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  1. Hello guys any account checker please cuz LoL Account checker don't work for me ( i changed the version )
  2. Summoner name: Nik0nnG0d Server : EUW SoloQ current/max rating : Silver V / Gold V Most preferable role : Mid
  3. nah its free u can just be a buddy with 10$ to delete watermark
  4. There is not a big differance between the public version and the buddy on ELObuddy
  5. 6. Questions & answers Here is a (non exhaustive) list of the problems that you might face and the legitimate questions you can ask : Q. : Is EloBuddy free ? A. : For now it is totally free ! We can't say much for the future though, but it's pointless to ask this question for now ! Q. : Can i get banned using EloBuddy ? A. : Our loader bypasses the Riot's anti-cheat. However, don't forget that there is always a risk when you're scripting ! Q. : I have a red error message at the top of my loader! A. : To fix this problem, open your Leagu
  6. 5. EloBuddy in Game Once everything is set, it's time to play ! Let the loader open and launch a LoL game. Make a custom game first ! You don't want to rush a ranked game before knowing that everything is working fine ! To know if the loader works you should have 3 hints : First of all, the debug console should be opened with the current EloBuddy version : Then, you should be able to see everyone's ping (which is not possible without it). And once you're in the game, a message should be displayed in the chat : Don't worry, you're the only one who can read this
  7. 4. Loader settings If you want to change the loader settings, you have to click on the gears button at the bottom left of the loader. At the moment, only two menus are working. The first one is this one : Here you'll find your AppData path where the addons are stored in your computer. You can change this path if you want and you can access it by clicking on the "AppData" button below. On this day, only is supported for the loader. The two ticked boxes will update your addons every time you're opening the loader (i strongly advise you to do so). It may take some times, b
  8. 2nd method (the local method) : --------------- This method will make us download the whole GitHub repository to manually add the addons. The benefit of this is that once you've downloaded it, the installation will be much faster tan the first method. Go on the GitHub webpage and click on the "Donwload ZIP" button on the right. Once the archive downloaded, extract it on your computer. Go back on the loader and then click on the "Install Addon" button. Tick the first box "Local Addon" (1). Browse your computer by clicking the button (2) and go in the previous extracte
  9. 1st method (the remote method) : --------------- You should use this method if you're planning to install only few addons.If you want to install every addons from a developer, the second one will be much faster (even if both are fully functional). On the corresponding GitHub Web page, you have to copy the page URL. You have to copy ONLY the beginning of the link (everything before the /tree/) Then, go back to the loader and click on the "Install Addon" button. Select the "Remote Addon" method (1), and paste the link into the field (2). Finish the installation by click
  10. 3. Loader usage The EloBuddy loader is very easy to use. When you open it, you should get this window : Here, you have every news and announcements made by the administrators. In order to install addons, you have to click on the cube (on the left). This is the more interesting part : This window list every addons installed in your computer. You can have as many addons as you want ! If you want to install an addons, you have two methods (the first one is the simplest) Every available addons are in this forum section. You can also go to this website with a nicer i
  11. 2. How does it work ? First of all, you have to know that EloBuddy is completely free ! In order to use the loader, you have to download it first. Then, open the .exe that you've just downloaded : Simply click on "Run" (If you downloaded the soft from the link I provided earlier, you're certain to be safe) ! Choose your installation language (EloBuddy only support and for now) and then click "OK". Click on the "Next" button at the first step. Choose the directory where EloBuddy should be installed (You can manually change the path or you can browse
  12. 1. What is EloBuddy ? EloBuddy is a software that can use addons to the League of Legends game. Thanks to the loader, addons written in C# are injected into the game. Those addons have many usages. For instance, they allow us to know which spells players got (and their cooldown as well). There are addons that dodge every enemy skillshots, that display when someone is backing (even in the fog of war) and even addons that show every ward dropped on the map ! You can even change the InGame visual (You're dreaming about a particular skin, but you can't afford it ? No problem ! ) Finally,