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  1. How about everyone, I wanted to know what datapack l2j recommend to use and that it is stable and good? always use jfrozen, is there something similar at the moment? I saw that many are using jacis or jmobius but the truth when seeing so many packs I don't know what to use apart I'm just coming back and I have to learn java eclipse etc. so if you can recommend something to start with everything I am grateful! Cheers!
  2. Many of you are familiar with the words mentioned in the title of this thread. These words - or synonyms - are commonly used to describe customized versions of the game that have been introduced in recent years. The purpose of this thread is to highlight some of your favorite customizations you've seen so far, and/or mention what you'd personally like to see in the future. This can include anything, really. Be it client/chronicle "downscaling", introducing level caps & stages, mixing content/skills from different chronicles, or even changing mechanics such as limiting a "full party" to 7 characters. Rework Remaster Masterwork Improve it yourself.
  3. Is there a free download for the Antharas and Valakas Head accessory masks?
  4. Hello guys. I would love to get in touch with the staff from l2 racesupremacy. This was one of the most unique private servers ever made on G3 client. If anyone has any information can you please let me know. If the staff see this message me here via the post or pm i just want to ask a few questions. Cheers, MarkoPolo.
  5. I created an augment system for my server what's your idea about it?
  6. What operating system is best for L2 Off C1 Sinna server files xp,7 or .... ?
  7. dear Friends ! lets disscuss about “our” last buy of crypto! will be great if we can use table like this : 1. Full token name ( TICKER HERE) 2. Where you bought it 3. where you keep it 4. why are u did it 5. how long you gonna keep it ——————————— P.S. We are not discuss here how “low amount of your deposit” and “stupidity of your buy” —————————— I will start... 1. Gala Games (GALA) 2. Binance 2. Binance 3. Cuz I look at AXS(Axie Infinity), how it grow , and think GALA can do the same 4. Dunno... I think about 6 months.
  8. hello i want to ask you guys if you would like to have auto events on a low rate interlude server or events made by gm ? please share with me your thoughts!
  9. Anyone played L2Warheart classic 2.9 secret of empire? I am looking for this server patch. Thanks!
  10. hello guys how can i do two servers on one ip i have two server files
  11. ==================================================== ==================================================== Hello MXC ! I created this thread to discuss about best ideas and their implemented for my Interlude project ! From January 2021 and nowadays i working on my Lineage II Interlude server ! Im okay with any kind of your critics ! What is implemented on the server at this moment : 1. Updated Characters animations from Fafurion's Client. (Mostly For Human Fighters, Orc Fighter Male, DE Male Fighter) Thanks for help to @NevesOma Human Male Fighter Human Female Fighter Orc Male Fighter DE Male Fighter 1.1. New hairstyles as default ( non hats or accesorie) Elf Female Elf Male DE Male Orc Male Orc Female Dwarf Male Orc Shaman Male Human Male And others... 2. Community Board with All services (on Russian i know... i will translate l8r...) Main Buffer Teleport 2.1. Also added Improved Combat Buffs from higher chronicles 3. Added Isle of Prayer location (thanks to @deMEV with Geodata) Chromatic Highlands Crystal Fields "Small" Deco Fly around Parnassus 3.1. "New" location with own new quests (Based on Golden Ram, Alliance with Varka/Ketra, S-Grade Recipes Quests) 3.2. Removed "Korean Random" on Quest Rewards, now you can choose recipes you looking for. 3.3. Same procedure with Item Skills AKA Life Stones New S-Grade Items ( Visual ) Major Arcana Imperial Crusader New S-Grade Sets Bonuses ( Based on Popular A-Grade Sets) Certain sets can only be dressed as appropriate classes ( Dynasty Sets System) Also have a visual difference when equip Blessed Epic Jewellery Sytem (slightly reworked bonuses ) : Can be obtain from Epic Bosses or exchanged Blessed Jewellery also increases success chances of abilities And Ofc New Strider 😄 Project also includes Chaos Interface with a lot comfortable function.
  12. I want to make a continuing list of bad and good servers based on integrity, behavior, and actions of the server Admins/GMs. This will give players some insight to the good servers to play and bad servers to avoid. The objective is to stop the BAD server owners from wasting our time and taking our money, and direct our time and money to the GOOD server owners that deserve and respect their players. Either BAD server owners will change their behavior or they will disappear from lack of trust and funding. Interlude: L2Class 10x(closed without notice) > Opening as Lineage2ROHHIRIM 5x (ADMIN never responds to players)(ADMIN- Aitan) L2Supreme 50x(closed without notice) > Opening as L2Centos 50x (ADMIN never responds to players)(ADMINS-Devian/Dark/Adam) L2Escape 10x(3rd time closing in 6 months) > Opening as L2Unity 10x(ADMINS-GoldFinger/Specter) L2Reborn 1x online 1+ years. Active Admin L2Elmore 1x online 2+ months Active Admin L2Raptor 35x online 5+ months Active Admin L2Temida 8x online 3+ months Active Admin L2Forever + L2Atiesh Active Admin(Hypest) L2Warland 12x online long term. Active Admin(Zeus) La2Dream 50x Wipe every 3-4 months. Active Admin L2RIP, L2Spirit, L2Reload Wipe every 2 weeks, Admin Zematis I play interlude servers so I will add more as I play more. I encourage others to post servers(any chronicle) good and bad. Please make sure your information is based on Admin/GM integrity and behavior(server wipes, lack of response, corruption, donation theft). NOT technical(bugs/low population) or personal conflict.
