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Found 39 results

  1. Hello, I'm looking for server which focus on developing Olympiad as a main entertainment while events / PvP spots etc are for getting better at it. Don't get me wrong, typical PvP servers aren't like this, because you have to choose either to balance PvP or Olympiad. One time there was like I don't know maybe 10 years ago or more server called War of Races. Of course at that time it had many bugs but Olympiad was playful and very funny because it wasn't sure if you lose as a Dagger vs Glad as example. There was like that class beats that and that beats that but if you are skilled and you have good equipment you still have chance to kill class which normally would beat you. I used to develop L2j server as a hobby to be similar like WoR but better by writing my own code (I used to earn for living as a Java developer) but usually was getting bored after some time and never finished any (overwhelmed by other things which should have been done to start a server - I just wanted to write code :D). I was starting and stopping projects few times, but every time from clean aCis package, because I had every time new idea. Even now I have my own mods for acis 372 revision made few months ago, but again I gave up. There is written like 30-40% features which I wanted (and there are many of them). This time a main goal was to make interlude server which is like IDLE games :). You quickly farm, exp and get items but you are MORTAL (you can add additional lives so you wouldn't have to create new char every death - death is defined so not every die means death) and when you die for ever (which means you have to create new char) you are getting progress in your SOUL - bonuses like increased enchant rate, increased BoG drop rate, increased skill enchantment rate, increased adena rate, increased HP/CP/MP, decreased skill CD, increased epic jewelry drop and many many more are assigned to account so each character have benefits from it. I added some extra features like blessed BoG (if skill enchantment fails it doesn't break), wyvern from item, random box giving items with chance, merchant for selling items++ or buying them (if someone sold) with tax etc. So to start a server I would finish these which are in progress and cut the others. I would include them later. I guess there isn't server like this but maybe someone know something similar? I want to play for like few days to 1 week for fun and still be able to kill someone who played for long time - that's the goal for this server - for people like me who want to play for fun for few days and come back after few weeks. Even if server is staying for long time I want to have similar chance as others. The only difference would be that if someone is playing longer he can get full stuff in like 1-5 days after death and guy who just joined can do this in like 1 to 2 weeks and need to pay more attention for not being killed. Are there any people interested in such an idea? Please vote so I can know if it is worth to waste time for developing such server (or maybe it is better to cut description and put it in other topic in other section with link for this topic?). So who exactly I'm looking for? Well, lets turn roles - I'm not looking for someone. I don't mind if there won't be a person or people who might be looking for me. I'm here if you are looking for a developer (for aCis) or to be more precise a mate with who you want to open a server. However there are some rules which I want to obey. 1. The only thing I do is coding server mods and playing. Yes - playing. In order to have a good balanced server we need time and experience to do that. Of course I will balance it at the beginning as much as I can, but you can't have a really good balance unless you play and experience your mistakes by your own. I will play as a ordinary player. If you want to make a good community you have to be part of it rather than being above them. I know people always complain about hidden GMs who are playing on their own servers. So lets don't make it hidden. Usually they are childish by having better equ than others having fun with killing weaker players. Well, for me that's not fun. I'm having fun by improving things. I want to be transparent from beginning. I have more fun having equal fight rather than giving my self equipment, but I'm not giving a statement that I won't give my self an item, because in some situations I will have to do this to be sure about imbalance and fixing it. 2. We make server with my ideas. Of course I will listen to yours and if they are not against mine we can merge them. I'm not interested in developing java server. I'm interested in making my own ideas to come true. That's my hobby. I just want a playful server and making it more playful with a time. Maybe I could describe it more but well, I hope this text will be enough to roughly understand the meaning. So your job would be the rest things to do. If you are interested write here and give me a PM.
  2. It's been a long time since I've been here. I will come at you straight, I want some info/answers to some of my questions: 1) How good of a dedicated machine I need to get for a interlude server for lets say 250 online 2) What are the cheapest options for protecting you server from ddos 3) anything more u can add
  3. Hello guys !! I'm searching the forum after a long time and just looking for some guides to remember few things and just read !! I havent find that i was looking for, so if you can help me with any link from the forum or tell me some guides for low rate iderlude some goods builds of CP's and etc thinks. Just want your opinion and what you think about that ! thank you
  4. Cheap rs 2007 gold on RSorder with 24/7 Live Chat New version of RSorder Mobile is live,visit:rsorder.com! -------------------------------------------- Work for RSorder: Get paid with Free rs gold:Work for RSorder to Get Paid with Free RS Gold -------------------------------------------- Payment Methods:Paypal ---------------------------------------------- Sell you Extra rs 07 gold & rs3 gold for real money! 24/7 Online Service for you! https://messenger.providesupport.com...capeorder.html -------------------------------------------- Giveaway: Next Roound Up to 80% off 750M OSRS gold and 4000M RS gold will come to you at 3:00 a.m. GMT on Sept 21!Ready to Snap from x-off-sale ------------------------------------------- long Term Code: SYTHE :7% off Code for Runescape Gold&RS 2007 Gold anytime! OSRSA10:10% off Code for OSRS Account anytime!
  5. Hello. I would like to ask one question. Wich one is better for today creating craft-pvp server, l2jacis or l2jfrozen? i'm talking about frozen 1132 revision and acis 368 revision. Thank you for your answers.
  6. Well i was preparing a big text with all the fancy words and beautiful pictures to persuade you that this is something new and unique, but nooo. You see, everybody can hide something behind big words but not everybody can offer something truly amazing, and in this case, words can't describe what Project LIPO is about. So, if you want to see something interesting check this out. You will forget everything else that is related to Lineage 2. Site: http://projectlipo.com/ Library: http://projectlipo.com/library/ Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/ipotonic/ Discord Server: https://discord.gg/VyFKNGK The Official Opening is on 15th of July! -Soft Opening: 9/7/2018 (100 players/with invites) -Soft Opening v2: 12/7/2018 (+300 players/public) Project LIPO – The map of the Prologue The darker side of the map belongs to the Yin faction while the lighten one belongs to the Yang faction. At the center of each village lies their Nexus which players need to protect when they're under siege. There are 3 different areas were factions will fight daily with the most important one being the Neutral Zone. Why..? Because it contains the Marmoreal Altar that can change the course of the war! The Beta Test Every single phase and mode of the beta test has ended! The T-Shirt A sneak peak of the prototype
  7. Who remember the old l2Tritan with the custom weapons c4 style before years..For me it was the first l2 server..Before 9.5 years ONE VIDEO YOU MAY REMEMBER AND ONE OF THE BEST SIEGES ON LINEAGE 2 HISTORY EVER ENJOY
  8. Hello, I have installed on my PC windows 10 Pro Insider Preview (Build: 10074). I have install Lineage 2 (Interlude) but run as background and don't start! Someone have idea or can fix? I have try and run compatibility with windows 8,7,xp,vista but nothing.
  9. Καλησπέρα σε όλους. Θα ήθελα να βρω κάποιο άτομο να συνεργαστούμε και να με βοηθήσει να ανοίξουμε έναν hi5 server. Και φυσικά δεν θα είναι τσαμπε η πολύτιμη δουλεία του... Ευχαριστώ πολύ. Για πληροφορίες dinos71@hotmail.com
  10. im using h5 client but i want to change some animation of skill like interlude like death spike, shadow flare etc... anyone know how to do it ?
  11. Hello there, So as the title says, is pay to play a good or a bad thing ? I'm working on a project that will be officially announced too soon And i'm curious if i made it pay to play with no donations will it be a good or a bad thing ? Considering it will be interesting and very hype server :D
  12. * I would like to ask moderators to make it sticky or not remove the topic, because I think it is interesting information for players not only about Blaze server, but even about nowadays situation in Lineage2 world. It is not an advertisement. Time has changed, many players have passed and not everyone remember whole story of L2Blaze.net and Lineage2. This why it is time to remember how everything started and where we are now. Year 2008: The Idea Idea of project born at 2008 when Lineage2 was fresh and one of most popular game. At 2009 when world of Lineage2 was not crowd of many servers, few people started research for best files. After some time, files was found and work has started. Year 2011: First light Game files, website, protection systems and other things were ready, we registered domain L2Blaze.net and launched first server, it was Interlude x70. At that time it did not have any name like now: Empire, because there was first and only one server in Blaze project. Everything started from daily 40-80 players, every month more and more players joined to server. Month after month we reach great results, like 400 players online all the time. There was situations like, at server start we reach only 400 players online, but after few days number increased to 800~. Year 2012: X150 Warfire born Day by day we were upgrading server, fixing issues, working on support channel, listening players suggestions and working on ideas. At 2012 born idea from players and administration team to release one more easier server and after some time x150 has born. At this time, servers got names: x70 - Empire and x150 - Warfire. Year 2013-2014: Hardcore At this time we had two servers, both full of players. Fact: month after month, x150 server became more popular than x70. Those years were peak of L2Blaze.net. In many top websites, server was in 1-5 place by votes, servers were full of players and everybody knew the name of Blaze. Server was one of the most popular servers in Europe and Latino community. It was realy great years. Year 2015: Classic X100 One more server has born. We wanted to do something in the middle of X70 and X150, and X100 Classic has born. It was less popular than others two servers, but still had his community. Year 2016: Hello and Goodbye After one year we saw that Classic x100 is not so popular like others two and everytime it reach less players. Time has came to close x100 and again we keep Empire and Warfire servers. Year 2017: Lineage2 bubble has blown. PVP x5000 has born The most saddest year in Lineage2 history. Lineage2 fans who played 2005-2015 have grown, most of them left Lineage2 world, created family. Everybody knew everything about Lineage2, many players bored of daily grinding and raiding. More and more players left the game or chanaged gameplay to high rates, because they give only few hours per day for playing. The worst thing in 2017 was, that around that time, everyday, every person started to create servers and close them after few days or even at start day. Players started to change servers every week or even every few days and apocalypse of Lineage2 started. To be honest, smell of apocalypse started at end of 2015 and early 2016. In my opinion, because of too many same looking servers, as I told before, which open and close all the time. Also, at this time we started our latest server - PVP x5000, because of new habits of players. Year 2018: Still online with our community At this year, L2Blaze project have three servers: x70, x150 and x5000. Most popular, like before - x150. Whole world Lineage2 community dramatically changed and went down, Lineage2 popularity went down too. Despite this fact, our servers still online and have community. Nowadays there are too many servers and too low number of players. At the moment, only some huge servers keep big community, like 1000 - 5000 players, most of them are russians. I am sure, we all saw many popular, great, well done servers who already dead or try to open server and die after few months. I hope, all of you had a great time in L2Blaze or in others servers, because we had. Also, we would like to say thanks for all competitors, you help us to be better. In conclusion, we will work for you, we will try to be better and give you best experience and biggest battles. We hope, you will stay with us and help each other to reach our goals! Some Facts about L2Blaze.NET: Total website visitors from 2011 till 2018 august: 5,737,610 Total unique visitors from 2011 till 2018 august: 1,336,488 Longest offline time for technical issues: 18 hours Server was not offline longer than 24 hours from 2011. DDOS Attacks: 50-100 times per week at 2014, 2018: 5-20 per week. DDOS Attacks total: around 15 000 times. DDOS countrys: USA, China, Russia, Lithuania, Greece, Romania, Poland, Albania and many more. Last time server went offline for DDOS: 2014 Last time server players feel lag, because of DDOS: 2015 From 2015 any of DDOS attack did not affect gameplay. Total accounts from 2011: 3 210 874, more than three millions.
  13. Hey guys, can you recommend any good and stable Freya / Gracia Final server with rates x50-x100 (not more than 100 but it can be a bit less than 50 since it is hard to find anything worth the attention)?
  14. Does anyone here have a tutorial on how to add the information of the smartguard plugin in the source L2OFF Vanganth?
  15. All in all, want to ask if those classic servers are popular enough at these times? I know that there are not lots of classic servers, but when i log in to check i make impression that 40% of players are phantoms. So what's your opinion is it worth it to open classic server (zaken)? For example the features (events and all other functions would be the same as in L2Zaken project - almost their files). H5 is drained, every week 2new projects minimum (so let's say there are 100 servers with 50players in each)..
