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Found 1,912 results

  1. So apparently NCSoft announced a new Lineage 2 PC Version. They plan to remaster the whole Lineage 2 Client. The engine they want to use will be UE4. That's all information I have. Are there more about this project? Will it be a 1:1 clone or would it be nice to have a comepletely new world, inspired by the original one? I mean... Games which were remastered were usually treated by giving them just new generation hq textures. ^^ What do you guys think?
  2. Own a Lineage2 Server? Add it to and get 20 days Gold for FREE as a welcome to all L2Network's members! How to claim? ***Post the account name of your Server as a reply to this thread!*** aims to Worldwide players so its an opportunity and a good chance to achieve it! Every admin that will add his website to our Toplist will have access to a very useful panel that will help him to manage easily his information for the server or edit and add extra things to the future. is a list of Lineage2 Servers, server owners ask their players to vote to help increase the rank in our server list. By default, we sort our database of servers by Rating starts & vote count numbers, highest to lowest. New Features: We provide an extensive list of game clients to select from, and a huge userbase as well as many advertising options from free front page advertising with our UNUQUE bump system (which works once every 8 hours) to cheap VIP options which help smaller servers who want to advertise gain traction. WEBSITE: FAQ: Register:
  3. I make a topic in which we can discuss random things about league of legends. new patch notes epic matches etc.. Next Poll: #1 Topic at MxC
  4. Are there any other votetop websites like l2network, topzone, hopzone and such but for chinese, taiwanese and other languages? If so, list them here below please!
  5. Hi everyone! We are trying to make a server with 100% chance skill success rate. Where I mean, that if a player has zero % resists against stun attacks can be stunned 100/100. Normally because of CON / MEN base stats, this rate would be around 85/100. How can we solve this problem without changing the base stats of each class?
  6. Like to know opinions of server owners with Active Anti Cheat and Smartguard protections. Reply with pros and cons. Thanks.
  7. hello donate money is transferred to my paypal account, but the item does not switch to character account can you help me please
  8. Hi, I edited my CB a little bit, and I wanna put multisell on the _bbstop tab, I know I need some support code for that tab, but I need more help to do that...this is my custom cb I wanna put a Multisell NG Grade Weapon... this is my actual code but it doesn't work (action="bypass %command%_sendMultisell 90500")I know the key is in here:But I need help to add the support multisell code here
  9. Hi everyone! Our team would like to start a brand new L2 project, with an Interlude DP. Please suggest us Interlude DP's, which contain atleast a vote manager (you vote in browser --> get reward ingame) and a donate manager (you donate --> get reward ingame). If there are packs without these features, how can we add these features to them? Thanks for the comments, appreciate it a lot!
  10. Γεια σας, τελευταίες μέρες έχω κατεβάσει τα files από frozen έχω κάνει όλες τις αλλαγές που θέλω και τα npc στο server αλλά έχω ένα θέμα με τα grand boss. Από μόνο του είχε είδη όλα τα boss εκτός valakas,antharas. Άμα τα κάνω spawn στο area και το αποθηκεύσω στο costum_spawnlist table δουλεύει αλλά έχει θέμα με το grandboss manager. Αν το κάνεις kill εξακολουθεί να λέει είναι alive. Μπορεί να βοηθήσει κάποιος;
  11. Hi, I'd be interested to find a team of people to reborn L2 Gang. If you don't know what I'm talking about take a look, their website, it's down, but still the page on hopzone it's still up, it has a few details but still enough: * What I'll need: - Developer of the server itself (I will help) - Moderator for forum/promote/ingame (I will help) I will provide hosting for the server and the website, all costs for me. If you are interested, contact me and we can discuss details.
  12. Hi guys, I'm working on my custom CB and I have one button for Clan section, and I want call that. I want the bypass for calling this section on my new button, I'm looking here, but I can't see what I want SOLVED action="bypass _bbsclan" so noob =(
  13. Wanted to post about some good private server websites for server owners to add their server. is the best server vote site. checks HWID and ip for multiple votes so players can not abuse vote rewards. does not have vote reward, but admin is of very good integrity and server owners should list their server with rates are very good) Just want to post good, quality people I come in contact with.
  14. Hello, I have installed on my PC windows 10 Pro Insider Preview (Build: 10074). I have install Lineage 2 (Interlude) but run as background and don't start! Someone have idea or can fix? I have try and run compatibility with windows 8,7,xp,vista but nothing.
