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  1. right, and some elements in LineageEffect.
  2. For interlude testing download: meow Not completely ready, it's just a test
  3. I decided to do a lesson, it seems to be on the Internet. And people still do not understand how to use. I will show using the example of an olympiad map, cutting poles. To do this, you will need: 1) Unreal Editor. 2) Umodel. 3) 3DS MAX - MAX ACTOR. 4 )L2SMR. 5) Dev.Mode l2 - optional. All the above software is on the Internet, say Google. 1) Go to Umodel, unpack our package Static Mesh - In this case on the map we will cut the poles from the package - Refine_colosseum. Select it, press Export. 2) After unpacking, we are given a list of unpacked meshes. 3) Ah, yes, forgot how we will know the package? That's where the first point was supposed to be. Launch L2SMR - Launch Map 17_10.unr and watch all possible Static Mesh. After we find the name we need, we remember the name. And unpack in Umodel. 4)After all the manipulations done, we open the 3DS MAX- I have 2010. With a plugin ActorX Importer Press IMPORT PSK... 5)We open it. And we get Our Mesh - only without textures. 6) Next In the Front window - Cut Pillars, Why is there? Yes, because it is more convenient to highlight them there. Well, I also removed the squares naturally. For the incomprehensible, it's here! 7) Cut, save in .ase format Tick the box like mine. 8:) In fact, we completed 50% of this shit, open unreal editor. Import our Static Mesh - No matter how you form it "In my case there will be a Corasonobject." By the way, one Unreal It is better to put in the root folder with Lineage II - we will open two copies, since we will have to apply textures to it. 9)Opened, our static mesh without textures, send a second copy of the unreal ED to the folder with the game, and open it. And we open the package Refine_colosseum_S - which is original. After opening. We find it, and we begin to copy lines with materials, transfer them from the original to our work. Red highlighted what texture the park feeds our static mesh. open our sculpture, and choose two packs of textures there. 10) Now, Ctrl + c and - ctrl + v. GOGOGOGO! 11)After working in 20 textures, we get the finished product and save it to the Static Mesh folder - the root folder of the game that the L2SMR will eat - to add static mesh to the map. 12)We open the SMR L2 and the map 17_10.UNR add a new staticmesh. 13) After that, he will appear at the very end of our swarms. In the meantime, we go to the original, remember its data. X, Y, Z - we write to the notebook. And then we naturally take away from the map by changing the coordinates. 14) We go to the very end to our bag, inscribe the coordinates that were on the original. Next, click Set. 15) Everything, static mesh on the map, now open dev_mode.ini (this is not clear to anyone, my ini for the launch of dev.mod. I put the starting map 17_10.unr). Done version. p.s. The lesson turned out to be long, perhaps somewhere wrong.
  4. For interlude will be soon. not 100% completed black. Shader need resize. if you wanna add on aghation u need use in npcgrp next: download add animations(invisible aghation): https://www.mediafire.com/file/umnqtxtmsxlu7n9/Aghation.rar/file 1609 LineageNPC2.br_aga_zaken AgathionHero.AgathionSnow 1 AgathionHero.Invis 0 1 0 1.00000000 0 1 4 MonSound.Hit_normal_3 MonSound.Hit_normal_12 MonSound.Hit_Normal_10 MonSound.Hit_Stone_3 1 1 Corason.e_u091_hero_a 1 1 0 1 0 LineageEffect.p_u002_a 0 50.00000000 250.00000000 70.00000000 0 1 0 0
  5. 1st download: Hello Kitty 2st download: Dark Hero aura Hello Kitty: CorasonEffect.u_hello_kitty Dark Hero Aura: Corason.e_u091_hero_a
  6. thank you very much for the answer! I use this
  7. Compiled vert mesh in .u package, there was a problem starting l2. Critical Error "Got 13671, Expected 26965" Code: class e_u_effect_ghost extends Emitter; #exec Texture Import File=Images\FX_M_T4143.dds Name=FX_M_T4143 Mips=Off MASKED=1 #exec MESH IMPORT MESH=soulghost02 ANIVFILE=MODELS\soulghost02_a.3D DATAFILE=MODELS\soulghost02_d.3D Lodstyle=8 #exec MESHMAP SETTEXTURE MESHMAP=soulghost02 NUM=0 TEXTURE=FX_M_T4143 #exec MESH ORIGIN MESH=soulghost02 X=0 Y=0 Z=0 YAW=0 PITCH=0 ROLL=0 #exec MESH SEQUENCE MESH=soulghost02 SEQ=soulghost02 STARTFRAME=0 NUMFRAMES=45 #exec MESHMAP SCALE MESHMAP=soulghost02 X=1 Y=1 Z=1 #exec MESHMAP NEW MESHMAP=soulghost02 MESH=soulghost02
  8. Hello guys , I see a new file in the system folder, I can't open, who can send a clean file? (CameraEffectInfo.u)
  9. this file with custom effects l2, it is encrypted smart crypt, will there be a person who unlocks it? https://mega.nz/file/qItQWQQD#3_2M43DBVAyYlZHJ7RNhPS6swYdXJDZEw9PEFTQYF8Y
  10. Hello guys, need unpacked scripts from Helios or Prelude of War, decompile files .uc , thank you.
  11. blue and red ring in duel.
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