  16. What if ALL ( the legit ) Server and Client developers from maxcheaters worked on the SAME PROJECT? What do you think would happen? How good do you think the result would be?( technically ofc, coz the idea would be of the company/person they worked for ) How many would go to jail coz they killed someone from the team coz they don't like them? ^_^ ( with not everyone being friends with everyone else it would be hard but lets say you had someone pay you 5000euro/month to work on a project alongside the rest of the devs ) sometimes i see someones work and i can't help but think "imagine what we could do if we all worked together" we( as a community ) have amazing modelists , GXF ppl, codespitting developers, interface experts, network pros and they almost never work together... that leads to a server with poor code and amazing interface or amazing code but the server looks like shit, or stupid code and interface and amazing websites and so on...
  17. Wtb website like this https://www.google.com/search?q=website+for+lineage&source=lnms&tbm=isch&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwiQ1MG3we_cAhVGzKQKHc2LC8wQ_AUICigB&biw=1280&bih=910#imgrc=7_E5SflELA0C8M: https://www.google.com/search?q=website+for+lineage&source=lnms&tbm=isch&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwiQ1MG3we_cAhVGzKQKHc2LC8wQ_AUICigB&biw=1280&bih=910#imgdii=ev6x3hYmoI58iM:&imgrc=k-9JIizHf5WInM:
  18. Hi, I've been looking for info on these 2 things and I did not find much. The first topic is more logical and the other is unknown. 1) First of all, I have added the buff Chant Of Victory and it works perfectly. The problem is that when I add it to the Buffer, it does not work for me. I took out the requirement of spirit ore and I could not make it walk either. What problem can it be? 2) I made some new mobs taking the FOG ashuras as a reference. My doubt is that I still have not found out how to make them passive and that they do not attack when passing by. I tried to lower the agro range, but that's not it. Regards!! Spanish hola, he estado buscando info sobre estas 2 cosas y no encontre mucho. El primer tema es mas logica y el otro si desconozco. 1) En primer instancia, yo tengo agregado el buff Chant Of Victory y anda perfectamente. El problema es que cuando lo agrego al Buffer, no me funciona. Le saque el requerimiento de spirit ore y tampoco lo pude hacer andar. Que problema puede ser?? 2) Hice unos mobs nuevos tomando como referencia los ashuras de FOG. Mi duda es que todavia no encontre como hacerlos pasivos y que no ataquen al pasar por al lado. He probado bajar el agro range, pero no es eso. Saludos!!
  19. Hello everyone, We are craftnotion. If anyone want's a website, android app, ios app or hybrid app , contact us at biz@crafnotion.com . We provide a complete custom development at affordable price. Please check our site https://craftnotion.com for more details. thanks
  20. Hello We all know there are a few good H5 Private projects out there. But the only one that I know are Mobius, FanDc and Sunrise. Are there anyother that you guys consider a "Good" project for a all kind of servers? Low, mid and even High rated ones? Looking forward to read the comments!
  21. Hi there, So, i'm working on a big project these days, and i want a good anti cheat i used l2sguard for 2 months but premium adrenaline works easily on it so what do you think is the best anti cheat ?
  22. Καλησπέρα σε όλη την ομάδα του MaxCheaters. Ήθελα να σας ρωτήσω αν υπάρχει κάποιο Guide που να δείχνει λεπτομερός πως να αλλάζω Stats από Armor/Weapons/Tattoo/Jewels ή αν μπορεί κάποιος να με βοηθήσει μέσο Skype να έρθω σε επικοινωνία μαζί του. Δηλαδή να βάλω αυτά που θέλω εγώ. Παρακαλώ πολύ να με βοηθήσετε χωρίς βρισιές και λογομαχίες! Καλή σας μέρα!
  23. Hello, maybe anyone can let me know from where i can get html website for lineage 2 server? :D
  24. Hello, Is it a good idea to downgrade vanganth l2off interlude extender to C5 chronicle? Are these files good at all? Maybe it's just a waste of time?