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Discussion [Ultimate Gfx Topic][By Unsponsored]

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  • Introduce to MxC's GFX Categoy
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Well,first of all i will explain to you what does "GFX" mean.GFX stands for Graphics.
Usually,in gaming forums like maxcheaters "GFX" or "Graphics" are used for things like Banners,Signatures,avatars,Logos,Images,Videos,etc.
Graphics can be made by many ways and programs.The most common program to make a image is the Paint.exe that the most computers contain for free.
There are a lot of proffesianl programs like Photoshop,Ilustrator,Cinema4D ,etc that you can buy them and practise.

Introduce to GFX category:

  • Graphics/GFX General Discussion:  Here is the  Graphics/GFX General Discussion.Here you can stay informed about things that are related with graphics in maxcheaters.You can also watch when a SOTM (signatyre event of the mont),to participate in it,to give gifts,and to talk about graphics
    ~~> There are too Sub-Boards in this section:  SOTM Events  /  Graphic Gifts
    ~~>  Before Posting in this section please read our Rules
  • Graphics/GFX Showcase:  Here is the  Graphics/GFX Showcase.Here you can post whatever you create.Be carefull,you can post only things that are related with Graphics.Here is the section that other people can Critisize,give comments and rate your work.
    ~~>      Before Posting in this section please read our Rules
  • Graphics/GFX Resources/Tools:    Here is the Graphics/GFX Resources/Tools section.Here you can share things that are related with graphics ONLY!.Things like Fonts,Styles,Patterns,renders,Stock images are acceptable.
  • Graphics/GFX Tutorials/Guides:  Here Graphics/GFX Tutorials/Guides section.Here you can post tutorials and guides to help other members here.
    ~~>      Before Posting in this section please read our Rules
    ~~>    Here Is an AIO with all the Guides/Tuts of this section By Exile® [Collection]All Usefull GFX Shares/Guides/Tutorials
  • Graphics/GFX Requests & Help:  Here is the correct section to ask whatever you want here.Maybe,there will be some people thet will help you to solve some or all of your problems.Also,you can make a topic in this section to fill other poeaple requests.
    ~~>      Before Posting in this section please read our Rules
  • VIPs [GFX] Zone: Here is the VIP section to for GFX.There are only VIP members who can see the board.It is hidden for normal/donator members.
    ~~>      Before Posting in this section please read our VIP Rules

Usefull Links For Resources:

Here you can find a lot of resources:
# AzurFox
# Bakaarts
# Pugly Pixel
# Deviant ART

(Some of them are free and some of them are premium)


Image Hosters:
(Here you can upload your images)




Tip:~~> Here you can find more links for resources By MasterDisaster
Tip:~~> Sites for Inspiration & Resources. By MixMasreR

Now i will share some programs that you will need for your gfx works

  • Paint.exe (one of the most comon programs which all windows contain for free)
    Direct link Here
  • Paint.net (more professional program than paint.net and very good for newbies)
    Direct Link Here
  • ADOBE ILLUSTRATOR CS6.Adobe Illustrator CS6 is here, and boasts the same appearance updates as the other apps in Adobe's Creative Suite. But there's much more to this update than meets the eye. Discover the improvements to workflow, patterns and more in our in-depth review. .You can download it from Here
  • ADOBE FIREWORKS CS6.Adobe Fireworks—a curious combination of Photoshop and Illustrator that is specifically dedicated to Web design—is one of the more specialized apps in Adobe's Creative Suite. As a companion product to Dreamweaver, Fireworks allows designers to create Web mockups, slice files for export, and pass along assets to developers. To that end, Fireworks CS6 rolls in enhancements that help ease the exchange between designers and developers..You can download it from Here
  • Adobe Flash Professional CS6 .Fans of Flash should be happy with the updates made in Adobe Flash CS6. The app includes a host of new and improved features, as Adobe's animation workhorse strives to stay up-to-date with emerging web technologies. Our review tells all! .You can download it fromHere
  • Adobe After Effects CS6.Adobe After Effects has a huge user base in the motion graphics and animation sectors, and Adobe After Effects CS6 enables you to deliver more cinematic visual effects and sophisticated motion graphics than ever before! . You can download it fromHere
  • Adobe Photoshop CS6 Extended (Portable) (one of the most professional programs for your work)
    You can buy it or download it (trial) from Here
    You can download it (pirate,free) from Here
    Also you can download it free and portable from Here (watch in tips what does Portable mean)
    .You can Download  it  from here
  • Cinema 4D Next Generation Simplifies Character Animation, Adds Stereographic Capabilities and Physical Rendering.You can download it via torrent from here
  • Sony Vegas Pro 11 A powerful video editor takes great strides with GPU acceleration, but it needs to speed things up even more to compete with Adobe Premiere Pro..You can download it via torrent from here
  • Bryce 6 Bryce is an award winning, fun, feature-packed 3D modeling and animation package designed to allow new users to quickly create and render stunning 3D environments. Bryce combines exceptional power with an innovative interface for incredible ease of use. Add wildlife, people, props and more to your scenes via the DAZ Studio character plug-in in addition to terrain, water, sky, rocks, clouds, fog, vegetation, and architecture for which Bryce has long been the standard..You can buy it  from here
  • Topaz
    The Topaz Plug-in Bundle helps amateur and professional photographers accomplish the most common creative and corrective
    post processing tasks. With 10 powerful and easy-to-use programs, users can quickly enhance their digital images with flexible
    adjustments that are easy to apply and customize - and often in just 1-click! Learn more about the programs and features below.You can Download  it  from here

Usefull E-books,Forums,Etc.
~~>GFX E-Books:
GFXworld E-books
GFXta E-Books
~~>GFX Forum,Web Sites:
GFX Forums
GFX World
GFX Domain
Pimped Pixels
GFX Void

Usefull Topics


  • The portable version doesnot require an installation. Its a mixture of just the relavent program files that you can put anywhere and start using the software. Like original versions, this would not create specific registry values or file associations. And just needs to be copied and used.So it esier to use and it does not need any activation.
  • I suggest every one to start Using Photoshop for signatures.You can learn a lot of things how to marge images,how to edit them,how to add effects and a lot of things by making Signatures.

Credits: UnSponsored

More Coming Soon:
Last Update: 21/8/13

InTopic Rules:
Keep the topic clean.Posts Like THNX,awesome,nc job,keep it up will be requested for delete

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Very good job UnSponsored,thank you very much!

thnx you dude..:D

http://www.pimped-pixels.net/forum/ , add it at forums, it's a small community but really helpful.

i know it.I have found some more and i will update it when i have a complete update.:D.But thnx again..:D
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Topics From MxC ADDED.

[AIO][GFX Resources] Deleted cause i will remake it when maxtor fix an error.

I Added photoshop with crack download

Sony Vegas Pro 11 Added

New image added

Forum links added

Resources Sites Added.

More coming soon

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Update 19/5/13

  • GFX Void Added
  • Tech-GFX Added
  • Adobe Flash Professional CS6 Added
  • Adobe After Effects CS6 Added
  • Rules For Graphics/GFX General Discussion & Graphics/GFX Showcase Added

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