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  1. Does anyone know how to bypass L2warland pin? If any1 can teach me how to do that will receive monetary rewards. I would also pay for private exploits (which I will never ever share [pinky swear])
  2. WTB following items on l2warland 50,000 Gold Arcana + 10 DB +10 Total price - 100$ Few words before you PM me: 1) You will trade items 1st, after the trade I will transfer money to you 2) I only pay with Paypal 3) These set of rules are non-negotiable, if you are not happy with that you can go and hug a tree
  3. Dont trust him, he is a scammer

  5. Hello guys, today i came to present my new project to all of you. Basically i decided to start making gameplays of the newest and oldest games that many people share nowadays in youtube or google in general. If you are fan of the videogames do not miss the chance to check my channel. If you like it give me a like, comment and subscribe for more gameplays thanks you. Twitter información: have fun!!
  6. Hello guys as the tittle says i wanna sell some items that i have in l2tales the list of them will be posted right here WTS ADENA GOOD PRIZE FOR EACH BILLION 0,65 or 0,50Euro each billion and i have 17KKK on STOCK Char: Shilien elder LVL 85 FULL SUBS AND Almost all skills +30 9 BOT CHARACTERS FOR BOT FARM/EPICS AND STUFFS FOR MORE INFO ABOUT PRIZES PM ME HERE OR IN SKYPE MOCHUELO19
  7. shall i translate? Старт ОБТ - 12 марта в 20.00. Закрытие ОБТ - 14 марта в 05.00. Открытие PvP сервера х1000 - 14 марта в 20.00 OBT START 12 MARCH CLOSING OBT 14 MARCH OPENING 14 MARCH 20.00
  8. Seems to be a good project i will give a try ;)
  9. 4kkk adena in stock up thanks u kast22 was a pleasure deal with such guy as you
  10. Thanks you br0 as always one of my best buyers (List updated)