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  1. The last euro client HF 273 protocol will be used. The full version costs $ 385. The basic version costs $ 256.
  2. Sorry, but the development of these chronicles is not underway at the moment. Very low demand. All changes made are available in another topic.
  3. At the moment, we were busy implementing the compatibility of our patch with SmartGuard. Which now supports. Our patch currently supports SmartGuard, StrixGuard and L2Guard.
  4. Buy once and use as much as you want. Further payment only if you need our new updates - which include new functionality.
  5. Currently not for sale. Full refactoring is underway.
  6. I did not begin to create a new topic. The new version implements the functions of copying and pasting elements (even from different chronicles, but not all, the schemes are not completed). Drag and drop of elements is also done - now you can drag an element to any place. But the restriction is worth it - you can drag it only within one parent. Fixes are made for Russian-speaking clients - when you hover, the name of the system string is shown. For all nested elements, the color of the icons has been changed so that it can be seen immediately. Made saving in xml format, while all in one file. But you can also download xdat from xml. When copying, the copied element is put into the buffer as xml - so you can paste it into Notepad ++ and edit it, then copy it back to the buffer and paste your changed element in the editor. During paste, if Ctrl is pressed, paste with all child elements, if not, then only one copied element will be pasted. Icons have been added to some elements. Added launch of a copy of the program and the start of the game. Got it with XDE. Well, a bunch of minor edits. It was done for yourself, so do not judge strictly. Fafurion does not work in the selection of chronicles. So far, there is no scheme. A small addition - I immediately updated the name of the elements during input - now I do not need to collapse and expand to see the applied name. Updated schema for Interlude. All fields are signed - no more unk. Link Pass: EmuDev
  7. Sorry, but under the terms of the agreement with our customers, we are not entitled to disclose information.
  8. I think writing what you want people to better understand what you need.
  9. AbnormalStatusWnd There you can set the size you need.
  10. In server side. You need to look at the server side and edit there. And look at the ItemName.dat
  11. We can realize this. But we do not, because we consider this a bit of a cheating function. Which kills the whole process of the game. We can implement this as a separate order, but it will be expensive. Because the system will be very complex and will have to do a lot to make everything work as it should. And a lot to realize.
  12. We are very responsible in our work. Each window made is created from the bottom. We try to make all the animations and most accurately transfer the functionality. Eliminate standard bugs. Sometimes it takes up to a month of laborious work to create 1 window. And if we collectively calculate the time spent and the quality of implementation, then the price is not at all high. I think you will not work for $ 50 a month.