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  1. Welcome to the real world, 6 months until obsoletion for java 9, 10, 12, 13, 15, 16 and so on. Java 9 never reached past 9.0.4. All the regressions/bugs introduced with Java 10 and reported to Oracle were fixed in Java 11, nobody cares (whether they are actually usable) about these 6 month total lifetime snapshot releases. I'm just saying, with Java 11 getting released on September 2018, you could have at least picked a time within the first three months to introduce support, instead of adding it when in a few weeks both java 8 and 10 will be moved to archived downloads section. On the other hand, perhaps I misread the whole thing and you intend to move straight to 11, but decided to look into 10 just because there is still time to wait anyway? My bad then.
  2. Except that these are ancient news, Java 8 and 10 become obsolete in a few weeks with 11 LTS release (unless you have a paid support plan, then you get security patches for Java 8; 10 becomes obsolete regardless) Also fuck Java 10, regression-ridden trash 6month release.
  3. It's a matter of principle. FSF and other copyleft license evangelists want to enforce both free-ness and open-ness of a platform/system/environment. From the FSF PoV, everything that is made while having a copyleft-licensed project in mind (including those projects who do not 'use' the work in question, but, say, use knowledge about how it works to make their code more compatible and/or to make transitioning easier) is immediately a "derivative work" and that mandates this "derivative work", in its entirety, to be free and open as the "original". Hence a lot of library authors opt for a sort of "classpath exception" (e.g. Oracle/MySQL connector) or LGPL. E.g. if you want to connect to a MySQL database using an official connector (you do not distribute the DBMS with your application nor make changes to it), it actually makes sense that your application IS NOT a "derivative work" of the DBMS and/or the connector component. On the other hand, if it is not AGPL and you don't intend to distribute your application (only use it internally or expose via cloud), you can freely use any copyleft projects or libraries. There are a lot of more reasonable licenses which would also allow you to mandate any changes made to your project to be kept public.
  4. So desperate to bring attention to mobius. Also, let me fix that for you: "there is no interest for non-single-player-box-all-7-party-chars L2 anymore in the world" Someone was recently quoting how russians and/or gamecoast are opening L2 servers with TW PTS files and having a lot of people online. But anyone who plays on official servers know very well, most of the online count (potentially above 90%) is composed of dedicated fishermen (afk 24/7), shop chars (usually multiple per player to accomodate both buy/sell needs as well as store slot limits), CoC/Oly bots (kept online all the time to minimize effort), mentors (despite no longer necessary), elite clan members (for clan advent) and buff or other "macrostation" boxes. The fundamental problem that L2 servers only matter as much as they matter to the potential server owners, there is no real demand from the player base. And the effect shows on all currently existent L2 serverpacks. Nobody is even trying anymore.
  5. To mitigate the shitstorm that is bound to happen when other versions reach their planned EoS. GDPR changed the situation about telemetry. Anyway, if you have a NVIDIA card, then did you know that the driver itself has dedicated spying abilities that it uses, regardless if the NVIDIA telemetry service/processes/files are running or even present. Even in W7.
  6. You must be on a very old W10 version or not even using Windows 10. All known methods to run old clients, one by one, were killed by cumulative Win10 updates. If you find another workaround and make it publically known, MS will definitely include a patch that negates it in one of their upcoming updates.
  7. Except that the offer maker was claiming 'best' in this situation. What's the big deal about X euros btw? I don't need to pay anyone for code, java or whatever, I can do whatever I need on my own. I countered your hypothetical offer with another hypothetical offer. The whole point was to make sure everyone gets the point that the currency values are total bs without any connection to reality. I honestly didn't foresee you admitting to being an idiot, but then again, people say that stupidity can't be held back for long.
  8. What if I offer 10 000 EUR for Supreme not to consider your offer?