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  1. Hello. I am very interested in your l2ACP. I'm having some problems like this: 1) After publishing, how to run local. 2 / How to run web on server. The software supports. 3) You can make video tutorial "How to run web on server" Thank you
  2. As title. I am looking for l2acp with some feature like reg account - reset password - change mail. PM me
  3. Hi all. I have a problem with items bow. When i used bow and i attacked target. It not show animation shot like video. Can ppl help me this? Thank in advance
  4. After buid jar and add it in How to player can reg new account from web or play lucky wheel?
  5. Thank you for share. Can you guide how to make it online? Ex : upload - connect database and make some reg new account???
  6. Hi - I had look at video guide of big man bill . You can view and make follow this video.
  7. omg - its work . I do not know how to thank you. thank so much Big man bill