  15. Hi everyone! I am looking for a Linage 2 server provider, with Anti-DDoS Protection, GameGuard etc.. Also, I'd plan to build up and run the website on the same server. The location of the server should be in Europe. Thanks in advance for your help!
  16. What do you think? Geodata by Cells or Nodes for L2J H5 (Sunrise Project) I'm using by cells but never tried by nodes, I'll try some day. What's the differences?
  17. Hi everyone! I'd like to start a new server, Interlude or H5. I would like to make it "professional", which means I want a DP with full support, also I would like to have the best protection I can get. Please share with me your suggestions, which datapack sellers are the best (I heared about l2jorion that it's quite good), and where I should look for d-dos, and other kind of protections. Thank you guys in advance for the comments! Regards, sLshR
  18. Hi mates, I'm learning JAVA & HTML, my improve is going very well. I buyed Gold pack server files from L2jSunrise, I have my Test server H5 running perfectly. And I wanna improve my JAVA & HTML skills meanwhile build my test server. My plan is re-build my own CommunityBoard, I have this index.htm: <html noscrollbar> <title>L2 Arrowtown Community Board</title> <body><br> <table border=0 align="center" width=773 height=506> <tr> <td align="left"> <button value="GM Shop" action="bypass _bbsloc;gmshop" back="l2ui_ct1.button.button_df_small_down" fore="l2ui_ct1.button.button_df_small" width="82" height="32"> </td> <td align="left">TEST 2</td> <td align="left">TEST 3</td> </tr> <tr> <td align="left">TEST 4</td> <td align="left">TEST 5</td> <td align="left">TEST 6</td> </tr> <tr> <td align="left">TEST 7</td> <td align="left">TEST 8</td> <td align="left">TEST 9</td> </tr> <tr> <td align="left">TEST 10</td> <td align="left">TEST 11</td> <td align="left">TEST 12</td> </tr> <tr> <td align="left">TEST 13</td> <td align="left">TEST 14</td> <td align="left">TEST 15</td> </tr> <tr> <td align="left">TEST 16</td> <td align="left">TEST 17</td> <td align="left">TEST 18</td> </tr> <tr> <td align="left">TEST 19</td> <td align="left">TEST 20</td> <td align="left">TEST 21</td> </tr> </table> </body></html> And this looks like this: When I press the button "GM Shop" I can see this: My problem is when I try to go back with the red minus icon (L2UI_CT1.MiniMap_DF_MinusBtn_Red_Down) I get another page (services/main.htm) and I want get (communityboard/index.htm) on the Home tab. This is the code for that red icon: <button action="bypass %command%" width=32 height=32 back="L2UI_CT1.MiniMap_DF_MinusBtn_Red_Down" fore="L2UI_CT1.MiniMap_DF_MinusBtn_Red" /> And I know the response is in my Core.jar in my "communitybbs" but I don't know the specific action for put in my buttons from CommunityBoard.
  19. Hi I'm working on my CommunityBoard and I can't put mouseover into a one button, the button show me a black image when I put my mouse over. <button value="GM Shop" action="bypass _bbsloc;gmshop" width=256 height=64 back="L2AT.gmshop_2" fore="L2AT.gmshop_1">
  20. Hello, I want to know what is the latest version of lineage 2? is it high five, or interlude, or what? Thank you
  21. Hey guys! I'm here to remind you the first L2 server that many of us played and show you how it becomes today! The flagship of Lineage 2 Private servers Lineage 2 Elite Lineage 2 Elite is a server that the most players of Lineage 2 have played and it's still alive and full updated! But before i start to speak about L2 Elite nowdays i have first to remind you how L2 Elite was when we loved it with some nostalgia Critical Hits at you faces! :D The period i loved much was when PayBackTime/GodBlesseD/NovaGeracao broke up their heads for some epics ! Here is some videos from those days ! Okay, but how is L2 Elite 15 years after his first day? Is it the same as always? the answer is : HELL , NO! L2 Elite is full updated with a lot of custom features it's still C4 but with a lot upgrades from other clients etc! L2 Elite becomes a farmable server that gives you over than 5 ways to farm your items with special farm zones etc ! Chapter 1.0 Ekans Do you remember Ekans? Yeah the guy we exchanged our adena to Elite Coins :D He has more stuff for us now ! If you login you can find there 5 tabs that have a lot of items that you can farm ! Let's start with the Raid