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  1. if noone joins dedi will die at 4th june very sad cause i worked a lot for this shit
  2. indie projects like this one are making me fear the worst not only for my srv but for almost all lineage 2 communities i asked to a lot of ppl since 2018 and mostly people that never played lineage 2 question as will you like to join X server, overall people answer - no is old, unreal 2 ? no thanks etc etc etc chummers... unless we do something were gonna hit hard a dead end
  3. sry to bump this but on 5 may i updated mine srv patch and tbh i forgot about this just woke up today having that felling that im forgeting to do something so i searched on my own profile posts and discover what was happening back here
  4. only tested mining monero and then i traded at faucethub reflecting price change on ltc/zcash/btc etc mined like 0,25 euro converted to 1,60 euro just by exchange with other coins as btc price goes high and low but faucethub changed and it was only to test i will try this app ok installed and used your inv code bahhhhh men... ''you will be able to withdraw Pi or exchange Pi for other currencies in Phase 3 of the project when Pi transitions to a fully decentralized blockchain'' i hope then it does not end like you need 15000 Pi for withdraw cause like many others out there oh yeah... you can withdraw once you got 0.01 btc and reaching for that will take you like years unless you invest in mining power or just like rollercoin 1 doge per day cmon... most of this ends in long term promises you wait months and then you earn cents if you know how to setup monero miner on some good CPU there is a profit but yes... electricity is the problem
  5. for l2off is effect = {{p_block_buff}} if youre using Java server we need info of wich server pack youre using otherwise nobody can guess
  6. hello, any global moderator can move this to private server beta is finished and server went live
  7. interface is cool is oriented to go pvp full buffs at city include hot springs stuff good starter lvl and equipment i cant give more detail atm due my location i have 1500ms ping and is a bit hard to play but that is only for me i think also i have to go back into mine yes you already know i dont like interlude but as i promised i did wanted to do live stream with obs but there is only like page and not a group consider making facebook group why that? well guess how i joined some server of my local country cause i saw live streaming and server was full of ppl if u someday plan to join the L2OFF side of the force im willing to provide you assist i wish u last more than just season laters!
  8. can't give more reactions today so this quote is my upvote add some twitch stuff or support for streaming or something related for example at facebook groups you can do live stream but storage can be a thing maybe just embeed a twitch channel if server or active user has
  9. if you manage to make that and exclude the requisite of giving server ports like topzone/hopzone and just like and plus as you say about testing any server out there and making a review but... know that not everyone will agree with your review mostly casue it is your point of view and what you like maybe others dont and viceversa but still cool the idea and why not, most of the places to promote servers are not far from MXC,ragezone and pmfun
  10. cool then never heard of MUO server disguised as L2 but is ok you know about history of private server / etc might be a bit diferent from what i tested cause i only used everything that was free out there never bought a server pack from anyone and i always tried to make something that maybe points more to dungeon and dragons stuff like renaming Trives for Yuan-Ti and other crazy stuff i did back with H5 client and Freya/H5 java server well after all i am just a fanatic of forgotten real stuff like ice wind dale, neverwinter nights, DQK from DOS, ofc baludurs gate and over all of them the temple of elemental evil some ppl back in that time asked me -what it is this? me : - ever plated D&D ? - no this is lineage 2 me : ok nevermind xD mostly with Java server at H5 i know is not related... but in some way it has a kind of weird connection or at least is what i think and might want to make over L2 that was capable world/etc to be close to D&D ofc not d&d game rules neither many things well im writing out of topic things let's stop here maybe i should start whispering Shire... Baggins... lol laters
  11. have you ever used any server files? just asking if you are so sure on this as i remember is quite simple on what is related to l2off smeli C1 extended till the end of the universe ( mostly client compatibilty ) C4 leak and their open source aka used as base till hellbound IL versions back in past dVamp kind and later vanganth GF extended till H5 actually for nowdays if we gonna compare source replica with java server we can say it does not matter so much what do you use to run as server but packet handling from client is the real matter interlude private server did not existed ?? so then what i was playing back at 2008 in dragon network ? just asking cause you write like knowing a lot but your signature seems that you play or played oficial lineage server anyway... might be my opinion but i think im not so wrong maybe i miss some details but let me remind you to call that IL never existed is like to despise the work of others dunno i respect those who did everything posible to give us the closest gameplay to the real L2 laters ppl