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  1. Well, its common that Majority of IL users, thinks that KNOWS how to play with dagger,especially Adventurer, something that is not true at all, judging by the facts i see at servers So i am creating this 'Mini guide' for this reason The guide contains: 1)General things, Path to become, comparisons 2)Skills 3)Gear choosing 4)Buffing 5)Dye drawing 6)General tactics I will cover this class ONLY for Mid rate/'HR" servers .Though buffs will cover the 24 buff slots thing D:General Things First of all, THs should be the masters of Solo pvps. Dont try using them at any other reason, for a Mass PVP or a Raid or w/e. A well played TH can kill most nukers/archers/other daggers/support classes quite easily when fighting at 1v1 He is better than GH/PW at solo pvps for sure, cause of his Dash/Mirage/2 de-targetting skills PATH OF BECOMING AN ADVENTURER Human Fighter Rogue Treasure Hunter Adventurer Skills & Items This time i wanna explain it a bit different than usual way Gonna explain all skills in my bar & items. 1st bar 1)Attack(I use it there cause i am used of it, some use CP there..) 2)Bluff : Makes enemy turn back to you, stuns him and cancels his target, if it works. You gotta spam it a lot at all pvps 3)Lethal Strike: Usable a lot at pvps, and has higher chance of Lethal Strike than other 2 skills.Deals quite much dmg 4)Deadly Blow: Deals damage from all sides(like Lethal) . 5)Backstab: Deals damage in back, straight to HP. Normally, it should be used only by back(where it deals more dmg than other 2.But you can make it work from all sides, with a little bug i will tell below 6)Critical Blow: Increases the chance of making a Critical blow.Normally, it doesn't consume a buff slot. 7)Dash: Increases your speed by ..a lot.In Mid rate servers, you can have it 100% of time, with right buffs 8)Mana potions:Restore your MP, if server has them.. 9-10)Trick-Switch : THey cancel enemies target.They may stop the target while running too 11)Ultimate Evasion: Increases your Evasion and resistance to Debuffs. 12) Greater CP potions : Increases your CP by 200(uber?) 2nd bar 1)Vicious Stance: Increase the damage your blows do Almost always activated! 2)Focus Skill Mastery: Increases your chance of skills to succeed Almost always activated! 3)Focus Power: You deal more damage in the back & side, but less from front.Also increase success rate of blows.Usable 90% of time.Cant be used WITH Focus chance. 4)Focus Chance: You have mre chance to deal a critical blow strike from back and side, and less from front.Increases success rate of blows.I use it at Dagger vs Dagger pvps. 5)Mirage: Cancels your enemy's target when they hit you in a fixed rate. 6)Nobless: You don't lose buffs on death, but you have to be Nobless to have this skill 7)Summon Greater CP pots: Summons 20 CP potions.You have to be nobless to have this skill 8)Sand bomb: Decreases Accuracy or near enemies. 9)Escape Shackle: Cancels all Root skills. 10)S grade soulshots: oO 11)Elixir of HP S grade: Restores around 3.000 HP at use.Cooldown is around 5-7 mins(?) 12)Elixir of CP S grade: Restores around 1.200 CP at use.Cooldown is around 5-7 mins(?) 3rd bar 1)Greater Haste Potion: Increases speed. Same effect with Wind Walk level 2 2)Greater Swift Attack Potion: Increases Atk speed.Same effect with Haste level 2 4)Scroll of Res: We should always have RES with us, for any case.. 5)Silent move: Mobs can't see you anymore when used.Consumes MP and decreases speed 6)Stealth: Same effect with Silent move,but instead of decreasing speed, it decreases Pdef & pdef. Its a buff effect and lasts 2 mins. 7)FakeDeath: Makes you look like dead 9)Blessed Scroll of Escape for Clan hall, for any case :D 12)Greater HP pots: Restore your HP over time Gear choosing Armor! Well, the basic option is Light Armor Heavy could 've been used ONLY under several circumstances(ex a pvp with duelist or another dagger), if there are no penalties.But remember, Light is the main armor! Our first choice is always Draconic armor That's the armor i personally prefer and wear 95% of time. Second choice, is Majestic Light It would be great vs classes that have many stun abilities(Tyrants, solo pvps with daggers, etc) As i told above, 3rd choice would be Imperial Heavy And you can mostly use it at PvPs with Duelists/Daggers Btw, if you do so, you should use Shield also. Weapon! Well, you know that Dagger's grade/enchant