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Found 1,876 results

  1. Hey there, I would like your opinion regarding choosing project to begin building a low-mid Interlude rate server. As far as I know, right now there the following options -aCis A decent project plus the price is rather insignificant. There are things to work on as far as I am concerned before you go live plus you need to work besically about everything custom you need since the project is pretty much vanilla c6. - Morbius I haven't spent much time testing the project plus I checked their free version and I don't know the progress that has been done since then, so pardon me if my judgment is poor, but it seems l2j frozen and aCis had sex and that project is the result. -Orion I checked their test server and I was really dissapointed. There are many customs mods but after checking a few classes and quests, there is a lot that needs to be done. The price is 50gbp and it is just for the datapack. -L2scripts The price is 1200$ for the source, 200$ just for the datapack without online limitation. I wasn't able to get into their test server cause their system is not windows 10 compatible and when I tried to check the engine.dll I got critical error. Anyway I consider it overpriced and I really don't think the file quality is worth the money they ask. -Lucera When it comes to payed files it's the first project that comes in mind. I spent a couple days on their test server, It was a bit laggy some moments and also the character movement/ geodata was a pain in the ass. The price is 120$ and as far as I am concerned you get access on the source code. Am not a skilled dev, I mostly view the projects from a players prospective which means that I will probably need to buy dev servicies for the more complicated tasks which means that the overall cost of getting the server live will be increased. The second part of the topic is about bot protection. I honestly consider it a joke to pay for any type of protection service since as a player I was able to run Adrenaline in any server. I know that there is the possibility to sell your house and give the money to SGuard for example to actually be protected. On the other hand it's 2020 and in my opinion spending countless hours farming is dead. Even on the official server they have added functions that are like bots and the mobile version is almost hands free. So from the administrators prospective I think is better not to give cancer to your community. Let them bot and just don't allow extreme abusing (solo epics, egg delivery etc). I would like to know your thoughts and opinions. If there is any other project (paid or free) that is worth to check let me know. I will also appreciate if the topic stays civil. I know that many of you are trying to protect your own interests but I hate it when it becomes "longest dick competition". Thanks for your time and am looking forward to your anwsers.
  2. Hey guys, iam intrested in classic files but all i found in forum is remorse who is renting some kind of files, l2mobius(as i understand buggy AF) and l2scripts (same buggy, but expensive). Its all what we got? On what files all classic files launching today like l2mars or smth similar to them?
  3. Hey. Wondering what do you think about current situation of H5? (~low/mid)? I can still see, that people are opening projects with leaked L2RO files (which to be honest i don't know if they are good/bad). Same concept, some of them make a bit of online (~100) others make to (~450). These things are gathered from L2Topzone votes. One year ago, Redmoon started something a bit of new concept (no auto subclass, you have to walk to npc instead of using directly from CB). I wonder what people are looking for :? What are your thoughts on H5 current state and what is lacking. Currently i see, that people are migrating from H5 to Interlude or Classic (and classic is moving so fast, that private servers don't have time even to catch up, new update after new update, making more and more bugs to appear).
  4. Hello community ! I've been a l2 player since 2009 when we where farming on varka hiting lvl79 trying to enchant our weapons as much as we could and then make pvp outside of goddard now for me that was the experience that make me love lineage 2 it was so much fun and not a lot of weird things existed back then! Share your experience of how you first started playing l2 and what make you wanna play it till today ! :)
  5. There is a person in L2 Reborn that scamms everyone even from a different clan there was an insident of scamming. His name was Esmeliona with one character and with his alt was FromTheDarkAges now he was renamed to scam even more with the names DarkNecro and Left4Dead. Be aware. Also the GMs banned the whole cp and let him still play because the specific person is friend of them . The reason that banned us was that a member of the cp was trash talking and so all of us where banned. We never used suspicious software or what so ever and many times the GMs came to us to figure out of any illegal scripts and beacause we didn't accept to do his job he never respond again to any problems in game were occured. In the photos you will find the pms from the scammer to our cp leader and trying to avoid returning any staff was given to him and to another picture you will see the GM dead from a RB 30lvl cause he didn't know how to make him not receiving any damage from the RB. Can't send all of the pictures so pm me if you want more proof. Thank you.
  6. Hello . Im 25 years old guy from Ukraine , and i've thought why not to create a topic asking from people they're thoughts and maybe someone intrested of my proposition? :D What's the point , i have realy strong PC right now , and some days ago i've spent trying to create / editing l2files to open a L2J Server. I've succed btw ;D , but im low experienced on that , because ive started learning Java only right now , so that my point. If you guys , any of you intrested of opening a L2J or L2Off server , we could talk about. Im intrested of creating one , not for fun , im able to pay for it if it needs to , but i need skilled Team to help me out , so if anybody want to , im waiting a pm or answer on the topic , thanks ) Btw , i've playing Lineage 2 since 2006 , so i now many staff , my 1st server was e-globab and bnb if someone remember , so im kinda old school guy haha ) Regards Corv.
