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  1. 1) Great attitude 2) Yea, I know stuff is shared, but there were 2 updates after the leak. And u get updates for almost half a year. 3) Do not really know where the price tag came from, but you should not be saying a word, knowing what u value ur "codes" :) if anyone else is interested, PM me
  2. Selling modded version of l2jsunrise (mods include ones that sunrise sells + mods that I bought elsewhere) Gold License for sunrise will expire in 150+ days. Price - 130 € PM for additional info
  3. Hey there, I am looking for someone who can implement mods from l2 sources (I got several) to l2jsunrise. I need experienced, responsive and reasonable person for this.
  4. I wanted to enable characters to sell their buffs (like private store). Not sure how buff_templates.xml would do that.
  5. Hey, want to buy mod to sell buffs on interlude lucera 3. Please PM me your discord
  6. Anyone who fixed shots/autolearn/movement bug pm me. Not asking for direct fixes, need some directions and tutoring :)))
  7. Hey guys, I am wondering what are the most stable High 5 packs currently available. Seems to me that two of the most popular ones are l2jserver (free) and l2jsunrise (paid). What do you guys think is the best option for low rate server? Thanks in advance <3
  8. Hello guys, I am wondering if you have encountered with situation like this: It seems to me that bug is visual only that affects with buy/sell (/vendor /buy). Guy sells fake stems for 500 adena and right besides him another buys for 1000. Obviously buy item is fake and can not be sold to player shop. Another instance that grabbed my attention, was that guy was buying Antharas earring on my server, checked his items there was no Antharas earring. Somehow guy started a fake /buy. If any of you could give me pointers where to look I would be more than happy. chron - IL
  9. Hey guys, I was wondering how can I edit Lucera (Interlude) to spawn PK players in floran? Whenever they die and go to town and also whenever they use SOE. thanks in advance <3
  10. Hey guys, I am wondering if there will be any noticable performance improvement with the help of SQL database indexing. I know that smaller databases do not fully benefit from indexation, but I am curious if any of our devs have tried indexing specific columns to achieve better performance. Thanks in advance
  11. Hey there, I am looking for a script/pack/template where quests and items can be shown on the webpage, either for C4/Interlude. Tried Google, but only pmfun shows up... Thanks in advance!
  12. Hey guys, due to the high demand in my country, I want to open-up a server. Currently, I am looking for a developer to create a retail-like low rate interlude server. I currently bought a very popular domain that previously belonged to an amazing c4 low server. If any of the skilled devs are interested for this long-term project, please PM me. I am willing to pay one-time fee for creation of front and back-end and of course maintenance fees every month. If you do not want the money, we can create a partnership (legal of course) and divide the future earning