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  1. Except that the offer maker was claiming 'best' in this situation. What's the big deal about X euros btw? I don't need to pay anyone for code, java or whatever, I can do whatever I need on my own. I countered your hypothetical offer with another hypothetical offer. The whole point was to make sure everyone gets the point that the currency values are total bs without any connection to reality. I honestly didn't foresee you admitting to being an idiot, but then again, people say that stupidity can't be held back for long.
  2. What if I offer 10 000 EUR for Supreme not to consider your offer?
  3. My god, how much spam in Enghuyish. Everyday is full of joy since I quit serverpack development in favor of tool development. Here's my contribution in Enjluich:
  4. Is this supposed to impress someone? I have a whole gallery of people who fail to speak English yet keep claiming something. One example is in my sig (though you can just get a steady stream of these on https://t.me/ncw_naia). Definitely Mobius is the first pack in general. The first one to exist.
  5. Your English sucks. Can I comprehend what? L2jUnity? Why we have L2jUnity? Looks like you need to get reported for trying to increase your post count.
  6. Who the fuck needs the slave labour of l2j self proclaimed DP "devs" when you can just use all the HTMLs from Korea (english version dumped from NA/EU) as is? L2jserver is trash project due to the way it was left after C1/C2 team and website changes. Who would want their code is beyond me. P.S. see my signature, if you can comprehend it anyways
  7. Haters gonna hate Don't be so angry all the time, listen to some pop music https://youtu.be/nfWlot6h_JM?t=45s