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  1. They are doing maintenances twice per day this week (btw, classic servers are not affected as much). This reminds me of private server owners who know neither what they are doing nor what they are supposed to do.
  2. I am investigating just how annoying would it be to RE the different launchers (turns out that when KR stole TW's launcher (NC Launcher S) and called it "NCLauncher 2", they also changed things related to auth) and keep the token logic generation up-to-date, but don't expect an ETA on this, especially since doing NCL "S" is twice as useful as NCL "R" that NA uses. Obviously, the ServerList method would provide significantly less information; no build dates, for example. Also, fuck L2on, not so smart now that they don't have someone to ask to add their IP to AdminIP config.
  3. Live: Prelude to War (reuses Fafurion splash) Classic: SoE Aden: Aden, forced as default lobby International protocol 196. Not too bad, but I'm already playing on a Jin Kamael for nearly a month now. Kys NCw.
  4. They need a new client for that, the UI came with Prelude of War (LIVE) / Aden / ClassicAden client. NCwest has already failed to catch up with PoW as well, so their only chance is the next update after PoW.
  5. If you remove one letter and change another one, the server name becomes Gay. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA On a more serious note, ClassicAden should reach EU sometime this year. As for NA, they are a lost cause. They failed to do Fafurion/SoE in time, now they have already failed to do PoW/Aden in time. Failing to catch up with more than one major update in a row, as most of us ex l2j developers know, is essentially a death sentence for a project. And even if NCwest decides to just say "whoops, we had this heavily modded Seven Sings downgrade, but now we will take a clean latest international build and do a few minor changes and release it", that's also a death sentence, since that will singlehandedly kill the current status quo in NA. And they do need a ClassicAden client compatible server build, which (according to NCJuji, who is a confirmed compulsive liar, so you decide whether to believe it) they do not have anywhere near ready.
  6. This is the pinnacle of Lineage II evolution. They embraced it, that the only kind of player that plays L2 is a player that doesn't. Welcome to a bot-only game.
  7. …on 2018-11-15 in order to kill all l2 private servers with one fell swoop. If you are running a low, mid or high rate server based on any chronicle before GoD, seasonal (regular progression resets) or not, the doomsday clock for your server HAS STARTED COUNTING DOWN. Features: Concentrated hunting grounds (no more spending 97% of time running and 3% attacking mobs) - less NPCs in total so server can easily handle 10k+ online NPC buffers in hunting grounds Allied NPCs in hunting grounds (healing you, attacking mobs without XP penalty) GM shop with literally everything GM buffers in towns with 7h full buffs One-click class change Global teleporters in every town (to all other towns and to all hunting grounds, grouped by area) No enchant value limits (yes, you can finally do that +200 Soul Bow on an official server) F2P In less than three days (of total online time), the server (Aden) has reached and exceeded the 7000 players online milestone - something that was never reached (and will never be, as their popularity is dwindling now) by recently released standard classic TI/Giran servers in NCWest. Innova has already started porting Bloody Classic features to the international Seven Signs client (Korea is already on Fafurion/Secret of the Empire/Saviors) to facilitate a release ASAP. So, what are you going to do now? This is an obvious direct attack on private servers, who by now have already been all reduced to 'play three months, then wipe' seasonal server model.