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  1. CREATE TABLE [SubStack]( [char_id] [int] NOT NULL DEFAULT 0, [baseClass0] [int] NOT NULL DEFAULT -1, [baseClass1] [int] NOT NULL DEFAULT -1, [baseClass2] [int] NOT NULL DEFAULT -1, [baseClass3] [int] NOT NULL DEFAULT -1, [stackClass0] [int] NOT NULL DEFAULT -1, [stackClass1] [int] NOT NULL DEFAULT -1, [stackClass2] [int] NOT NULL DEFAULT -1, [stackClass3] [int] NOT NULL DEFAULT -1 ) ON [PRIMARY] GO CREATE PROCEDURE lin_SaveSubStack ( @charId INT, @classIndex INT, @baseClass INT, @stackClass INT ) AS SET NOCOUNT ON; IF @classIndex = 0 BEGIN UPDATE [SubStack] SET [baseClass0] =
  2. areadata.txt type=battle_zone area_begin name=[gludin_pvp] map_no = {17;22} type=battle_zone range = {{-88411;141732;-3752;-3352};{-87429;141733;-3752;-3352};{-87429;142708;-3752;-3352};{-88408;142708;-3752;-3352}} area_end
  3. if you use vanganth interlude: //perma_ban_hwid //ban_hwid [time_in_seconds] [reason] (in_reason_words_separated_with _, max len 255 chars) //ban_hwid_ex [hwid] [time_in_seconds] [reason] //unban_hwid [hwid] //reset_ban [account_id]
  4. this work as it know in GF. some ru devs create system and can load the npc in 15sec for interlude vanganth source. also the offline shop restore after the server restart
  5. Anyone have the source of fast load npc for vanganth extender?
  6. you need also the geodata.. edit the geo_index.txt and add the number of geodata 26_14_conv.dat 26_20_conv.dat 26_22_conv.dat also you can generete the pathnode.bin search in mxc for tool
  7. I'm interested for someone with good knowledge on l2off extenders as freelancer! Payment: per hour or per project! Send me via pm your skype name or your mail!
  8. the corect slot_bit_type is "back" but vanganth never finish! http://prntscr.com/m8oyd0 http://prntscr.com/m8oyq3