doesn't take much part into damage at Interlude. So you could even stay with Demon Dagger Mortal Strike My choices are 3 1)Angel Slayer Haste (since Crit.Dmg doesnt work at most servers) 2)Demon Dagger Mortal Strike (Increases chance of blows to succeed) 3)Angel Slayer Crit Dmg By leveling you could just keep Crystal Dagger mortal strike , or the B grade.There is no reason for A grade weapon. Jewels! If you have access to them, these are the best to get. Practically, you need QA and Baium more than others though. I would say no to valakas, since Frintezza is more useful.But if your server doesn't have frintezza,its the only choice :P Buffing I am gonna give buffs for 24 buff slots server. The buffs are situational most times, thats why i have 2 basic schemes Important!Look in the way they are taken. Mental Shield & Resist shock always in the first place, cause they may leave cause of overbuffing. I personally go 95% of time, mainly at solo pvps with these buffs Cause i need resists , and they are more important from some evasions at solo pvps. And i prefer taking Unholy Protection cause most times, there are many necros & sph, so its really useful The other buff scheme is this Mainly for mass pvps, to avoid archer zergs. Any other of this buffs may overbuff you(if you dont remove Unholy prot at first scheme, and Elemental at 2nd) Try to get Blessing Of Queen as well, if its available to you. And remember ; No berseker's spirit! Dye Drawing I would say, there are 2 choices of Dyes. First of all, i would like to say that we don't need STR at Interlude. So here we go 1) CON+4 STR -4 2)DEX +4 STR-4 3rd slot, can have 2 ways a)WIT+4 INT-4 b)CON+1 STR-1 it's a matter of taste, but i prefer WIT+4.. General Tactics General Play Use Vicious & Focus Skill Mastery all the time, if you have mana pots 95% of time, you should use Focus Power.Focus Chance would be good only vs other daggers. Use Mirage in a smart way.If it's 100% of time available, just spam it though P: Care of overbuffing.Using Dash while UE/Mirage/Focus Power will overbuff you in a bad way.(Especially if you have catbuff as well) At PvPs, try to hit enemy from sides by moving a bit.It will give you the extra dmg of Focus Power.And it bugs you most times at Java servers(and Facestabs work then D:) Remember to use Elixirs, it's around 3k HP and 1.2k CP instantly. Try using this bug at L2 off servers Just run when you seem to be in trouble by 3 people or u seem you cant kill them.You constantly move at 235 speed, so noone can get you Using Trick & Switch is needed at PVPs vs Mages. Remember to use Critical Blow early, it gives you an important buff(doesnt consume buff slot) that is gonna help you a lot And don't forget to hard spam bluff At mass pvps, always get on bishop and bluff/switch/trick him A lot, meanwhile you are in back and spam your skills. At Bishop only for start! PvP tactics, vs other classes -Necros First of all, if you don't have Mental Shield, you are screwed . Try killing their pet fast, instead of them. If they use Banes to you, remember to press Haste & WW pots asap -SpS/Sorcer The difficult thing here, i could say is Aura flash/flare spam You should constantly have your cursor at them, and fast target -Tyrants I would say, a very hard enemy. Though, considering they play most times with low hp, you mostly wanna go Backstab them So run, go back for a bluff , and re-run -Titans I don't think they can die easily while in solo pvp with them You should basically run around, when ALL your skils are available, go back, Trick him and spam the skills,and then run again ;) When he tried to Frenzy/Zealot, asap spam your skills at his back, he dies there most times -Duelists Really hard to do anything here.. I use Focus Chance vs them...still, its a very hard pvp. UE is not gonna help -Archers I would say, easy pvps D: If you see you are dying, use UE & pots.Dont run away of them(If you are in a medium HP) , keep in close range and spam Backstabs -Other Daggers First of all, Use Focus Chance Second, make most of the General Tactics i told above. :) If they are THs, remember to have ur cursor to them to fast retarget If they are GHs, take care of Counterattack and run when they use it! Epilogue I hope to see less guys with totally wrong buffs from now on..especially mengs from mxc , which i flame for that matter in servers we play together :) And remember ! Don't be retarded and play with Daggers at Mass pvps!