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  1. Great one. Thanks for the info Contains what was missing previously
  2. I remember that the H5 Pts was shared long time ago. But from what I remember it missed a couple of things. If im not mistaken it was the AI.obj and all the htmls. Have they been shared already?
  3. The first one that worked on something like this was Spozniasty/Deedlit, but not exactly bots, but monsters that were intelligent, that could create clans, alliances and move to different territories AI in general is a huge challenge and its potential is almost unlimited Its funny because the part that complicated me the most was movement, the simple movement. Maybe its because of the way I did it, but took me long time so they dont "teleport" sometimes when attacking or casting, but yes, its great If you develop it more, I would like to see it, at least a description or a video I know sometimes its hard to find time, and even more importantly, motivation, to do this kind of stuff. You need also inspiration, as some things are not easy to develop or imagine in the first place, but its quite rewarding
  4. Great work Elfo Its a shame that you are putting it on public. That means that you have abandoned the project Working on bots is something quite fun to do. If they are good enough, at some point you can use them to test everything on the server I have been using mine for pvps, for raids, for testing instances, quests, etc, its extremely useful and quite fun. Or make a 50 vs 50 massive pvp and the results are great I have been out for some time and I've never seen your project before I believe, just now when you are sharing it. I hope you return to continue the development, at least for yourself, so they end up fully functional. Its quite a challenge. I have been experimenting with armies and characters collisions the last time, but some things go beyond my skills or knowledge, so its somewhat basic
  5. I didnt knew that mobius had an H5 version I thought they only had goddess Interesting, I will check it. Its a shame that most projects died
  6. Im wondering if some client dev knows about this The thing is question is trying to modify the npcId value of a CharacterViewPort dynamically The interface has some functions for the view port, but only camera options, not what it shows What I want to do is to change the npcId that the viewPort shows from the interface. Do someone knows if there is some code to do it? Or if there is some posibility to add some function somewhere to add support for that. Seems that it just needs the function to connect the interface with the npcId variable of the view port Thanks
  7. Indeed. Adapting one chronicle to use a different client is a pain in the ass. And more so, if there are many chronicles in between I have done it with freya/h5 many years ago and you need time to adapt everything and then to test everything and adjust it Interlude to h5 there is a lot of difference. So there are tons of new packets. Not only that, IDs have changed completely, meaning npc ids for example, even the world locations, so you have to update the dp aswell Maybe its easier to grab a H5 server and try to adapt the datapack to interlude, and then remove all the h5 stuff or changes. Not sure
  8. I believe that one they bought from l2scripts is actually classic The h5 was based on fandc I could be mistaken though
  9. This is quite interesting. So they are making like a PvP Classic Retail server It will draw lot of people from private servers for sure Its a shame its pay to win, but well, many private server players love that, so...
  10. Mobile games have huge success And its already known that Lineage M makes more money for NCSoft that all the other pc games combined Its really strange that ncsoft competes with netmarble with the same game For me, mobile gaming is shit. Lets hope is not the future. Its just an easy way to make money. Games are smaller, easier and cheaper to make, and kids just buy stuff without thinking it.
  11. Looks good. I have one bot system too Besides its purposes, it really fun to develop and use ingame If you continue like that it could become something quite nice, so lets see what you can achieve with time Don't mind the hating, no one will ever do something with machine learning, just by analyzing behaviour its more than sufficient. It always will depend on what will be the use of it, but for lvling, doing raids, massive pvps, group pvps, its good
  12. I have to say that the last years server's situation are in great share, our fault And for we, I mean Claww, Tales with Vampir and me. And why? Because 98% of the H5 servers are using our sources. It started with fandc from claww when tales became famous, they all wanted the same thing Some time later Tales sources were leaked, and everyone was using them And then our sources were leaked, 2 times. The last time had pretty much everything tales did but no one else had. This was caused by claww when he got the sources somewhere and start selling them And lets face it, like 85 90% of the servers are not capable of creating new content, even less fixing big bugs/issues. So everyone uses the same pack, and they only change htmls and skill data Thus, every server behaves the same, has the same content. And its probably true for interlude aswell. Many features must been exported to other packs or chronicles for sure This added to the long-running fashion of doing weekly servers to gather as much money as possible regardless of whatever method is used to acomplish that. And also considering the fact that the community is not giving real servers with new/improved content a chance of succeding. Like known corrupted servers gather thousands of onlines and thousands of donations, and good servers just get 500 online (with a real and good community), making it hard to grow, get enough incomings and sustain all the process from just that
  13. Using the most recent chronicle client is probably the best. I have a freya server and I made it so it can be logged from freya and H5 I've been using H5 client since then, but it works well for both, its just h5 is better You have to keep in mind that each chronicle has different features, so people may not be able to see certain things, even if you implement them, also different npc/item ids for the same object/npc. Probably different map positions, you should then or replace maps or adapt the geodata to the new maps Make a system to detect the chronicle and send the packets that are for that chronicle, because they change all the time. Freya and H5 packets are quite different, even if they are only one chronicle appart But yes, it can be done, is not too hard, but you will have to work later on fixing certain compatibility issues so all the clients see kinda the same thing