Judge NPC in Floran village) Boosted Buffers: In order to give buffer classes a fair chance to participate in PvP,they will receive higher level skills that they can use on themself only. Return skill 15 seconds New Characters will be spawned in the basement of Ivory Tower. Rebirth System Rebirth Once a player reaches 76 level, he can choose 3 rebirths at the Rebirth Manager in Aden. Rebirths are Free and you dont have to level up 3 times. Each player can get a maximum of 3 rebirths. Rebirths are also changeable Items: All weapons and armors below S grade can be purchased to Albert and Meredion with adena(to give them special ability you need to visit our friend Wilbrand and collect the mantras he asks for). - S grade Weapons To obtain S grade Weapons you need to collect 300 fire mantras and 20kk,then all you have to do is go to Wilbrand and take the weapon you want. Special ability on S grade weapons can be made on crafters Custom L2Oblivion Weapons can be obtained by killing our raid bosses. L2Oblivion Jewels can be obtained by Killing our raid bosses For More Info : Buffs: 25 Buff slots 1 Hour Buffer Time, Cov/Pof/Pow/Pow/etc 4minutes All buffs Free in NPC Noblesse: Custom - Noblesse L2 Oblivion has a special noblesse system. Once you have level 78 you need to collect various items from the following raid bosses in order to become a Noblesse. Death Lord Hallate - Kernon - Longhorn Golkonda - Shilen's Messenger Cabrio - Once you have collected all the items and your character is 78 level, you can go to the Noblesse Manager “Eddy Wally” who is located on the stairs in Aden Town, and become a Noblesse. Sub Class Custom Quest Subclass: Once you have become noblesse you have the chance to change into another class.In order to do so you will need to visit Great Soul (the subclass manager) who is located on the stairs in Aden town. He will provide you with the required items you need to have in order to make the subclass.(subclass crown can be obtained after you defeat Flame Of Splendor Barakiel) Sieges: First Siege will be Saturday December 2nd Custom Siege: ~Aden Castle~, ~Giran Castle~, ,~ Goddard Castle~,~Dion Castle~,~Oren Castle ~,~Gludio Castle~ Castle owners will get special rewards Olympiad: Olympiad: Weekly Olympiad time: 19:00 - 20:00 GMT+2 Olympiad start day: 25 December ( Starting Monday) Max enchant olympiad: Unlimited Items Max : A Grade Period 1 week,Heroes every Sunday 24:00 GMT+2 Commands: .Menu ( With Special Command's) Clan Halls: Only clans that reached level 5 can buy clan hall's Bid System ~Gludin ~Dion ~Gludio~ With Special Teleport's Donate ~Aden~Giran~Goddard With Special Teleport's Protections: Anti DDOS Protection It is basically an idea taken from the classic l2 gold server and we changed many things , we tried to make the game more attractive for the players. I know many of you will say that it is a copy of l2 gold but believe me most things have been changed in our own unique way. We are expecting you to try it out . We hope you enjoy your stay.
  12. MESSA.WS HIGH FIVE X50 SITE FORUM The start server: Open Beta Test - 20 October 2017 in 20:00 (GMT +3) Open Server - 03 November 2017 in 20:00 (GMT +3) Description
  13. Hello mates, How to Connect - Make Sure you have Lineage 2 [High Five] Client, if you don't have it you can download it it from this link - To Start Playing L2Raven, please Download our Raven Updater and it will check files and download missed ones - One you have High Five Client and RavenUpdater, put the Updater in the Directory of Lineage and Run it, it will update the files then you can Press Play to start your adventure - If you wanna know more about L2Raven Features, Please Check this Link { L2Raven Features } Today i wanna introduce to you our team's First Project, i hope you like it :) Beta Open : 29th September 2017 - @18:00 CET 19:00 gmt +2 So it's Just 5 Hours from the moment i'm writing this :) ~ Presentation ~ ~ Basic Rates ~ ~ Skills and Effects ~ ~ Olympiads and Wars ~ ~ Dimensional Fissure ~ ~ Battle Field ~ ~ Fight Club ~ ~ Events~ ~ Remodeling ~ ~ Support ~ Server Beta Opening on Friday 29th September 2017 Grand Opening on Friday 6th October 2017 L2Raven Website Note : Post will be Updated with Server Updater Link
  14. Hello there, Spartan here. I am looking for step by step, guide by guide, point by point guide to make my own dream come true, my own dream of Lineage 2 Interlude server. I am absolutly newbie in these things, i am playing the game by C3, but never been interested in creation of my own server. I want to know where i must start, how i must start, what i must pay for and after all how i can input my dream inside the already running server. I want everything to be based on JAVA, because i know a little that is more customable and maybe easier...idk i hope you tell me those things. Please send me links, guides, ready project to buy (customable) and etc. Thank you and please do not trash talk on me, because of my topic or that i am newbie.
