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  1. If u want real files with Phantom, Facebook, Twitch and others API inside. Leave me a msg.
  2. Move to L2jMOBIUS shared BitBucket files. L2Scripts are a peace of shit.
  3. Coming from nowhere to offer official files?
  4. i don't know what you want to, but, i dont' tell "bad files"... I have just shared these files cause someone will want to sell it and i work on Mobius.. just that.
  5. Yes, ofc. I know about and i help Mobius on their files on my free time.. ;)
  6. You can use or with Grand Crusade or with Classic maps. You can't use Kamael and the fucking Ertheia and play with classic style as fay as i know. Hope i help you.
  7. Anyway, it cost 3k of bucks.. So, you can finish all data with a min of time!
  8. Classic Zaken and Grand Crusade use the same client...