  13. Would be interested to see do we have people who are mining crypto in this forum? Feel free to share photos of your rigs!
  14. So guys what do you think? Do you want maxcheaters to have its own token? There are plenty of ideas, on how to approach and use this kind of token, from lineage 2 servers ,to other games. Whoever is into this, feel free to discuss here,, and why not collaborate to make it happen.
  15. Hello, Anyone knows how to add a clickable link to the announcements on l2j server ? (l2-scripts)
  16. Hello Everybody , i announce you very nice news from our new project. we have starting new project with BİG İNVESTMENT. We need your vote and opinion for make best and playable game create. Thanks for Vote. Best Regards , Street-Gamer
  17. ANyone knows how does this work? the contents of the file are very weird and make no sense (?iu)\b[е3]?[6бпм](л|ji)(я|иа|а|9i)\b (?iu)\b[6бпм](л|ji)(я|иа|9i)[дтц] (?iu)\b(о|при|на|по|за|не|до)?(\)\(|[хф])у[йияеё] (?iu)\b(о|при|на|по|за|не|до)?(\)\(|х)[е3и]р\b (?iu)\b(о|при|на|по|за|не|до)?(\)\(|х)[е3и]р(ов|н|а\b) (?iu)\b(не|на|по|при|от)?п[иеі]?[з3с]е?[дтц][иеуаё] (?iu)\b(при|про|пра|на|за|от[ьъ]?|с[ьъ]?|под[ьъ]?|по|не|ни|до|вы|[дт][ао]л[бп][ао]|зло)?([еиё]|йо|ї|є)[б6][аоиуеё]?[лнртц] (?iu)\bпид[ао]р (?iu)\b(мудак|mudak|mydak) (?iu)\b(fuck|фак)\b (?iu)\bсц?ук[ао]\b (?iu)\bsc?[uy]k[ao]\b (?iu)\bnaxyu\b (?iu)\bх[yYуУ]й\b (?iu)\bmylat'\b (?iu)\bpoxyu\b (?iu)\bxyu\b (?iu)\bppc\b
  18. Hi guys, how are you?. I don't know if this is the right forum category but if it's not please move it. I'd like to ask if someone else is getting paypal issues while running a private server. I got permabanned from 2 paypal accs within 2 months. Even company account got banned. I called and they just say that you can't work with them anymore due to policy violation but they don't say what's going on exactly. I would really appreciate your feedback, I'm kinda lost and I'm not sure of how to receive donations without paypal. Thanks!
  19. Not much to say here other than the title. Since forever I've been messaged by people to crack their protected l2j private packs or remove protection from packged features. It's pretty fun to do those things so I thought I would open a thread. If you have a project or a feature that has any type of protection just message me with the protected project and I will crack it for you for free. Previous cracks Dream VIP cracked: https://maxcheaters.com/topic/231062-remove-licnse-pack/?do=findComment&comment=2736516 Lucera 1.7 cracked: https://maxcheaters.com/topic/231062-remove-licnse-pack/?do=findComment&comment=2742854
  20. Would like to hear your opinion about which crypto wallets you find the best and why?
  21. A new project on opensea is released recently and its called "Earth NFT Assets" . A total supply of 510,100,000 tokens, which represent the area of Earth are sold at starting price of 0,00001 ETH (0,03$) each. A more detailed plan of roadmap is released here: https://earthassets.io/earth_nft_assets_release_notes.pdf The offical website: https://earthassets.io/ Opensea link: https://opensea.io/collection/earthassets Twitter: https://twitter.com/earthassets
  22. howdy, i already relied on this subreddit however me and my pals are having problem on asterios 5x reason it is too grindy for our loose time, and we can not russian at all, additionally we can not discover a Tweakbox l2 asterios discord and we ar https://vlc.onl e running out of money with out finding a clan. additionally i cannot get right of entry to their discussion Appvalley board for some purpose. i desired to recognize if there was a better charge server (greater than 5x) without a autobuff consoles so we can play buffing lessons, thanks.
  23. Hey guys, currently trying to add a new effect_zone to effect_zone.xml. The zone looks as follows: http://prntscr.com/1t336bj <zone name="darkseed" type="EffectZone" shape="NPoly" minZ="-3300" maxZ="-5000"> <stat name="skillIdLvl" val="40033-1;" /> <stat name="chance" val="100" /> <stat name="reuse" val="500" /> <node X="-45064" Y="78721" /> <node X="-43404" Y="78746" /> <node X="-43539" Y="77435" /> <node X="-45061" Y="77492" /> </zone> There are other manually effect_zones in the xml already which I have added several years ago which work. After I copy-paste another one and simply change the X Y Z, the zone just doesn't get recognized. There are no errors, the other zones are still working, but the newly added one just does not get recognized. When I walk into it, the doesn't show up either. Tried restarting the server several times, tried to make sure it doesn't overlap with other zones (if this is ever an issue.), simply nothing happens. Do you guys have any idea? I remember having some trouble with this several years ago as well, but somehow solved it. I can't think of how I did it now. ___________________________________________________________________ Topic can be closed. I have found the issue. minZ="-3300" maxZ="-5000" was switched up. This is how it's supposed to look like: minZ="-5000" maxZ="-3300" MinZ meaning the lowest point, and -5000 is lower than -3300. This is the second time I am opening a topic and immediately minutes later I find what the issue is. This is like therapy.
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