  15. Stock: 6.5b Price: 13eu - 1b Via paypal only Selling only for trusted members that have verified paypal accounts only, contact via private message for skype info. Dont waste time with 1post accounts. Thanks and good luck! x)
  16. Informations • Rates: -XP 9999x / SP 9999x / Adena 1x./ Spoil x1 • Server Interlude Client. Retail server with custom modifications. • Extra info -Buffs 2h,Offline Shop,Tattoos, Rebirth System,Increased movement speed on all classes,ANTI-Buff added on all Classes. Gameplay Character Creation A new character will spawn in the basement of Aden . Here you can buff yourself up and you're good to go! The new character will start with all the needed items. Noblesse You can buy Carandine letter from misc shop. Rebirth System Once a player becomes level 80, he can choose to rebirth at the rebirth manager in Aden. You need only the rebirth book. (Droped from Raid Bosses) AIO NPC Buffer There is a support buffer spawned in every important town Full ressists buffer spawned in every important town Scheme buffer in every important town The buffs last for 2hours and are free of charge Boosted Buffers In order to give buffer classes such as prophets, bladedancers and swordsingers a fair chance to participate in pvp action, they have been given a special boost. All these classes will receive higher level skills which they can buff on themself only. For example: A prophet will get might3, shield3, windwalk3, haste3, etc. Mantra Drops Mantras are needed for custom weapons/armors Enchant rates: Safe enchant : +3 Max enchant with Blessed +21 Max enchant with Crystals +25 Blessed - 85% Normal - 75% Crystal - 100% (You can take them with Vote Medals ) Augmentation system • Top-Grade Life Stones You can buy them from Augment Manager with mantras You can farm them from Giants in Giants Cave L2Custom Accesories • Silver Circlet : M.Def +8% • Gold Circlet : P.Def +8% • Fighter Mask: HP +100, Speed+7, DEX+1, STR+1, Atk. Speed +2%, P.Atk +2% • Mage Mask: HP +100, Speed +7, INT+1, WIT+1, Casting Speed +2%, M.Atk +2% • Demonic Wings: Speed +14 , Evasion +7 • Angelic Wings: Increase speed by 14 , Evasion by 7 • Special Mage Tattoo: Max HP +500, Speed +14, M.Atk +8%, Casting Speed +15% • Special Fighter Tattoo: Max HP +500, Speed +14, P.Atk +8%, Atk. Speed +10% Raid Bosses A lot of raid bosses have been added! These can be found at their original spawn points. Keep in mind that only the raid bosses of lvl76 and above have been added (Apart from the Ant Queen) L2Custom Special Jewels Necklaces • Necklace of Brakki: Sleep, Posion, Paralyze, Stun resitance +60% • Necklace of Hekaton: Max CP +10% • Necklace of Naga: Max HP +10% Earrings • Earring of Garacsia: Speed +15, Bow resistance +10% • Earring of Ipos: Speed +15, Dagger resistance +10% • Earring of Falston: Speed +15, Water resistance +15% • Earring of Vermilion: Speed +15, Fire resistance +15% • Earring of Von Hellmann: Speed +15, Dark resistance +15% • Earring of Kandra: Speed +15, Wind resistance +15% Rings • Ring of Shadith: Reg. HP +500% • Ring of Mos: M. Def +10% • Ring of Horuth: P. Def +10% • Ring of Tayr: Bow range +100 L2Custom Armors • Apella (Medium) • Dynasty (Hight) • Vesper (Best) L2Custom Weapons (Medium) Weapons with a unique SA on it. These weapons can be buy in Weapon Shop! Duals • Forever Wrath: P.Atk 360, M.Atk 135, Crit. Rate +85, Atk. Speed +5% Swords • Forever Blade: P.Atk 291, M.Atk 135, Atk. Speed +5%, Guidance +3 Mage • Forever Staff: P.Atk 280, M.Atk 179, M.Atk +15% • Forever Mace: P.Atk 230, M.Atk 179, Casting Speed +17.5% Polearms • Forever Spear: P.Atk 288, M.Atk 135, Guidance +3, Crit Damage +265, WideBlow 8 hits Daggers • Forever Dagger: P.Atk 270, M.Atk 135, Crit. Rate +10%, Crit. Damage +265 2 Handed Sword • Forever Crusher: P.Atk 352, M.Atk 135, Crit. Rate +85, HP +15% Blunt • Forever Hammer: P.Atk 291, M.Atk 135, Crit. Rate +90, Atk. Speed +5% Bow • Forever Bow: P.Atk 600, M.Atk 135, Crit. Rate +80, Guidance +3, P.Atk +1% Fists • Forever Fists: P.Atk 358, M.Atk 135, Crit. Rate +100, Atk. Speed +3% L2Custom Weapons (Best) Weapons with a unique SA on it and can be up to 10 lvl. These weapons can be dropped from the raid bosses on L2Custom! Duals • Crokian*Crokian: P.Atk 371, M.Atk 138, Crit. Rate +95, Atk. Speed +7% • Doll knife*Doll knife: P.Atk 371, M.Atk 138, Atk. Speed +10%, Guidance +6 Swords • Crokian Blade: P.Atk 310, M.Atk 138, Atk. Speed +7%, Guidance +6 • Sword of Apostle: P.Atk 310, M.Atk 138, Guidance +6, HP +25% Mage • Dusk Staff: P.Atk 156, M.Atk 200, Casting Speed +17.5% • Dusk Sword: P.Atk 156, M.Atk 200, M.Atk +15% • Lady Fan: P.Atk 231, M.Atk 204, Casting Speed +17.5% Polearms • Dreadbane: P.Atk 310, M.Atk 138, Guidance +6, WideBlow 8 hits, 360 degree hit • Axe of Ketra: P.Atk 310, M.Atk 138, Guidance +6, Crit. Damage +265, WideBlow 8 hits Daggers • Doll Knife: P.Atk 275, M.Atk 138, Crit. Rate +20%, Crit. Damage +265 • Giant Trident: P.Atk 275, M.Atk 138, Evasion +3, Crit. Damage +265 2 Handed Sword • Sword of Vampire: P.Atk 371, M.Atk 138, Crit. Rate +95, HP +25% Blunt • Cudgel: P.Atk 310, M.Atk 138, Crit. Rate +95, Atk Speed +7% Bow • Halisha Bow: P.Atk 610, M.Atk 138, Crit. Rate +88, Guidance +6, P.Atk +2% Fists • Dusk Fists: P.Atk 402, M.Atk 162, Crit. Rate +120, Atk. Speed +3% Shields • Dusk Shield: +8% Bow Resistance, Evasion -16, Shield Rate 40 • Shield of Reflect: P.Def 319, Reflect Magic Debuffs, Shield Damage Reflect • Shield of Evasion: P.Def 110, No Evasion Penalty, Speed +7 Olympiad Non class based Weekly Heroes A grade gear only with enchant limitations : Weapons +25 / Armors +25 Castle sieges Every monday we have castle siege , only Aden Castle and Giran Castle Aden Castle start at 18:00 and finish at 20:00 Giran Castle start at 20:00 and finish at 22:00 Events TvT (Team vs Team) (Automatic) Death Match (Automatic) CTF (Capture the flag) (Automatic) Hide&Seek PvP event variations Others. Season #6 Started !!! : 2017-08-18 18:00 GMT+2 http://WWW.L2Custom.com Have suggestions? Please write here.