Rewards ! Yeah as you can see L2 Elite has Cloaks nowdays! Hemp Cloak , Cotton Cloak , Silk Cloak , Legendary Warrior Cloak , Legendary Wizzard Cloak,Baium Cloak , Antharas Cloak , Ant Queen Cloak , Zaken Cloak , Valakas Cloak , PVE Cloak (Yeah L2 Elite need PVE Items now days! :D ) and some more cloaks that you have to Login to see them ! Also There's one more option to get Epic Jewels from that shop with Raid Boss Token that drops from Raid Bosses! Lets continue with the other tabs! At Ekans you can buy also Ultimate Armor Sets and if you are asking my opinion is an OP PVE Gear! There are Rift weapons too! Rift weapons are custom weapons with Double SA that can be used ONLY in PVE! If you will try to hit someone with this item you will make 0 Damage :D (But the PVE with those weapons are CRAZY! a simple +3 weapons hit mobs like a normal weapon +23+) There are Ultimate Jewels too ! That gives you the opportunity to upgrade your stats with some small but not negligible stats! Lets end with Ekans and his last tab! Well i think that all of you can remember the first item is the Elite Coin so i can continue :D The 3rd item is an Elite Box that drops Lesser Items (Lesser Epic Boss Jewels that have the half stats of the normal Raid Boss Jewels!) And lets see what's those bottles inside there!! Well those are Bottles For Blessed Raid Boss Jewels ! Blessed jewels have the double stats of normal Raid Boss Jewels and you can farm them by killing Epic Raid Bosses that drops full Bottles or you can farm up to 80 Mini Raid Bosses DAILY () That drops Fragments! 100 Fragments are 1 Bottle ! To get one Blessed Jewel you need a normal Raid Boss Jewels and 10 Bottles! There are Bottles for each Jewel ! ( Bottle Of Ant Queen , Bottle Of Antharas, Bottle Of Zaken, Bottle Of Baium , Bottle of Valakas , Bottle Of Core and Bottle of Orfen ! Next is the Holiday Token that appears a weapon +20 in your inventory after some days and it's FULL farmable by Token Of Love (You can find some of them in Ketra) Festval Adena (And some of the in Varka) Also you will need 100 coals (Spoil in Elite isle *The Primeval Isle as we all know it*) And 1 Gold Bar! (Gold Bar is 20 Elite Coins! Calm down adena are easy now! Mobs in Forge Of The Gods drops more than 35kk each!) There are 2 more options to farm Holiday Token but i will keep it as a surprise to make you login! :D Chapter 2.0 Reinforced and AA Reinforced weapons are the most powerfull weapons in L2 Elite ! As you can see Reinforced weapons have a lot more stuff than the simple SA ! In my opinion that 15% PvP Damage is CRAZY! :D Okay but how can you get a weapon like that? Its simple! Is like you are making SA but you will need some more items ! xD If you want to give the Reinforce Power to your weapon you have to farm 3x Stages 13,164 Gemstone S and 5 Gold Bars! Chapter 3.0 Skins And Beauty There are some skins that L2 Elite is using! You can see more skins at L2 Elite Discord Channel ! There are Skins for any S Grade Weapon/Armor you want ! Just join at Discord and take a taste ! Discord Chanel Chapter 4.0 The True Fight! Okay But what else L2 Elite can offer to to you? PVP , PVP , PVP , PVP , PVP in Sieges ! PvP In epic Bosses PvP in daily raid bosses ! PvP Is EVERYWHERE in L2 Elite ! Take a look ! There are A LOT MORE THINGS TO SEE !! Join at L2 Elite Discord and take a fast look! Login in L2 Elite and be ready for Hard Farm and HARDEST PVP! There are a lot of old players if you want to take revenge and a lot of new if you want to make friends or new enemies ! Thank you for reading my post ! Have a great day!
  22. SCARLET OUT NOW Video clip looks like a short movie
  23. Hello, I have a problem will make me loose my mind. I have l2sunrise h5 licenced server. after compiled sources by eclipse, as per guide, I only extract (L2SR_DataPack & L2SR_Server) together in one file that I control the server from. see photo when I faced problem of editing Community Board, many people advised me to edit (\l2r\gameserver\communitybbs\Managers\ But I didn't find java file in that file. Please check 3 photos in link. Files (L2J_SunriseProject_Core_Clean) and (L2J_SunriseProject_Data_Clean) have the java file I'm looking for with (\l2r\gameserver\communitybbs\Managers\ . see photo So, how can I control the Core & Data files that have java files?.. see photo