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  1. Hi everyone! Hows quarantine going As Appeal staff; our goal was setting the server ready for 10th anniversary, we were working on it. So far we weren't consider wiping or shutting down the server. It's still online and has several people in it having fun but those feedbacks/requests we getting everyday makes us consider wiping the server and have fun together in these pandemic days. Long story short; we going to wipe the server and re-open it at 12/6/20 20.00 GMT (0) Inform everyone and specially the ones you wanna fight against that L2Appeal is coming back! https://l2appeal.com
  2. always working with him on all my servers, and very good job :) I am very satisfied and recommend it to everyone.
  3. Certainly something we need, thank you for mentioning a very nice place.
  4. all conversation photos here; https://prnt.sc/sev420 https://prnt.sc/sev47z https://prnt.sc/sev4e5 https://prnt.sc/sev4il https://prnt.sc/sev4nt https://prnt.sc/sev4t7 https://prnt.sc/sev510 https://prnt.sc/sev5a8 https://prnt.sc/sev5e1 dude read messages he says his exchanger and his muted hisself. Is it normal? @Red-Hair-Shanks I bought a service from him and he charged 10 euro for this service and I accepted it. and as a customer, I waited for news from him. He did not even give any positive or negative news that I opened the subject here, but he did not even state that this operation could not happen or that this pin could not be defrauded me, and that this pin could not be used by someone else. After I made a deal with him, I started to wait. Does it comply with this work ethic? A customer buys a service from you and you disappear? The friend has no work ethic and I think he defrauded me. @Designatix can even show u the conv via teamviewer
  5. From turkey, a friend of me buyed it and i get from him. Me & my friend & and this guy know paysafe. The problem is there, until paysafe using this guy was answering well, after the paysafe used this guy keep himself as offline and see my message never answered.
  6. Full conversation. https://pastebin.com/f2pJUXDu
  7. He approaches you like a friend and all his work is great :)
  8. I've buyed from this guy exchange services paysafe to paypal. He is used my paysafe but dont answering me like 5 days :) https://maxcheaters.com/profile/58676-phantoml2/ @phantoml2 50 euro paysafe to 40 euro paypal. PROOF : https://prnt.sc/sd3dht https://prnt.sc/sd3egb Full conversation. https://pastebin.com/f2pJUXDu
  9. I've buyed from this guy exchange services paysafe to paypal. He is used my paysafe but dont answering me like 5 days :)
  10. @eko ; good luck on next project's.