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  1. love the mix between playinera and valhalla-age 0 creativity
  2. so you simply stole a brand name and made a server to get with donations.. great.. real one i'ts https://l2e-global.com/ don't be a fool and enter into this shitty world
  3. LOL - easier to buy COL on server website and sell ingame.. for 2euro you will get 1.2kk
  4. Baium/QA/Core/Orfen/Zaken jewels who last 15 days. that's not p2w? wtf stop licking admin asses. they open 1 server every 2 months with different names and are corrupted. everybody knows.
  5. still a lot of bugs. does not seems will make it to july 12th.
  6. the ideas seems fine but logged into the beta and is empty.. hard to test anything.. most of interfaces are not working..
  7. don't think server has failed.. a lot of people at start anyway. eglobal always have good server and good files. 5.5k online now. i think all those hatters are just jealous because they can't offer anything similar. PS: and i'm not even playing the server :P
  8. better not to put dates for 2nd and 3rd chapter. IMHO let the community to grow and only open when most of people have reached max lvl.
  9. why 2nd chapter opens on 27th april? that doesnt seems a lot.. most people will not reach max lvl by that time. you should move it to later in May.
  10. you can say server sucks for many things but admins hunger for money is not one of them. with the shitty store they put for sure money is not what they are looking for.
  11. 1500 where? giran is empty.. max pvp is 3vs3 pt
  12. Sell: DB Focus +3 AM Clean IC set +3 TT set +3 all A grade sets all A grade weapons with SA adena EAS EAA EWS EWA pm for more info
  13. I used to play dex and i think have really good servers but this time don't think has anything special. In fact don't think it is even balanced. next time please plan to make a better game setup. in 2 days you get everything you need and noting else to do.
  14. by the time you finish with all the updates/fixes we will have classic 8.0 too ambitious project. impossible to do it with one person.