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  1. Maybe he could take a screenshot with the error to give him our advices/solutions about his problem, I think is more easily than replying for something that maybe will not be true....
  2. I Like the features and especially these features Weapons: Ancient Weapons (a little more P.Atk and M.Atk than s grades and they have double S/A ) Example (Ancient Bow gives Haste/Focus) (Ancient Dagger gives Critical Damage/Guidance) (Ancient Mace gives Acumen/Empower) Accesories: Valakas Circlet: gives +1000 hp/cp/mp (Dropable from valakas) or via 400 PvP Coins Antharas Circlet: gives +750 hp/cp/mp (Dropable from antharas) or via 200 PvP Coins Demon Circlet: gives +150 pdef/mdef (Dropable from Eternia Custom Boss and only . !!!! Good luck :)
  3. Don't be so hurry to share your opinion because you think that they're corrupted... As you saw server is normal...Maybe you get lag because of your network... There's no other way of lag, even 500 Ping... @Author Server seems cool with its features. I think it will be a succeeded server.Good luck :)
  4. Let the Bass Metal Get your body!!!!
  5. You have to transfer that file to L2JPack/GameServer/Properties files & in LoginServer(Folder) And then try to register your gameserver once again.
  6. http://www.maxcheaters.com/topic/174600-how-to-make-a-animated-rain-effect-with-after-effectsphotoshop/ Author is banned. Lock it please. Thank you
  7. Long time to see him online :O. How are you FB?
  8. Nice one mate! Good luck with your server, i really like your features!
  9. Just to get customers i think.. There's no other way from someone to make this topic.
  10. έχω δει παιδιά που είναι 20++ και ασχολούνται ακόμα με bayblade και yu gi oh και γελάω και μόνο που τους βλέπω :happyforever: