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  1. Hi there, it's been a long time since my last visit here, a lot of old users and friends are long gone, section is dead and the quality of "artwork" here is pathetic, what happened?
  2. Helle guys , I'm looking to open a Lineage 2 server on a CT2 Chronicle and i'm not sure off the server specs needed to run this kind of project. i would like a server how can run on 200 active players. Can you give me some advice on the server specs ?
  3. kalispera paidia..mporei kapoios na kanei addapt ena arxeio parakalw?
  4. Not much to say here other than the title. Since forever I've been messaged by people to crack their protected l2j private packs or remove protection from packged features. It's pretty fun to do those things so I thought I would open a thread. If you have a project or a feature that has any type of protection just message me with the protected project and I will crack it for you for free. Previous cracks Dream VIP cracked: https://maxcheaters.com/topic/231062-remove-licnse-pack/?do=findComment&comment=2736516 Lucera 1.7 cracked: https://maxcheaters.com/topic/231062-remove-licnse-pack/?do=findComment&comment=2742854
  5. I have nothing else to say, gg volvo - we can post positive reviews, but when you try to post a negative one it says "wait for release"
  6. Hello ! Our server is looking for closed beta testers for a low rate interlude retail server , who wants to give us a hand and help us test our files is more then welcome to pm me! We want to offer to our players a good time , nostalgia and a server where the time and effort is appreciated , A progressive server chronicle Every 2 years our server chronicle will be updated ,we will never Wipe !
  7. Perasa mia armor custom kai otan thn vazw as poume sto donate shop mou thn Deixnei maurh sto inventory thn vlepw kanonika ena help kapoios?
  8. Deleted, topic overwhelmed by retards. Project is still in progress but I won't bother sharing any links here.
  9. I was always wondering how do servers accept payments? Is a simple personal paypal account enough? Do I have to start a new company and pay upfront a lot of money and then pay more on taxes etc? What are the options?
  10. Hi all, Does it seem odd that there are literally no new Fafurion / Hommunculus private servers opening anymore? The very few ones which are still open are basically dead and deserted. Why are developers not working on Faf/Homm servers these days? Lack of funds, hard to develop/maintain ?! I would consider opening one myself, I have the funds but I would need local developers in the UK willing to sign a legal binding contract before putting any money into it. Is it even worth it anymore?! Best, A player
  11. Hello guys , one guy text me and told me to do this .. any idea about it ?
  12. This post originally appeared on MmoGah. The Undaunted Celebration begins September 8 from 10 AM EDT and runs until September 20 at 10 AM EDT. It's one of the best events of The Elder Scrolls Online because defeating group-dungeon bosses during the event nets you valuable style pages and Event Tickets. If you want to get a lot of ESO money, please don't miss this event. What Is the Undaunted Celebration Event The Undaunted Event celebrates player coordination in defeating some of the most challenging bosses in the 4-man dungeons. Killing and looting dungeon bosses grants players various goodies and consumables, including gold, style pages, Undaunted Keys, and more. How to Join the Undaunted Celebration Event To join the event, you can travel to any dungeon found throughout ESO via your map, Group Finder, or a specific dungeon's Overland entrance. You can start by doing the introductory quest Glory of the Undaunted, which you can obtain by speaking to Serileth at any Undaunted Enclave, traveling to an Impresario tent, or picking it up for free in Crown Store. Undaunted Celebration Event Rewards Undaunted Reward Boxes Each day, when you defeat the final boss of any group dungeon during the event, you will get a normal version of the Undaunted Reward Box. If it is your first dungeon boss of the day, you can receive a Glorious Undaunted Reward Box as an additional loot drop. The Undaunted Reward Boxes are guaranteed to drop an item set piece from the dungeon in which the box was obtained. Both versions of the Undaunted Reward Box include a guaranteed chance to drop one of the following items: • A random Motif style page from the following: • Mazzatun • Silken Ring • Bloodforge • Scalecaller • Fang Lair • Huntsman • Silver Dawn • Moongrave Fane • Stags of Z'en • Icereach • Pyre Watch • Thorn Legion • Hazardous Alchemy • True Sworn • Waking Flame • Crimson Oath • Silver Rose • Ascendant Order • Dreadsail • 1,000 Gold • An Undaunted Key • A Crown Repair Kit • A Riding Lesson In addition to the above, a Glorious Undaunted Reward Box includes a chance to drop one of the following: • Opal Monster Weapon styles for • Velidreth • Ilambris • Troll King • Engine Guardian • Bloodspawn • Chokethorn Opal Monster Mask Style Pages If you are interested in the Masks, you can get the Opal Monster Mask Style pages by defeating the Veteran Hard Mode final bosses from: • Cradle of Shadows Dungeon (Velidreth) • Crypt of the Hearts 1 dungeon (Ilambris) • Blessed Crucible dungeon (Troll King) • Darkshade Caverns 2 dungeon (Engine Guardian) • Spindelclutch 2 dungeon (Bloodspawn) • Elden Hollow 1 dungeon (Chokethorn) Opal Monster Shoulder Outfit Style Pages Moreover, if you already have the base version of a Monster Shoulder Style, you can buy the Opal Shoulder version from Undaunted vendors (Glirion, Urgalag Chief-bane, and Majal-Ragath) using 50 Undaunted Keys. The vendors also sell Undaunted Opal Shoulder Coffers (25 Undaunted Keys each), which contain a random Opal Shoulder Style page. You can also receive an additional Undaunted Reward Box per day by completing Bolgrul's Undaunted Daily Undaunted Delve quest. Bolgrul can be found within any Undaunted Enclave. Some of the Style pages, such as the Opal Engine Guardian Dagger Style page, can net you a huge profit, so taking part in the event is an excellent opportunity to make ESO money, especially if you have multiple accounts. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T8ztWO7uTvU ESO Undaunted Celebration Event Gold Guide (Easiest Profitable Event Early September 2022) Event Tickets Like in many other ESO events, players can earn Event Tickets during the Undaunted Celebration. You will earn two Event Tickets per account by defeating a final dungeon boss each day. Note that you can hold up to 12 Event Tickets at any one time, so if you earn more while at the ticket cap, you'll lose them. Make sure to spend them before earning more. Also, the Imperial event merchant, the Impresario, will be available during the Undaunted event, and she will offer the following goodies: • All three Soulfire Dragon Illusion Pet Fragments • Hallowed Hourglass Basin • Illuminated Dragon Scroll • Kvatchian Incense • The first Two Daggerfall Paladin Costume Fragments • Blessed Rubedite Enamel • Captured Dragonflame • Bound Style Pages for the following Opal Weapons and Opal Masks and Shoulders • Velidreth • Impresario Group Repair Kits • Companion Guild Commendations You can also spend your Event Tickets at the Indrik Vendor, Nenuluare, and she is offering the Ebon-Glow Indrik Pet, Sapling Indrik Pet, and the Indrik Feathers for Nascent, Onyx, and Mossheart.
  13. Free download klingelton kostenlos are available for thousands of phones, including iPhones and Samsungs. To access the software, you must connect your mobile to your computer. The software will then display a list of ringtones. You can choose one that is appropriate for the occasion. You can then save it or send it to another person as an attachment. Alternatively, you can also download the MP3 file to your device and save it as a ringtone.
  14. I think its best facebook/instagram retarget? or we have some rly good site top? where we can put put money on banners? what populating right now? banners or facebook/instagram advertising? Thx for info and more informations!
  15. What is the most played version of l2 in 2022? retail? classsic or essence? Essence seems very popular with russians. Private servers interlude still is king?
  16. Hello friends, need to play a new MMORPG. And what's not better than a grindy gamed that's loved by the whole MMORPG community? I've never tried it before, Only heard about it. https://speedtest.vet/ https://vidmate.bid/ What private server should i play? I'm not intressted in retail i've heard it's very bad and not what i'm looking for. I've read that C3 C4 and ??Interlude?? I think it's called should be the best. I want a stable version of the game. Thanks!
  17. Hi guys, I recently saw one of the codes on Amazon and said why not... and after 10 years reinstalled Linage 2. I'm playing Classic on Talking Island Server and I've got a few questions, a LOT has changed heh. So... I got a few books on IT, sold them and bought a Delusion, a few minutes later I repented as I realized there is no grade restrictions and some guys were selling A grade close to what I paid. One of my questions is this: how do I upgrade my Delu to Samurai? In the past I used to do it with Mammon, now, I don't have a clue! Another one: the cloak from Amazon, Elmoreden or something like that, doesn't let me claim it to my lvl 52 SK, is it because I'm too low level, or because it's for Live or something? I'm gonna leave it there for now :P Information for this game is so cryptic!
  18. On the 28th this month, NC Korea will release an update including new race for Lineage 2 called Sylph. More or less, Sylph are based on teenage characters, where male is flying on his hoverboard while shooting revolvers, and female, as You do, shoots her sniper rifle. Reflink: https://lineage2.plaync.com/update/history/2020/201014_collection So how do You feel about this folks? Are You excited like I am...? Time to PEW PEW guys? Feel free to share Your thoughts.
  19. Hi guys, Anyone has an idea if Vanganth is still into the business? Has anyone any contact with him? Thanks!
  20. A new word in the field of Lineage 2 moviemaking. At least try to say this word This art work required the participation of 8 programs, including programs for working with the client l2, 3d editors and video editing programs, a month of the life of one middle-aged man and 666 cups of coffee..
  21. Please share the assembly or sources of L2J Mobius 10.2 MasterClass. Thanks
  22. Days have passed, giving birth to digital-based assets such as NFTs in the first place, making them infinitely more influential than ever before. It may be overrated at the beginning, But, only a few can predict the value it carries and will carry in the future as the future slowly turns into a Web3 phenomenon from the Web2 concept; making hay while the sun shines is followed by many budding entrepreneurs, If that's your case, You might directly go for the White Label NFT marketplace Development for a better approach into the metaverse and to improve your business hotspot. Read More: https://www.turnkeytown.com/blog/the-denouement-to-ever-extending-white-label-nft-platform/
  23. As the title says, I'm looking for someone capable of working with mob/npc textures. Private msg me on this forum to discuss.
  24. Hello guys ! I was wondering if someone could help me in a problem. I would like to make a NPC that could summon a monster / raid boss if you have the needed items. As an example, i make a raid that drops Vesper Weapons, and in order to summon it you need to have 10 Adena, talk to the NPC, click the "Summon Raid" , the NPC gets the 10 adena needed and summons the raid boss. Edit : l2j sunrise, H5 Final Version. Thank you !
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