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  1. Taiwan will be getting the 'Aden' (Bloody Classic) server on 2019-02-27, along with Prelude of War update for standard classic (the part where all class transfer quests, all level 20- quests and also some other quests are removed). The 'Aden' server will be free to play, so if you want some hands-on experience, this is your chance. Please note that a lot has changed since the original Bloody Classic was released. Namely, the NPC buffers were replaced by all classes getting a large amount of self buffs (that cost truckloads of SP, and you can't really get the SP for them until you hit an XP wall at higher/highest levels).
  2. And yet people emulating PS, PS2 or even software like MS DOS go really far to implement even subtle undocumented features simply to make it work like the real thing. So that you wouldn't fire up an application, work with it like normal, then suddenly you try to use a lesser known feature and BAM, the OS (and/or the application) is dead. In L2 emulators I see so many people who keep talking that l2j is an emulator, yet all they want is to make their own MMO rather than make l2 work (at least comparably). Also, who needs sources when the entire thing is just stuffed with stackguard macros - you know the vast majority of the function inputs and outputs; MSVCRT also makes the C++ collections easy to RE, so what more do you need? Guidance on how to RE the C++ input/output routines?
  3. Well, you've got a very bold claim in your signature. And every time blame starts getting shifted, I remember just how glad I am to have moved to tool development rather than serverpack stuff. I mean, I am playing full international Fafurion/SoE build IN ENGLISH for 1.5 months now while Innova/NCwest/GameCoast suck on a hard cock (koreans are "busy" "preparing" their builds - sorry, but this is an epic joke). Back on topic: Personally, I never saw a decent working inzone raid in l2j, since it always ends up being easier (usually) or harder and of a different dynamic than in l2off. Prime examples are Balok and Epic Tauti. REAL Epic Tauti you can defeat either because you have super DPS (and can advance stages before tauti can cast a skill), or by being lucky, because in l2off it can hide skill casts and also cast two skills in parallel (yes, these are long-standing bugs, I'll give you that). If in L2J you can always see what Epic Tauti is casting, that makes the entire raid just a walk in the park. And sorry, but just watching some Epic Tauti videos will not be enough to make it work the same way.
  4. These two statements directly contradict each other. The issue with l2j is that it doesn't serialize the game logic, like anywhere at all. Movement = completely isolated from the rest of the game logic and working on its own with no ability to get returned value guarantees between two method calls; HP/MP/CP = fully concurrent getters/setters, same about inventory and so on and on and on. So obviously, you cannot just take code from retail 'as is' (which is designed to run on a separate, designated game logic thread which doesn't exist in l2j) - still that doesn't mean the code is wrong or cannot be used. Only the l2j cancer has to be removed/reworked. And yeah, if 50k sequential invocations of getCurrentHp [within a method of an AI script] can return different values, you are fucked no matter if you use l2off code or try to figure out things from playtesting or videos. Just saying.
  5. I agree. On a more realistic note, I have no clue what the OP expects. It is known that if you report the real player count, people will start leaving the "deserted" server, so you will have less and less players every day until the server actually becomes deserted. Of course, this only applies to private servers since nobody cares about them. Official servers can stay in their vegetative state for years but players will never go for a mass exodus just because the online count is low.