  7. I hope the section is correct, I have got the question about 'handle with care' quest in lizardmen plains, I can't teleport through Batracos to desired location, it is said that item requirement is not sufficient and I can't enter, the question is what is the item requirement there? I googled it and couldn't find an answer, would be grateful if someone could tell me that and maybe say something more about the quest.
  8. Here guys one of the first teasers from new lineage2(not revolution)mobile expected some moment on 2019. You allready know how's Diablo mobile announcement went so what do you think would happen with this effort?what's your opinion? :D
  9. Since it's big topic to discuss i will split it to three parts. Part 1 : Players Side After playing many many many many servers like most of you. As a player i completely lost my interest for the game and the bad thing about this is that i didnt lost it because of the game itself but because of the community and the guys who make the servers. Many of us still play the game because of the nostalgia and the fun we had in the past but now it's different story we play just to play because we try to fill sth that cant be filled with the current "supplies" . Many forget that this game is not just clicking and moving your player, meeting new people and overall have fun with your friends/clan even with the server team (Admin/GM's) they are part of that aswell. As a player you want to enjoy your time in the game, whenever you see something messing with your in game experience being able to have your "guards" aka GM's/Admin to be there and actual help that means a lot (beside the server-side issues like buggy items/npc's/locations etc... i include ofc the main plague that fks arround with that game since the beginning (bots)). Anyway we all know bots are hard to handle but still if u dont do sth ACTIVELY this prob will stay untill the end. When you build strong community it's lasting longer so complains (by Admins) for instance "people are leaving" doesnt make any sense. Example: L2Damage, had 2k+ppl full activity involving players server was okay. But admin decided to make wipe guess why... No more donations. GM just logged and spammed like bot "WIPE NEXT SEASON BLA BLA BLA NEW ERA" and crap like that on announcements every fking minute. When players see that obviously they will leave. Part 2 : Server Owners Side Okay we all know how things are now, admins are greedy af. Current server owners (with some exceptions out of the list), care purely for the money business investing on ads,marketing and crap like that. Is this the game we all once loved ? Marketing and business? I dont think so... Even if as admin you take this approach to use this game for business when you do business (common sense) is to keep your god damn clients satisfied by your services or whatever. Still it's bad approach , far away from the ideal but atleast the lifespan will be higher compared to "idc" tactic used by current Admins.Okay i get it noone will do it w.o profit but atleast show passion for that it's very hard (it's actually easier to find pikachu in your garden than finding Admin with passion for his own project). The fact most of the Admins/GM's never interact with players is actually sad because it is showing that they just dont care. When you do sth that u dont love/care and u seek only for money it gets reflected to the game leading to bad results. Back in the day servers had crapy files full of bugs still admins had fun interacting with ppl fixing issues by themselves. I dont say it was utopia or sth corruption,bots still existed but compared to the "business streak" that hit the l2 community is nothing. Part 3 : Developers Side Now you get 1000 devs bragging for their skills who is faster more efficient etc... I was always wondering why after all this years the number of developers increased but servers quality decreased what the? We are provided with free good tools, open source codes with many fixes compared to the old times and still ... everything is chaotic in l2 community and what we get ? Many trashy servers with unsatisfied community. Why no collab together to help l2j,acis to provide the best product instead of crying about the quality proving nothing with only barking about the bugs each free open source project have. instead devs enable the money thirsty admins creating custom full of crap servers passing the "new" label to their new features like functions/custom wings/ custom dicks or whatever. Sure some new custom features that improve the game quality is not bad but dont modify the game it's called lineage 2 for a reason. Lineage 2 is all about community if you build strong roots the building will last. Feel free to share your opinion about this topic, this is my personal opinion about the current situation. P.S sorry for the grammar issues, nah i dont care. P.S2 PAYSOFT not even worth mentioning.
  10. He wanted to know their opinion as a lineage 2 community, which they identified to add the base abilities feoh force ... tyr force ... and with all obtain the solidarity party . With this we would avoid full archery party .... dagger..etc. What do i consider?
  11. I make a topic in which we can discuss random things about league of legends. new patch notes epic matches etc.. Next Poll: #1 Topic at MxC
  12. Someone have the real sources or information? Im asking because when i compile it, the cliext size is +-200kb but the cliext.dll that is in the sources has 800+kb.
  13. Hello, Im looking for any of Good L2 Classic Server Could you Recommend some please. Thank you
  14. Hello, i want to ask for Atual Studio , graphic design services. I have contacted them 3 months ago, told me that we would speak again in 1 month, and ever since, 2 months now they disappeared. Any news ? I tried contacting them in their Phone / contact form / whatsapp as well. Their website link is the following: Do you also have someone responsible and available for graphic + web services? We try to find someone who knows the Lineage area well, but only for professional services since our needs are highly specialized. Thank you all for your time.
