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  1. read everything in more detail before writing here, he had a problem before me, my part I corrected what he had left there is not important to me. My part is discussed with him. If I am told to do something that, as a result, will not work together with other functions, it will not be my fault, because I do only what I am asked to do. The result of my part of the work is easily verified, if you do not understand anything in server building, I can personally show you. the result of the server's work, especially the game server, does not depend on me by a percentage, because I did not have a t
  2. lol my fix is just accept all connection without checking. How i can broke his server for login? you do not technically understand the essence, so you have such thoughts
  3. Окей, просто пойми в чем суть дела. Я выполнил четко то что он просил, для сбора большей инфы о его проблеме я нашел топик на форуме он там описал только то что у него стоит проки на логин и его игроки застревают в нем. Эту проблему я и решил за обговоренную с ним сумму. То что вы вместе с заказчиком писали о том что не пускает при выборе сервера, это уже гейм сервер и там я ничего не трогал просто потому-что не просили. Не было ни одного слова о нем и судить о том что не пускает в гейм как о факте выполнения моей работы в корне не правильно. Если уж вы способны это понять то хотя бы примите м
  4. the example with the car is not correct. They make diagnostics for which they also take money, but here I corrected the problem from your words
  5. and now he blames the gameserver error on me and calls it half fix. Firstly, he did not throw off his game server for me, even secondly, he did not ask, and thirdly, before I left, he said that he had checked the login with brute force and everything was ok the number of lines of code does not matter. If he himself could not get to them, then this is intellectual property in the end everything worked for him, including where it was not my responsibility, because I showed him where and how I fixed it
  6. To resolve this issue, you need to understand that my part of the work ends on where the server login is not used. The next problem he had was in the game server. Technically, I can easily prove it to you if needed. It is about my time spent, no matter how much and the execution of the technical task. I really cannot understand why you think this is normal. If a client is technically illiterate, this should affect his wallet and not mine. And to analyze for errors in other places in the code that he did not mention, also costs money and is done on request, and not so that I should have done fo
  7. he checked my work and confirmed for server login and i went to bed
  8. the fact that someone lost money is not my problem. He had to think about the game server himself. The login server after my fix worked completely as requested. The concept of a full job here is only what he asked to do and for what I asked him for money, and not what you think то что кто-то потерял деньги это не мои проблемы. Ему нужно было самому думать о гейм сервере. Логин сервер после моего исправления полностью работал как он и просил. Понятие полная работа тут только то что он просил сделать и за что я просил деньги, а не то что вы считаете I showed and explained
  9. https://maxcheaters.com/profile/109232-zemaitis/ Yesterday that user contacted me for help in fixing an error in the login server. I named my price for this work, he confirmed it, then i completed it in 5 minutes and addinionally installed it on his computer via anydesk and all this at night in my time. In the morning he sends me 50% of the negotiated cost, althrough i completed my negotiated part of the transaction 100% and did not take an prepayment. The essence of the work was to remove ipv4filter, I took it off in the login server as he asked, but did not pay me the r
  10. Hello! My name is Nikolai. I have been developing the server side of lineage 2 game emulators for quite some time. Sometimes I coding server from scratch on kotlin. Ready for work on your tasks. Estimeted price for example: languages: java, kotlin, python, sql/nosql Currently completely free 08.01.2021. Contact details: skype telegram
  11. 1 : (source desing(psd)) + html = 45$ Contacts: vk = n.berezkin skype = styxmzfk e-mail = n.berezkin@yahoo.com