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  1. I agree. On a more realistic note, I have no clue what the OP expects. It is known that if you report the real player count, people will start leaving the "deserted" server, so you will have less and less players every day until the server actually becomes deserted. Of course, this only applies to private servers since nobody cares about them. Official servers can stay in their vegetative state for years but players will never go for a mass exodus just because the online count is low.
  2. Well, as you may have heard, ingame botting (nexttarget based) was added to Bloody Classic and is constantly being improved at the moment. For example, you can set up the skills/items you want to use, whether you want to auto-pickup. On death, you can see a certain amount of hits (who did each hit, was it standard attack or skill, how much damage was dealt) and what items did you drop on death, so you could easily know who was trying to stop you from botting and take revenge on them (or, alternatively, see who really killed you in siege mass pvp).
  3. https://playl2.eu/?full Do not bother with that string, it is replaced by a DWORD in Fafurion and later chronicles, so you will not be able to use that data very soon anyway. Max online, tracked by l2server itself | Online (socket wise; can be in process of logging in to lobby) | Logged into character (inside the game world) | In any form of private store NewInspector is one of the agents L2Server uses. Unlike GG or CG [NCGuard], it is an internal agent, not a DLL. It seems to be disabled by default everywhere, not much to say about it.
  4. The main problem with this is the huge modifications to AI between C1 non-PTS and C4 AND the 100% hunting area spawn rework in C3. There are no C2/C3 leaks, so you will never have that data. With C5/C6, yeah, you can use either C4 or GF as base, it is still tolerable. Other things to have in mind is that a lot of stuff was being baked directly into ai those days, so (I'm not sure which C1 you have) the KR fstrings (or CN ones in C4) need to be dealt with, for example. Freya is the oldest client that has official english fstrings (dubbed NpcStrings), even though some of them use different IDs (raid boss related stuff, for example, not only quests). Yeah, the CN leak that made C4 servers popular back in the day (as it was much better than playing C1 on a C2/C3/C4 client). The sad part is that they damaged the SQL files during transfer (all comments destroyed). Even at this day, I still want to punch the person who did the transfer. Good luck on your project - I already have everything I need to know about Prelude PTS/Prelude/C1/C4 and I don't care about exact mechanics in long obsolete versions (unfortunately, literally everything has changed since then). At a certain point of time I did want to revive C1, but now I know it is definitely not worth it. Not even with a properly windowed C1 client. On the other hand, if at some point you would decide to reconstruct all the integrations found in AuthD 80919 (not only DLL based ones) and are interested in trading that for details about 'latest and greatest' versions, send me a PM.
  5. Well, more info is regarding updates in Korea. As BC is effectively a SOLO server, they are changing support classes (primarily their skills). For example, SE recharge is a self-buff and not mana refill; SE also has the Empowering Echo self-buff. SwS has the 'Song of Elemental' and BD has the 'Dance of Aligment' (both of which do nothing by the way since the old elemental system is not present in Classic). So far there are no dates or date ranges set for BC release outside Korea (early preparation stages), so stay tuned.
  6. Evidence of what exactly? Bots? You have been in MxC for at least 7+ years (and that's assuming this is your only/first account here) and you can't really notice obvious bots in every at least little bit popular L2 server? I'm not even talking NCw, where bots are protected from item drop. Event servers have event bots, standard l2 servers have drop hunting bots, and finally the PvP bots, including the infamous ones that DC your opponents in mass PvP. But then again, don't let the harsh reality penetrate your rose glasses.
  7. NCwest is also able to detect adr on open and was able for years now. However, they don't ban everyone. Also, the 'fight for spot' part is ridiculous. Have you already forgotten scatter/afk5min & co from official servers? I'm not saying in this reboot of asterios only bots are playing, but whatever you presented as counter-evidence is worthless.
  8. Same story as GameCoast, same story as C1 L2Abyss (currently known as HF https://www.fogofwar.ru/ with 10k+ online all the time). Who cares about high online counts, when all of those are either bots or adena selling spammers?
  9. The video I gave the link of shows exactly what L2 will never be. Keep watching until you understand L2 will always be a game coming directly from year 2000 (the inception may have been 1999, but who cares since it was released on 2004). The 'before/after' effect clearly shows how L2 (before) fares against 'literally every other MMO out there'. You're claiming eventually everyone will change to classic. This is false. When L2J was at GE, server owners were at GE, when L2J was at Freya, server owners were at Freya, when L2J advanced (after a certain delay) to HF, server owners and players all moved [from Freya] to GF. This was the fatal blow to L2Jserver (a knife in the back), the reason it never even had a chance to aim for GoD and why it died shortly thereafter. Moreover, ever since Lindvior update 3 (I think) the l2 serverpacks suffered and never really managed to get higher clients working properly (can also be seen today, in Mobius source as well). The other thing, even if HF servers will transfer to Salvation/Antharas, by that time Korea will be 2 updates past Fafurion/SotE, international build will be 1 update past Fafurion/SotE, so gameplay wise both HF and Antharas servers will look completely out-of-date and hopelessly stuck in the past (kinda like Interlude).
  10. Mobius is a standard l2j-ish serverpack l2jscripts is a frontend for PTS server owners willing to sell their (post-transformation) /script/ folder contents (excluding AI which is manually fucked up Are you fucking serious? L2 2018 = 20 FPS max with 9900K + RTX2080 + 970 Pro Keep watching this video until you finally understand what trash L2 is always going to be. The reason why people stay in 2011/2006 is simple: nothing is getting better, ever. Even the latest clients still have the decades old memory leak issue(s) and are still running the 2000-ish UE 2.5. Why would you spend any time on this game when all official servers are free to play and there are plenty of gameplay differences between the regions (you are free to pick any)? Especially now that there are services that allow you to play JP/TW/etc. and view everything in English (NPC names, chats, incl. generated ones like teleport lists, item names/augs/effects/SAs, private store descriptions, etc. etc.) The people who get their hands on NCSoft releases have a clear interest here and they are trying so very hard to keep the L2 server 'ownership' scene running, since once L2 dies, so will their revenue. Yet if you look at the most promising private servers, like GameCoast - it is bot and adena seller infested trash, with no clear reason to exist since official servers are just as bad/good.
  11. No, most likely no wipe. But sounds like stuff will be changed back and forth, just like in pvt servers. And I mean large changes, such as changing how various skills work or when they can be used compared to normal classic.
  12. After massive gameplay changes during this week's maintenance, players are now protesting the changes and the online count went down drastically, from 12.5k to mere 6.7k (so pretty much cut in half).
  13. You can inspect innova (not sure about EU, I think it was RU) classic CommandName. Stuff like /bloodycoin is already there.
  14. 'Aden' server has reached & exceeded the 12k online players milestone in less than 10 days since it was opened. (At the time of this post, 11.5k players are online in Aden.)
  15. No matter how hard some people try to deny it, this looks exactly like a typical private server: GM shop, Global teleports, NPC Buffers with super long buffs, etc. Pretty much a knife between the ribs for the IL and HF servers. And if we are talking about HF, you guys are all fucking hypocrites - when I was playing GF, everyone was like "psh, GE/Freya is what matters" then GF leak happened and when I was playing HF everyone was like "psh, HF is trash, GF is where everyone's at". This continued despite the Freya and later HF scripts leaked. And now people are unironically making HF servers and other people are playing on them. GG, Bloody Classic will put your servers where they belong. In the trash.