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  1. If u want real files with Phantom, Facebook, Twitch and others API inside. Leave me a msg.
  2. But i dont have any other char on your "other proxies" jajaja I have two char in one proxy.. And thank you so much, a nice day to you too.. Kisses!
  3. Is the same file, cause i have tested some things on your server and is the same shit that L2scripts offer.. - Fix your bug on login game, cause i have 2 char and it show me 3 on server select.. ROFL - U need proper EN HTM files, not RU translation with Google.. jajajajajjj - Wrong spawns/HTM for SAGA quests and many other things.. jajaja GL with ur server..
  4. I logged into the server and the files are from L2(crappy)-Scripts.. Good luck..