  15. Does anyone how can i make basemul work on hi5 project? i know i can use mul but as i have seen they are not working the same way
  16. BUY FROM OUR WEBSITE:- We at believe in providing the BEST POSSIBLE RATES available in the market and at the same time provide the best customer support possible! All sorts of prime, non prime, special accounts, high tier accounts available for csgo. Accepting PayPal, BTC, PaySafeCards, Steam wallet cards/items. MHW,R6S, GTA V,SCUM,PUBG,RUST,APEX,VALORANT and other games available for cheap.
  17. Any interface for classic at least to remove heal and noblesse in debuff , it's weird i cant find anything , if anybody have please share or link ,ty ! I would appreciate
  18. I need help to manipulate it as a passive skill, including conditions of use, to use VanganthExtender Interlude. I want to include passive_conditions in the skilldata.txt file
  19. Hello, folk. I want to try exploit your imagine for making better my achievement system. What i have at this moment and what i need from you. Implemented achievement system as listener of many actions (at this moment i use around 50 personal conditions). Implemented reward system via Mail service. All conditions saves and all new achievements will rewarding by existing states of conditions (aka reward if all conditions already was completed before addition new achievement). What i need from you: What the types of achievements you could be suggested for sorting this all to separated groups. Something like: GENERAL, EPIC, SOCIAL, ETC? What the unique conditions (funny conditions are welcome) you could be suggested for achievement? Please specify all your conditions/types in one post. Thanks in advance.
  20. I'm looking for a bot program to work on e-global interlude rework server. Help plz.
  21. Hello, I recently noticed this thing with casting animation of spells when the spell doesn't have a cooldown. I recorded this video, on a c4 server to make it more clear. When there is a cooldown on the skill, it is being casted normally. But if I give myself renewal and pony, therefore removing the cooldown, it looks like the caster is casting the skill slower than before, when the skill had cooldown. This only happens if i don't move, and the animation becomes slower after the first cast. If i move and hit, animation looks normal. Why is this happening?
  22. Own a Lineage2 Server? Add it to and get 20 days Gold for FREE as a welcome to all L2Network's members! How to claim? ***Post the account name of your Server as a reply to this thread!*** aims to Worldwide players so its an opportunity and a good chance to achieve it! Every admin that will add his website to our Toplist will have access to a very useful panel that will help him to manage easily his information for the server or edit and add extra things to the future. is a list of Lineage2 Servers, server owners ask their players to vote to help increase the rank in our server list. By default, we sort our database of servers by Rating starts & vote count numbers, highest to lowest. New Features: We provide an extensive list of game clients to select from, and a huge userbase as well as many advertising options from free front page advertising with our UNUQUE bump system (which works once every 8 hours) to cheap VIP options which help smaller servers who want to advertise gain traction. WEBSITE: FAQ: Register:
  23. Hello there , as i mentioned in topic Why lineage 2 is DEAD. I made up my mind to start a project which will (hopefully) help people to avoid bad servers leading all the traffic to one place and not to 1000 top list sites. If you are listed in our platform forget about the other. Discord : Click here Site : L2 Police What is the objective of this project ? To create a platform where you can find servers listed in categories depending on their quality . But compared to other top-list sites. Me and the community of this platform will ACTIVELY review and decide if this server is considered serious, fun or joke server. Writing with details the in-game features of each server giving the cons - pros. We want to lead all the traffic to a healthy filtered top list that is been made by humans spending time to review servers LIVE. And not by machine deciding if server is good only by votes. How you decide if a server is good or bad ? After playing for so many years this game like most of you, we can tell if server is good with just a glance. If servers has fast pvp, if it's p2w (aka if server is up just for money), if balance is working, if staff cares ,if it's stable, if customs interfere with the in-game balance, if files are a joke...etc you name it. After finishing inspecting the game live. We create a topic with the name of the server including all the in-game features and start analyzing the pros - cons. Each topic will include a vote poll with 3 options Serious Server, Fun Server, Joke Server. *Note: Everyone in the platform is allowed to make reviews. How this benefit admins ? If you are a honest admin or new and always wanted to create your own server but you are afraid to open it because you cant compete the marketing out there worry not. Number of players in game or marketing power doesnt affect your ranking in this platform. Since we log in to your server by ourselves we can see if you and your team look for the quality experience of the player and not for the money. If you are listed in category "Serious Server","Fun Server" you get a stamp "APPROVED by L2 Police" . How to request for a review? Simply by joining our platforms and create a topic with tittle "Request for a review" links of server, and details about your in-game features. *Note: We are not testers. I want to be part of this project how i join ? Since it's player oriented platform the more traffic it gets the better for the community. Everyone is welcome to be part of this project. Lets create the best top list out there, this will benefit all the community. Credits: @Trance who gave me the idea.