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  1. How can i edit this text here for a custom class for example?
  2. I was curious on how to configure hot springs debuff from atrox and flava that give malaria flu etc... The debuff cooldown on the mob is too big and the chance is too small, anyone can provide me with info on how to configure those two options? Here are photos of the mob and the debuff:
  3. will try again and i will tell you also cant people decrypt the files with the same program? which makes the encryption pointless? cant i add a password for decryption?
  4. now i triet that and then gets bugged the client, because i want to keep the files in production the server will be on but i want to prevent people to steal the textures, if i encrypt them like that the client canno decrypt
  5. Hello cheaters, i was curious on if its possible to lock .utx or .dat files. I want to lock my textures from the up coming server, the armor textures the weapon etc. So is it possible and if yes, how can i lock them?
  6. I was wondering how can i make valakas npc, in fact how do i even change the size of the raid boss so i can put it in giran?
  7. i dont want to change the icon completelly, i just want to show different icons in this particullay shop for example.
  8. I was wondering how could i change those 9 icons of AA to red seal stone 3 icon then 3 green seal stones then 3 blue, but the functionality to remain same?
  9. Is there any way to make the block buff skill to block even your buffs on you? For example if iam AIO buffer and if i use party buffs i dont want them to be on me when i activate the block buff? Or perhaps it can be added some effects on the duals to not buff yourself?
  10. Any1 has some idea of how were the golconda named in l2arena 200x, i think there were 4 in 4 different locations but i cant seem to find the names?
  11. Sup cheaters, i wanted to ask if anybody has some xml files of aio buffs with different id from the default buffs. I need them to be party buffs so i dont need to target someone to buff them i hope u get my point. I just want to save some time doing them thats why i ask this file. Ty in advance.
  12. mate its 80% done with all that u mentioned all its left is classes balance and we release