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  1. this file with custom effects l2, it is encrypted smart crypt, will there be a person who unlocks it? https://mega.nz/file/qItQWQQD#3_2M43DBVAyYlZHJ7RNhPS6swYdXJDZEw9PEFTQYF8Y
  2. Hello guys, need unpacked scripts from Helios or Prelude of War, decompile files .uc , thank you.
  3. blue and red ring in duel.
  4. Blue ring What texture is used? Which .utx
  5. If I bet a standard lineageeffect then it compiles, When I replace with mine, he looks for staticmeshes to it, "LineageEffectsStaticmeshes," when I add it, then that mistake comes out. There are no errors with the standard lineageeffect. without staticmeshes: https://pastebin.com/gPL4NXUu with staticmeshes: https://pastebin.com/Y6gEuASn my LineageEffect have 2 classes: https://pastebin.com/g2fgRaEK https://pastebin.com/skVMxe9J
  6. https://pastebin.com/VikX9WmD https://pastebin.com/p70CACSW " EffectClass=Class'Corasonskill.s_u807_mage_ca' SimpleEffectClass=Class'Corasonskill.s_u807_mage_ca_simple
  7. https://pastebin.com/vQMDW53W
  8. COMPILER 1 : COMPILER 2 : http://i.yapx.ru/HU4g8.png CODE: https://i.yapx.ru/HU4Xc.png compiler 1: compiler 2:
  9. Trying to import a .ukx file into a .u package compiles without errors but does not import a file where there may be a problem?
  10. Hey guys, trying to make a black hero aura, but lineage 2 can 't see what you 're telling him? When I compile a new package, I prescribe my .utx pack, but it reads the standard lineageEffectsTextures, why? class e_u091_hero_a extends Emitter; defaultproperties{ Begin Object Class=SpriteEmitter Name=SpriteEmitter3 ColorScale(0)=(RelativeTime=0.000000,Color=(B=255,G=255,R=255,A=255)) ColorScale(1)=(RelativeTime=0.539286,Color=(B=183,G=183,R=183,A=255)) ColorScale(2)=(RelativeTime=1.000000,Color=(B=255,G=255,R=255,A=255))
  11. Hello, trying to load black or white texture But Lineage 2 doesn 't take it because it 's an alpha channel how to load it?