  17. >>Site : www.l2nuke.com<< >>Page : https://www.facebook.com/L2nuke/<< >>Safe +8 Max +16 Donate +20<< >>Blessed 100%<< >>No Custom<< >>Farm Easy<< >> + Info Site/Page << Open 15 Agust 2017
  18. Othel 100 lvl,dual wynn 95 items:soul queen ant,tezza neck,eternal light set for info add me skype:giannaros43
  19. www.l2hog.com Grand Opening: 17th of June 2017 Hour: 15:00 GMT-3 Informations - Lineage 2 . Launch date: May 27 2017 Server time: GMT -3 Rates: Exp: 150x / Sp: 150x / Adena: 200x Auto loot (except raid drops) Olimpiadas: 15 days Siege: 14 days Server Economy Equis [C] sold for adena Equips [A] sold for custom crafts Raid bosses special drops Buffs AIOx System NPC buffer Buff slots: 20 + 4 slots (Divine Inspiration) Buff time: 1 hour Buff shop system (/buffshop) Enchants Safe: +3 Max Weapon Enchant: +18 Max Armor Enchant: +18 Max Jewels Enchant: +18 Modifications Custom farmzones Chaotic zone at Raid Bosses areas (pvp zone) Spawn Protection. 10 Automatic events every hour New characters level 40 All Injection Protections DDoS protection Informations - Lineage 2 . Launch date: May 27 2017 Server time: GMT -3 Rates: Exp: 150x / Sp: 150x / Adena: 200x Auto loot (except raid drops) Olimpiadas: 15 days Siege: 14 days Server Economy Equis [C] sold for adena Equips [A] sold for custom crafts Raid bosses special drops Buffs AIOx System NPC buffer Buff slots: 20 + 4 slots (Divine Inspiration) Buff time: 1 hour Buff shop system (/buffshop) Enchants Safe: +3 Max Weapon Enchant: +18 Max Armor Enchant: +18 Max Jewels Enchant: +18 Modifications Custom farmzones Chaotic zone at Raid Bosses areas (pvp zone) Spawn Protection. 10 Automatic events every hour New characters level 40 All Injection Protections DDoS protection
  20. SELL ADENA ON L2DESTINY.WS BIG AMOUNT OF STOCK !!! For more info pm me on my skype: ancientforever
  21. Greetings from SellersAndFriends.com We are looking for a CODER or SCRIPTER that would be able to help us with SPAM BOTs in this MMO Titles: Lineage 2 ArcheAge Blade & Soul The Elder Scrolls Online Revelation Online If you have any knowledge about in-game SPAM, SPAM BOTS, etc. Contact us! @ www.sellersandfriends.com :)!
  22. website - www.l2blair.com forum - http://l2blair.com/forum facebook page - Link Server Online Download Patch (1.02): Download - Mega.nz Download - Mediafire Download Patch (1.02) for Windows 10: Download - Mega.nz Download - Mediafire Chronicle - Interlude Rates: XP Rate - x50 SP Rate - x50 Adena Rate - x 50 Adena Chance - 70% Items Drop - x8 Items Spoil - x8 If chance goes higher than 100%, amount is increased Enchant: Min +3 Max +25 Weapon Rates - Info Armor/Jewels Rate - Info Main Features: Stack Subclass System, Custom Tattoos, Custom Potions, Laboratory, Olympiad buffer, Unidentified items, Crafting at Blacksmith, crafters has 10% chance to craft 2 items, New S-grade Armor set for Mages, Off-Hand dagger. [ More Information ] Stack Subclass System Stack Subclass effect allows you to add a second class to your main-class, which allows stacking of skills of both classes. You will be able to stack subclass only with your own race and can be taken only once. [ Example Video ] NPC Buffer and Buff skills: NPC Buffer have basic buffs (Buffs use only 75% of original buff), Basic Dances and Songs (Dances/Songs use only 50% of the original Dance/Song) Buff time from NPC Buffer - 1 Hour Buff Slots - 22+4 Buff time from buffs are retail Dances and songs - 4 min All prophecies - 8 min Crafting Feauters: Unidentified Items - An unidentified item is an item that is crafted "without a Recipe", only with mats. - Unidentified items cannot be augmented, enchanted or crystallized. - Unidentified items can be changed into "standard item" at any Blacksmith. Crafting items at Blair blacksmith Blacksmiths have registered recipes armors, weapons and jewels from B to S-grade. You can craft recipes armor, weapons and jewels B to S-grade at any Blacksmith. Crafting items at crafting classes Crafting an "standard item" at a crafter class it will give you a chance of 10% to craft the same "standard item" again. Example: Crafting recipe "Dark Crystal Boots 100%" you will gain the "standard item" and if you are lucky (10% chance) you will get another "Dark Crystal Boots". General Features: - No GM Shop - Shops sell Soulshots, Blessed Shots and Spirit Shots No-grade, D-grade and C-grade. - Shops sell Armors, Weapons and jewels till C-grade. - Shops sell Mana Potions (better quality Mana potions at Laboratory). - Class changer NPC. - Auto-Learn skills / Auto-pickup / Raid Bosses retail pickup. - There are no sealed A-grade armors/jewels, only unsealed. All A-grade drops will be unsealed and all crafted A-grade armors/jewels will be unsealed. - Quests increased drop rate of vital quests, amount x3 - x4 - Retail Subclass quest is easier and quicker to finish - Free teleport to other Towns. - Weight limit increased to x2 - Grand Bosses drop Blessed Raid Boss jewels with 25% chance to drop - Hero every 2 weeks. [ More Information ] website - www.l2blair.com forum - http://l2blair.com/forum facebook page - Link
  23. Hi i have for sell Ertheia 85 lvl with dualclass wyn 90, very cheap pm me here for more details. (email as well) PA 26 days left.
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